Giant Spiders and Sore Butts

Ever since I’ve come back from vacation on Sunday, I’ve been inclined to go to bed earlier and earlier. I seriously considered nodding off at 9:30 today and I think I might actually go to bed after I finish this post.

So vacation was pretty nice. I was secluded out past Lexington, right on the beach on Lake Huron for a week and I apparently got really tan. I spent as much time alone reading on the beach as I could for the latter half of the week, but I only brought one book and I was flying through it, so I had to pace myself. I spent a lot of time thinking. And not even thinking about the problems that I think about while I’m at home, but just thinking. About life, about relationships and how humans interact, about kids (because there were SO. MANY. CHILDREN.), and about how much I wanted to be home.

Not to say I didn’t enjoy myself. But I only knew two people the entire time, while everyone else there had known each other their entire lives. Family camp, as I learned, is something that this group of people look forward to every year. It really is “family camp”. It’s like a large extended family reunion for a week. With a lot of campfires, alcohol, and volleyball. And a lot of sitting around. I was really unprepared for the amount of sitting around, especially on hard surfaces, that there was to be had. I kid you all not my ass was sore all week long. I took precautions later on in the week by bringing a lawn chair to the campfires every night because I couldn’t stand to sit for 6 hours straight on hard wooden benches.

Also, the spiders up there are enormous. I was pretty grossed about by the palm-sized dandy long legs, but it was the quarter sized jumping spiders that were probably more disturbing. I was also told there were sand spiders on the beach that bit people, but thankfully I wasn’t exposed to them. Or I just didn’t see them.

I could probably do that week over again though. I just have to make sure to bring more books to read and maybe a butt cushion. And warmer bedsheets. One night, it was so cold, I slept with 2 hoodies and 2 pants on in addition to my winter pajamas. PLUS two blankets. It was still freezing.

I’m sad my second week of vacation is flying be so quickly though. Pretty soon I’ll have to return to the gloomy cage of jewelry and nasty customers, but I’m going to try not to think about that too much and focus on the now and enjoy it as much as I can.


Travels & Ultrasounds

Today has been an interesting day.

My medical adventures included a root canal – which honestly wasn’t that bad. I felt some pain, but my dentist “topped me off” with anesthetics. It was really the whole having my mouth open for about an hour that was the worst. By the time she was cleaning out the nerve, I was like OMG CAN THIS BE OVER WITH ALREADY, MY JAW FUCKING HURTS.

I had to pick up antibiotics and pain pills after, and while I was waiting, I FINALLY found the kind of hair clips I’ve been searching EVERYWHERE for. I was super excited. I also went to Barnes and Noble and found some really great books that I did not buy because pssh, Amazon.

Then I went in to get an ultrasound. It was a relatively amusing experience. My ultrasound tech definitely had a sense of humor – she printed out screenshots of the ultrasound and circled my uterus, captioned it “my uterus” and also captioned my bladder as “my very full bladder” and then stuck them in a “baby’s first picture” envelope. I totally have that shit on my fridge. No, I’m not pregnant, btw.

After all my wonderful medical adventures today, I hit up DTRO with Kristen and we had a LET’S GORGE OURSELVES ON DELICIOUS FOOD evening. And also discussed me flying in to Boston at the end of her teaching gig there in August, and then spending a week exploring the eastern seaboard. I said yes.

The best veggie enchiladas I’ve ever had. I couldn’t finish them, too much food baby.

Now I just have to tell my boss HEY, I’m actually gonna be gone for TWO weeks back to back in August! Sorry! And also gotta see whether I’ll be getting surgery. Hoping I don’t, fingers crossed.

I’m pretty excited about my 3 day weekend this week. My upcoming schedules are pretty fucking glorious. I have like 4 days off in a row one of these weeks. I’m planning on traveling somewhere then. I don’t care if it’s just to like Frankenmuth or something. I’M GOING SOMEWHERE DAMNIT, and it will not be just DTRO or Ferndale.

Philly Bound!

I completely forgot to vacuum my room today when I got home from work. But on the bright side, I did change my bedsheets and now they match the trimming or whatever it’s called, in my room. Life is good.

But life is going to be even better after this term! I’m (almost) officially going to Philly to visit my best friend and I am so, so excited! I may have just seen her in August, but it’s still gonna be a sweet treat to get to spend a whole week with her, especially since we live in different states. I can’t wait! And we’re going to New York, so I can cross that off my “Places I’ve Been To” list. Including Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty! And probably the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Oh it’s going to be wonderful. Watch out east coast!

Anyway, so I shopped around a little bit after work in the actual store and found myself some nice tops for pretty good prices. I bought this really flowy, hippie-reminiscent sheer ivory blouse by Buffalo for $11.98, 2 simple rayon tank tops, one white, one black, that will go with my various cardigans by Tahari for $9.98 each and this cream heather butterfly cap sleeve dressy tshirt by Calvin Klein for $7.98. Have I mentioned I love shopping? I should get paid for it.

I should probably go read or something…but not before I share this awesome trailer:

I might have to go into a rant about stupid bitches like the principle in that trailer later on.