Philly Ikea Trip and Ridiculousness.

So I got a little taste of Philadelphia today. No, not in the Philly Cheesesteak kind of way. After sleeping in with Maria and Ruby, who camped out between my legs this morning for a good couple of hours, Maria and I went out shopping to Ikea. I haven’t been to Ikea in 2 years, so this was super exciting for me. I almost bought another comforter cover (308 thread count and satin weave!) but decided I didn’t want to dish out $59.99 for it. Although, if it so overcomes me, I may or may not end up getting it in the future. I did stick up on their food though. Especially their rum-infused marzipan chocolate bars.

We stopped by Chick-fil-A afterwards (my first time!) and then to Target and then drove around Philly. We stopped by the art museum and took pictures in the gazebos, but I’m not uploading pictures yet, so I have none to share. However, after our rendevous was over, we came home, got drunk (I’m still a little tipsy) and took literally hundreds of pictures on her Mac of the ridiculous nature.

My personal favorite.


And then we did drunk Zumba. Yes, drunk Zumba. I actually got a good workout, despite being a little slow on the uptake and messing up some steps due to my drunkeness. In fact, I’m pretty amazed I’m writing this so well right now. And now we’re cooking dinner. Well, Maria is – I’m blogging. And blasting Chingy. Ruby’s over in the corner napping and occasionally looking up and judging me.

I can’t wait for the rest of this week to unfold. I’m having a blast so far. There is so much gorgeous architecture in this city. And a plethora of hipsters and graffiti. I even saw a Banksy piece! And I drove by the Rocky steps, which I will probably be taking a ridiculous picture on in the future.

Anyway, Day 23: List your top 5 hobbies and why you enjoy them.
1. Photography. I mean, clearly. I think the reason I love it so much is because it’s just…beautiful. It’s instant gratification. When I take a really good photo I’m like FUCK, that is SO GOOD. THAT BELONGS IN A MUSEUM. Okay, kidding (sort of) but it’s that kind of feeling.
2. Writing. Again, it’s a sort of instant gratification. When I write something really good I’m like YES, this is nice. This deserves a medal. It has meaning.
3. Baking/Cooking. Instant gratification. But the best is when I cook or bake something that turns out really phenomenally and I get positive feedback from whoever I’m feeding it to. It’s like a huge ego boost. I really am narcissistic, aren’t I?
4. Artsy fartsy stuff. I’ve always been attracted to the arts. I love doing crafty things. I mean, come on. I’ve decorated the library in explosions of paper crafts twice already. If I can make stuff, I probably will. Plus, painting, drawing, etc? Yes, please.
5. Swimming/tanning. But not fake’n’bake tanning. I’m really huge on swimming in the summer. I swim at every opportunity I get – which as summers go by, seems to be less and less due to the work/school combo. However, last summer I got a lot of opportunities to this. We’ll see how this summer goes. But I LOOOOVE swimming. I feel at ‘home’ in the water. It’s soothing, calming, and relaxing to do nothing but float around in my pool all day. I have a good life.

Oh Charming, Where Art Thou?

I have officially decided that it is too late to exercise today and I feel like a giant turd for this decision. Okay just kidding. I just spent the last 20 minutes doing the Zumba Flat Abs work out. That is pretty much my favorite work out of all of them. It’s simple, quick, and fun. I mean, all of them are fun, but I find this one the most fun.

Anyway, I took some pictures of my nails today. I featured these two photos over on Vivography, but I thought I’d share them here for any of you who don’t know or haven’t been to Vivography yet. Essie Shine of the Times with Essie No Chips Ahead topcoat.

And now, for an introspective look into my continuously nonexistent lovelife:

I know I’ve talked about this before, but since it’s latched itself onto my brain for the past…god knows how long, my every thought is infected. I loathe it. I’ve been living this existence of love-limbo and I’m absolutely sick of it. Today while I was walking into school I remember thinking that whenever I get this frustrated, I have a tendency to start making moves in the hopes that something will finally work. And it never does. And I either get heartbroken or so discouraged that I entirely give up on any hope of love in my life, ever.

