Paris, Royal Oak.

The other night, after picking up fabric from Haberman’s in Royal Oak, my mom and I decided to drive a few blocks up to the downtown area and go to Astoria bakery. After I picked out a plethora of pastries that have finally all been consumed today by my family, we decided that since we had about 16 minutes left on our parking meter, that we’d stop by this cute little store next to Salvation Army called Paris.

This store is a magical maze full of vintage goodies and some new upcycled accessories. I didn’t know where to look first, but several tea sets caught my eye. I recognized them as something I’d seen this summer at the Ferndale Go Green Festival [or something of that nature in name]. I remember talking to a lady who said she had a sort of dealer that found teacups and sold them to her. Anyway, this lady glued them together and stuck a PVC pipe on the bottom and sold them as lawn ornaments – which I thought was a complete shame. These are real vintage pieces for god sake!

Right as we were walking out the door, a particular blue tea cup set caught my eye, but since we knew we didn’t have any more money left on our parking meter and we didn’t want to get a ticket, we had to go. So I went back there today by myself and made a commitment to buy it. And while I was exploring the shop some more, I found another set that was similar, but red. I discovered that both sets are German. The sales associate that rang me up said the blue set was exceptional and I agreed that it stood out. I think both of them stand out, really. Most of the other sets I looked at were from England, with the exception of one Japanese set I found in a corner, and featured mostly little flower prints. They were cute, don’t get me wrong – but I enjoy owning special and unique things, so I couldn’t leave these two there.

I’m pretty sure this is one of the best purchases of my life. 

Also while I was in Royal Oak, I decided to drop by the local Barnes and Noble on Main Street, but not before I was stopped by a bum lady asking me for money. I told her I didn’t carry cash, even though I did – and I don’t feel bad about it. She was smoking a cigarette. If you can afford cigarettes, then you can afford to buy yourself food. 

At Barnes and Noble, I bought The Complete Fairytales of Oscar Wilde because 1. I fucking love Oscar Wilde 2. I fucking love fairytales, and 3. It was only like $6. I also bought What My Mother Doesn’t Know by Sonya Sones because it’s been on my To Read List for several years, and Job 1 Boss has told me repeatedly that I need to read it, so I finally gave in. Plus, I feel like I’m supporting the dying era of real books by buying print.

I headed back to my car after Barnes and Noble cause I knew my 1 hour and 9 minutes was almost up, but not before this guy caught my eye and asked me if I knew how to get to the bus stop at Woodward. At least I’m pretty sure that’s what he asked me first, cause then he asked me if I had $2.50 for a bus ticket. I almost said no, but then I found myself giving him the money and he was so thankful. I felt good about myself. I’m pretty sure karma’s going to repay me nicely for that. Even if it’s just me feeling good about it.