I Fall Asleep Writing Poems at 10:38 PM

Has anyone else been doing National Poetry Month┬áthis year? I keep skipping days and then falling asleep trying to come up with lines to rhyme lmao. I’m pretty sure I fell asleep at like 10:38 last night. I still need to fill in AT LEAST 5 days of poems. Sigh. Duties.

I’m debating what to do with my day off tomorrow. I kind of just want to be a couch potato and stay at home, not really do much. I should probably hit up the gym though. I went today and it was a good decision. Although this one really beefy guy who I’ve seen before and always stares at me intensely was lifting next to me and it was kind of hilariously awkward because I felt like he was showing off.

But I’m not sure if he was showing off in like HEY BABAY way or a LOOK AT MY FUCKING GUNS BITCH YEAH I KNOW I DON’T NEED TO LIFT ANYMORE BUT LOOK AT MY BICEPS, THEY’RE THE SIZE OF YOUR THIGHS way. He kept making eye contact with me and then lifting 100s. I was like….okay…I’m just gonna continue tricep dipping here…

The best part was when he flexed his biceps in the mirror and I really had to restrain myself from laughing out loud. Seriously, sometimes people do shit that makes me have to bite my tongue and I look insane smiling in the mirror.

I Give Narcissism a Whole New Level of Definition

What I did today instead of working on my business plan:

1. Put up this before and current picture in celebration of today being the 1 year anniversary since I joined WeightWatchers and took in all the positive feedback I got from my friends and family.

2. Got my hair colored and cut ~ 4 hours.

3. Went to Target.

4. Spent like an hour after checkout talking with my friend Joe.

5. Took 5 million narcissistic pictures of myself because I can’t let a good hair day go to waste.

6. Edited one of those pictures to join my elite army of profile pictures. Don’t judge me.

Before & After Pride

Sometimes I get trapped in the blogosphere and I find myself half an hour later so far away from where I started that I have to stop and applaud myself for being such an amazing procrastinator.

Tonight I found my way cyber-stalking some guy who had half his body weight after finding this before and after weight loss Tumblr.

Anyway, it’s really good motivation to help me stay on track and continue the success of last year’s weight drop. I need to take this year to a whole new level. I need to be better than I was before, more determined, more ambitious, and more focused on becoming a better me.

The funny thing is my one year anniversary of starting WeightWatchers is in just a few days, so this popped up just at the right time.

I can’t wait for a year from now to see my before and after (or during, depending) photos. I’m so proud of myself for what I’ve achieved thus far.

Before & After

Okay, here’s what I got tonight.

I just spent the past half hour or so making this before and after compilation. Here’s to another year, and to another compilation one year from today where I will be even smaller!