Yet somehow, someone inevitably always walks onto my horizon and pulls me out of it. And the cycle begins again. And it never ends the way I want it to. It’s like God or fate or what have you is playing this disgustingly cruel joke on me. Let’s me grab a finger, but never the whole hand. As if the whole hand is too high a privilege. As if it were poison. But I’m already drinking the poison. I’m addicted to it.

Perhaps that’s my folly. Actually, I’m pretty sure that’s part of the whole problem. I have to learn to let go so I can let these things come to me. Yet my ever-optimistic side has always and forever been holding on to the hope, to the idea, that maybe sometimes I have to chase these things. Except that I have always chased these things. And given up. And chased again. Repeat, repeat, repeat. How can I break something so ingrained in me?

Just swipe me off my feet, charming. 

I Can Taste the Tension Like A Cloud of Smoke In the Air

I was watching Hello, Dolly! earlier (pretty awesome movie) when I had a rather profound realization about my life that I had known all along and thought then and there that I would have to share here. But for whatever reason, I have completely forgotten it. Instead I will share that Zumba in some thongs can be rather awkward. And I say some for a reason – I generally find thongs to be quite comfortable, but if they don’t have the right backsides, they can be a nuisance. I still love ’em though, that’s for sure.

Today I made my recycled project for the contest we’re having in the library for National Library Week. It’s not finished though. I need to go buy some starfish. I also went shopping with my dad and picked up ingredients for that avocado-lemon pie (I remembered condensed milk this time!) and made that before Hello, Dolly! I just ate a slice and it was really good.

While we were at Costco, I played around with the Nikon d5100 and I decided I want one. The focus compared to my d3000 is definitely a few notches above and I want to have a camera that does that better. I want…CRISPOSITY. I just need to  sell my d3000 first…ANYONE INTERESTED? Seriously. Let me know.

Unrelatedly, I’ve been meaning to talk about Jessie J‘s song Domino for at least a week on here and I kept forgetting. But finally, I have remembered! I basically just want to say I am intoxicated by it and absolutely in love with the lyrics. Specifically the line “Every second is a highlight, when we touch don’t ever let me go” not only for the words, but the way that line is sung. I also really love “I can taste the tension like a cloud of smoke in the air, Now I’m breathing like I’m running cause you’re taking me there” Why can’t I have an S.O. in life to sing this too!? This song is just so beautifully happy and golden and yellow. Synesthetically speaking, it sparkles in gold and gives me a mental high every time I listen to it. And so, I will share the official music video with you all so you may enjoy it too.

P.S. She is totally rockin’ the hell out of some Pucci in that video. Ooooo baby.

A WHOLE Damn Apple.

Can I just say how happy I am that I have gotten through the Zumba Sculpt & Tone DVD all the way through TWICE!? Not right after each other, separate days. Today being one of them. I just finished up about 15 minutes ago and I feel tired, but great. I’m actually hungry, but only for pumelos. Oh man, pumelos. I want to eat the last one we have, but my mom made this Romanian pumpkin pastry and I think it’s finally done, so I’ll eat that. IT SMELLS SO GOOD. Pictures to come to tomorrow! In the meantime, here’s one of the pastries (there’s 4).

Yes, that is a WHOLE DAMN APPLE in the middle. I stuffed it with 2 pitted dates.

Anyway, so I have buttloads of homework and it’s driving me nuts. We didn’t have time to work with the halfscale mannequins during class this past week for Fashion Design 2, so I gotta pattern draft 2 skirts right quick and I am not looking forward to it. Then I have to do this compilation of the flats I created for Textile Design with all kinds of informations. And for Apparel Production 1 I have to finish up my patterns, and draw illustrations and flats for my garments. All due at the end of class next Friday. Which, you know, is a lot of time to do THOSE, but dear god. Three core classes is hard work. But it’s the price I pay for refusing night classes. I would probably die if/when I had to take night classes. Which I feel will have to happen soon because the as time goes on, I’ve noticed classes tend to be at night more. Saddest of pandas.

