Day 4: Today’s temperature.

Today’s temperature is brought to you by the winter wool coat and Burberry scarf that you can see if you’re attentive enough to look past my AWESOME NEW PHONE CASE WUT WUT.

In other words, it’s fucking cold outside, and I’m back to wearing my winter stuff after the brief brush with early fall temperatures we had this week. But IT’S OKAY because my new phone case is super gorgeous. And I can’t stop picking up my phone just so I can get all vain about it.

If you want to get your own, they’re available here and they’re also available for iPhones but pfft, iPhones, they already have all the ‘cool’ accessories.

Indian Summer

Day 28.

Today I’m grateful that it’s November 28th, and it has still yet to snow in the Metro Detroit area whatsoever.

Summer is my favorite season, and having an Indian Summer is like, the best ever – always. So you can only imagine just how mentally happy I am that there is no snow on the ground yet.

I don’t have to deal with the incompetency of a neighboring city who only salts the roads around their malls, I don’t have to deal with driving in the snow in general (including not being able to see what oncoming traffic looks like because of snow pile ups, driving slow, unsalted roads, ice) and so on.

I am a-okay with it not snowing all winter long, as long as we get a White Christmas, cause last year we didn’t and I was sad. It just doesn’t feel like Christmas if it’s not snowing on Christmas, you know?

It’s Christmas Time at My House!

Day 12. 

Today I’m grateful that my mom and I think in the same line of thought because tonight we decided that it was a great idea to put up our brand new white Christmas tree.

And before you all chime in with “too soon” “it’s not even Thanksgiving yet” and all that other bullshit – I have limited time, and much more limited time with my mom, so no. It’s not too soon, and I don’t fucking care that it’s not even Thanksgiving yet. My tree looks BOMBASS.

Also, our local radio station that plays Christmas music around this time of year has BEGUN PLAYING CHRISTMAS MUSIC and I’ve officially given it a place on my buttons in my car so that I may listen to the gloriousness that is Feliz Navidad and Winter Wonderland.