Before & After

Okay, here’s what I got tonight.

I just spent the past half hour or so making this before and after compilation. Here’s to another year, and to another compilation one year from today where I will be even smaller!


Thoughts on X-Tina and Masturbation Month

So in case you weren’t aware, May is Masturbation Month. That means that millions of people around the world (regardless of whether they are aware of this fact or not, actually) will be diddling themselves away throughout the month. Although those that are aware will probably be diddling with more intent than those who are not. Just thought I’d leave that little golden nugget of knowledge for you all to think about. And also to consider participating because there’s absolutely nothing wrong with getting to know your body. And if you already know it, then there’s absolutely nothing wrong with giving it some love. Or having someone else help. Mutual masturbation works too.

Speaking of bodies, I’m going to give a few thoughts about Christina Aguilera tonight. I was reading an article about the way she dressed on The Voice last night or whenever it was, on AOL, and then I flipped through a little gallery of pictures of her that they provided. And then I thought, you know what, that woman is flawlessly beautiful no matter how she looks and no matter what the press says.

Dirrty is one of the best albums of the 2000s, IMO. If she went back to trashy mode, I'd still love her.

I’ve loved her from her very beginnings as the musical (faux) arch-enemy of Britney Spears in their late 90s pop phase, through her Dirrty skank phase, all the way to her vintage perfectly curled blonde hair and up to today’s “plus size” figure that she’s absolutely rockin’. She has always been this amazing, fearless, musical entity that has inspired me throughout the years to embrace all aspects of myself, no matter how I look, no matter what people say, and most importantly, no matter how much I try to knock myself down.

I adore and cherish the fact that she doesn’t let media assholes tear her down about her weight. Or rather, that she embraces herself for who she is, regardless of what her dress size is. She acknowledges the fact that she’s gained weight, yet refuses to let anyone define her based on it. I wish more people would have the courage and strength to be that determinedly strong and accept themselves through thick and thin (literally). She’s been an inspiration for me for so many years, in various facets of my life, but I especially admire her acceptance of her weight gain. You go girl!

She has some of the most amazing boobs I've ever seen, btw.

On a related note, today before I showered, I weighed myself on two different scales. A digital one and an analog. On the analog one, I realized I’d gained about 50 pounds after high school. Actually, I can’t say that for sure because I don’t know much I weighed in high school, but I do know that since I last was a size 14, almost 12, I gained 67 pounds. That really put things in perspective for me. I never really realized how much weight I actually put on, and it disgusts me to figure it out. However, I am happy that I’m losing weight with Weight Watchers and I’m watching myself slowly start to look better and feel healthier and I love every hard-earned minute and pound lost of it. Praise Jesus, or something!