Anyway, I need to go build this pumpkin recipe on Weight Watchers and see how many points it is per serving. Have a good Friday night!

I Bake Cheese and Onion Muffins at Night.

I’ve still got 19 points left for today – I’m so proud of myself. And I had time to Zumba while THIS delicious looking Cheese & Onion Muffins recipe was a-cookin’ in the oven. I found it on foodgawker which is my favorite place to find recipes, and decided that I needed to make it ASAP. Unfortunately, due to the fact that it is night time, I could not take gorgeous pictures of these muffins, but none of them have been eaten yet (they were done at 9 PM) so I’ll take pictures tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy the picture off the recipe:

Furthermore, I ordered the matching laptop sleeve to my laptop over the weekend and it was delivered today in the most obnoxiously large box. I was like really, Wal-Mart? Really? I don’t need like 2/3 of a carry-on bag sized box for a flexible laptop sleeve that could’ve gone in like a pizza box. But whatever, at least I got the merch and it looks gorgeous and matches my laptop!

Matchy matchy.

That’s pretty much all I got for tonight.

Procrastination At Its Finest.

Amount of desire I have to write an essay on Madeleine Vionnet, due Wednesday: ||

I am such a procrastinator. Instead of writing the essay, I’m here, writing this post. Because writing thoughts is easier than searching for informations (yes, INFORMATIONS) and craftily rewording them into an essay. Yes, I’ve had 2 and half weeks to do this, but I didn’t have a desire to do it then and I sure as hell don’t have any desire to do it now. But I know as soon as it’s over, it’s over. Blagh.

So today I did I think 40 minutes of Zumba. It was quite nice. I’ve missed exercising. I haven’t had sufficient time to do it lately, and therefore I feel like an extra fat piggy – especially since I gained back 4 pounds. Which doesn’t sound like a lot, but for me it’s the difference between feeling happy with myself and feeling like a complete failure at life. Right now I’m in the median of the two. I’ve been thinking of joining Weight Watchers. The fact that I have to pay for it would probably keep me on track more than anything. That way, if I slack, I can slap myself on the hand and be like “THIS IS HARD EARNED MONEY YOU ARE THROWING DOWN THE DRAIN!” I should really get on that…

Anyway, so I was really excited that The Artist won best picture last night at the Oscars. And Jean Dujardin won best actor in a leading role. He’s so cute, it was wonderful! I still need to see that movie. And I still need a partner in crime to see it with. I thought about asking HNI to accompany me, but I feel like he’ll say no. Although perhaps I should keep a positive attitude, as you never know. Man, I swear, if he reads this blog…hahaha Betsy and I were discussing that last week and she said something like “If I knew someone wrote about me, you bet your ass I would follow that blog just to see what they had to say about me.” I agree. In which case, his ego must be the size of Australia.

Okay, I’m going to go attempt this essay. But not before I share this picture of these Dolce & Gabbana shoes. I want them.

Saturday Night Musings.

Let’s start off tonight with the always shocking death of a big celebrity, this time: Whitney Houston. I was getting SunChips when my dad told me she died about 2 hours ago. That’s so wild! Gone too soon. And in her honor, let’s do a cliche and link it up to her greatest hit, I Will Always Love You.

On the bright side, I watched 5 episodes of Felicity today and I feel like a total and complete vegetable. I haven’t properly exercised in a while and I feel very guilty about that. I did do Zumba a few times this past week, but not sufficiently enough to make me feel not guilty. Although it’s good that I haven’t gained weight, right? I think so.

I can’t believe Monday is back to school. I’m 50/50 happy/sad. Like I said before, I wish this break would’ve been a month. But on the other hand, I get to see people I like again. I love solitude, I really do, but not having human contact can drive me a little insane sometimes. Plus, back to school = HNI. I mean what?