Happy Halloween 2013!

I should’ve turned off my computer half an hour ago, but I got distracted. I really need to be going to bed since I’ll be waking up BEFORE the crack of ass (dawn) for job #2, but I also remembered I have to write here. It’s the last day of Blogtober! Happy Halloween, hope you all had and/or are having more fun than I did.

I went to Nordstrom Rack today to find a dress for Amanda’s engagement party. I found one, and 2 others. Spent over $100, applied for their debit card and will be getting back $20 to spend again. I found 3 dresses and the one I want to wear to the engagement party is actually one size too small. So after purchasing it, I decided to hit up Meijer to restock my fridge with healthy foods (veggies) and then I did Jillian Michaels yoga. I am determined to fit into this dress. Even if I have to wear shapewear to make it zip after losing weight. It’s such a gorgeous dress though. It’s baby blue and white white brocade, box pleated skirt, 50s drop shoulder top. It’s by Topshop. It’s very high quality and it was only $54.97. Yet trust me, i still feel guilty spending the money when I should be saving for loan payments (which feel like literally taking my money by the handful and flushing it down the toilet willingly) and hopefully a new car.

I need a new job.

A high paying new job.

Oh, and Amanda asked my brother to stand up in the wedding so we’ll both be in the wedding party now. 11 bridesmaids, 11 groomsmen. It’s gonna be a massive wedding.


I can’t believe today is pretty much over. It’s been a long day, but not in a bad way. I met with my friend Amanda at Demetrios to help her check out wedding dresses along with her mom and her fiance’s sister. She actually ended up saying yes to the dress to the first one she tried on. It’s absolutely gorgeous and I want to share it, but I don’t want her fiance to somehow find this blog and see it, so I’ll keep it under wraps for now and if I’m still blogging here in 9 months, I’ll post pictures then.

She also asked me to be a bridesmaid, which I am super thrilled about. I said yes, of course. It’s my first time being a bridesmaid and first wedding of a personal friend’s that I’ll be attending. Although I must admit I am slightly disappointed I’m not MOH, only because I remember discussing her possibly getting married someday a while ago and I got really excited for her and asked if I’d be a bridesmaid and she told me I’d be MOH. I mean obviously things have changed. She’s not with the same guy she was with back then. But still. It’s okay though, this means I have less bridesmaidly duties to perform, like planning the whole bachelorette party and everything like that. However, I did volunteer my crafty-fashion skills to help with the bouquets/corsages/boutonnieres/bridesmaid accessories. I might as well be MOH when it comes to that stuff.

We also picked out the bridesmaid dress(es) for the most part. She fell in love with this Greek style dress with draping cowls on the side.  I’m not sure if she’s set on it though, because I know she didn’t like the price. I think it’s safe to share pictures of that dress, however. So here I am in it! I love the way it looks on me.



Later in the day, I was my mom’s date to a banquet honoring her 15 years work at the hospital she works at. It was a really nice event, and it was held in the newly renovated wing of Cobo Center in downtown Detroit, facing the Detroit River and Canada. We were in a massive hall with a gorgeous modern ceiling. It was a really nice event and the food was very good. The hor d’oeuvres were fantastic. I especially liked the fancy boursin cheese and blackberries the size of golfballs, no joke.

Look at my mom looking fabulous.

Look at my mom looking fabulous.

October is definitely turning out to be interesting.


Nail Polish and All-Around Half-Carat Diamond Rings.

I’ve had the add a new post window open for like an hour already and I still can’t figure out what exactly to write about, so I’m writing about my inability to come up with anything worthwhile.

I totally fell down in my Blowfish Vance booties today cause I stepped on a steep crack near my car. I scratched up my knee a bit, but otherwise I’m okay.

Last night I took my family out to eat chinese and we all stuffed ourselves. I’m not used to eating a lot [believe it or not] so a plate of food and then a plate of various desserty things that I only ate half of was way too much. I felt like I was going to explode.

We dropped by CVS after cause it’s right next door to the restaurant we went to, and I picked up 3 new Wet ‘N Wild fast dry nail polishes. I’m a happy camper – I got this beautiful sparkly orange, a nice, rich vibrant blue, and some mixed glitter clear polish that is more like a top coat, in my opinion. I’ve got the orange on my nails right now, and it looks like sprinkled diamonds. I love it.

Also, Women’s Wear Daily posted this Badgley Mishka wedding dress on Facebook, and I wanted to share it because I think it’s absolutely gorgeous. Simply, chic, but stunning.

And speaking of wedding dresses, today at work, I had nothing to do so I was looking at Verragio engagement and wedding rings and they have some really intense designs. Like really intricate. They kind of reminds me of like…terrace fences. You know? This also led me to look at De Beers engagement and wedding rings and they have some really expensive stuff. I particularly enjoy the $50,000 all-around half carat diamonds ring. As in, a bunch of giant half-carat diamonds all the way around. Definitely my favorite.