Happy Valentine’s Day!

So my facial affliction seems to be getting better. I popped an allergy pill and applied hydrocortizone cream (prescribed by doctor today) and I’m much less red than I was throughout the day, as well as less bumpy. But I still look like an acne-prone teenager who just broke out like a beast. At least I’m not dead, RIGHT?

Anyway, tonight’s episodes of Glee and New Girl were pretty good. I really liked that Sugar Matta wasn’t annoying in this episode and I especially loved her birthday party (and the fact that she kept putting Artie’s presents everywhere but under his wheelchair). As my mom said, that’s what teenagers should be doing – dancing and singing and just having fun. Not getting drunk and drugged up so that they can’t remember what they did the next day. Although I didn’t appreciate the whole God Squad crap. Why did they all of a sudden get all Christian religious on us? And on Valentine’s Day? Really, Glee?

New Girl wasn’t as hilarious as other episodes have been, but it was still pretty funny. The ending, when Jess and Cece were talking about how Jess almost hooked up with Schmidt – I was like O_O. SOME DRAMA MIGHT GO DOWN IN THE FUTURE. But Schmidt can’t be telling Jess to go with her sexual flow with someone who won’t care afterwards (CLEARLY HIM) and then go and fuck Cece. The hell was that!?

In other news, as predicted, I am spending another Valentine’s Day single. Except you know, this year I’ve got dermatological problems on my money maker. Extra sad. LOL just kidding – about the former of the two – I about 90% got over the fact that I have no love life years ago. There’s still 10% of me that hopes though. Cheers to all the rest of you single people out there! May your faces be radiantly beautiful today in comparison to mine, <3.

Valentine's kisses for everyone!

Pre-Valentine’s Day Face Rashes and Wobbly Headbands.

Within the past 3 days or so, I’ve developed a rash that I believe is due to the antibiotic I was on. Unfortunately, it has migrated to my face overnight and I look like a thousand bees stung me on the cheeks and forehead when you get up close. It’s annoying and slightly itchy and I’m really hoping with all my heart I don’t start having anaphylactic shock cause I don’t want to go to the ER. Although as other people have told me, if I was that kind of allergic, I would’ve already had those symptoms. I think the best thing to do is to try to not obsess over it (which is very tough for me) and trust that I won’t die in my sleep tonight.

So tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and as every Valentine’s Day in my life, it shall be celebrated with no one. Not because I hate VDay or anything, but because I do not have an S.O. nor have I ever had an S.O. (VDay or otherwise.) Sad, but true. But it’s totally okay cause after VDay is over, SALES occur and I adore VDay merch. Last year I bought this really nice striped blanket at Target for about $5. I’m thinking this year I might get some photo frames, if they have any left. Maybe.

I need one of these headbands in my life.

Lastly, I kinda feel bad for not watching the Grammy’s this year, since I don’t usually miss the big award shows – but at the same time I don’t really like the Grammy’s because I think they’re very disorganized and you don’t even get to see all the winners. I also didn’t watch Once Upon A Time last night, which I’m gonna do right now. Peace out homies!