Merry Christmas Bitches!

Day 25: Morning

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you’re all having a wonderful day and you all got what you wished for for Christmas.

Morning picture of our tree.

I didn’t really wish for anything material this Christmas, so everything I got, I was thankful for getting at all. Here’s a list of everything I got this year, so far:

– The Hobbit ‘The Ring’ keychain
– The Hobbit bookmark
– The Hobbit leather journal
– Hello Kitty lock and key journal
The Big Bang Theory Soft Kitty hoodie (on backorder until March, so it’s not here yet)
– Chicboom portable speaker keychain (Uncle)
– Woodland charm bracelet, pin, Rick Astley cassette tape, some weird Obama booklet, a flyer for Love Letters Anonymous (Betsy)
– Under the Mistletoe (Justin Bieber), My World Acoustic (Justin Bieber) a Fun album (Alyza)
– Plaid print blanket, candle, makeup (Beth)
– $25 gift card to California Pizza Kitchen (Julia)
– $50 gift card to Outback Steakhouse (BFJ owners)
– Candle, tree ornament, homemade cookies, mug, hot cocoa mixes, Godiva (Carol)
– Hello Kitty coloring books, washcloths, candle, crayons, tree ornament, soap (Roxanne)
– Poinsetta plant (Diane)

And I’m told there’s more to come from some other people.

Last night I bought myself Christmas presents to myself in the form of Amazon MP3 downloads – got Rihanna’s Unapologetic album, Lana del Ray’s Paradise, and Ellie Goulding’s Halcyon. They were only $1.99 each, of course I snatched that up.

Also, today I decided to clean my room but a bit, as well as bring up all the underwear I had downstairs. And then I decided to count the pairs and organize it all. Picture below are 227/228. Threw away 18 after this picture was taken.

I ran out of room actually and originally had 2 rows on the floor, but I moved them up on the bed and managed to squish them to the far right.

À Deriva

Tonight I started watching Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring because our internet was being lame and I didn’t feel like resetting it – until I was half an hour in and I was like damnit, I want to watch stuff on Netflix. So I fixed it, and then I watched Adrift, a Brasilian movie about a girl who finds out about father’s infidelities while also finding her own sexuality. Although in my opinion, the latter was not very pronounced in the movie.

It featured Camilla Belle as “the other woman” and Vincent Cassel as the father – who by the way, totally played the Duc d’Anjou in Elizabeth. He was also in Black Swan, but I haven’t seen that movie, yet.

Anyway, I enjoyed the movie. It was one of those cool cinematic foreign films. Kinda more about art than Hollywood type of deal, you know? And it was all in Portuguese – which, by the way, I had never really heard for a prolonged period of time. My mom has told me that it’s a weird language, but I just imagined it as more of a weird Spanish. It’s like a cut short Spanish mixed with French. It blows my mind. I understood a word or two every now and then.

And now I’m watching Dawson’s Creek, which I have neglected since I started watching Mad Men. I’m still waiting for season 5 of Mad Men to come on Netflix.

Lastly, I bought more underwear. And I felt really guilty because I’ve realized that I’ve come to a point of owning so much underwear, that buying more feels like I’m throwing my money away. But I guess on the bright side, in case of some kind of apocalypse, I will be set when it comes to protective genital coverings. Besides, I got 8 for $26 (free panty coupon!) really cute pairs.

Panties & Doucherism.

So, on my nightly Tumblr peruse, I found this fantastic little drawing that basically encompasses my life:

Except, it’s more like *I have over 200 pairs of nice underwear, and no one to show them to. And that’s a true story. I actually picked up 2 more pairs yesterday from Victoria’s Secret because I had free panties coupons. I accumulate approximately 12-24 new pairs each year that way. I love it! BUUUUT, I really do wish I had someone else to appreciate the awesomeness of my massive collection.

On an unrelated note, somehow I got to be on Twitter and have started following Matt Grevers, Michael Phelps, and Ryan Lochte, and I looked through most of their TwitPic uploads. I’m currently still flipping through Ryan Lochte’s and the further I delve, the most amused I am. I’m also reminded of a post I saw yesterday on Tumblr where someone captioned a picture of him biting his gold medal with his grill on as being a douchebag, I loled because I was like damn, it’s true. I can’t quite decide if he’s the assholey kind of douchebag, or just one of those douchebags that exudes coolness. I think I need to know him IRL to make a legit opinion.

Said Tumblr post.

Also, he totally has Lochte merchandise on his website, including these Ray Ban style doucher glasses:

I want to hate it all, but the whole thing not only makes me laugh, but makes me admire him just a little bit.

4th of July = Shopping

I’ve been laying here perusing the internet, trying to think of what I should write about today, when I realized shopping is always something to be talked about.

While I feel like stores should be closed on the 4th of July, I am simultaneously happy and satiated that they are not. I went to Somerset to use my birthday coupons from Anthropologie and Victoria’s Secret. I hadn’t been to Somerset in a few months, so it was time for a visit anyway.

Last time I was there, Victoria’s Secret was under construction, as they expanded and moved across the hall into a mega space. I feel like it got slightly smaller, but at the same time, they have a lot of merchandise, including a whole activewear section. I ended up using my $10 off on underwear – YEAH I KNOW. I don’t need it. I probably should’ve use it on yoga pants, but the undies I got are incredibly comfy. I couldn’t pass them up.

Over at Anthropologie, I planned on using my 15% off (really lame coupon, TBH) to get one of their candles, Illume Boulangerie Whipped Cream & Pear since I passed that one up for Coconut Macaroon last time I was in. I did end up getting that, but I had a lot of internal conflict as to whether to just get the candle, or add THIS clearance blouse to it (in emerald green), which was 25% off extra. I didn’t. But I wanted to.

I shopped around to other places, including Madewell, Banana Republic, Lucky Brand, Swarovski, and the very depressing Betsey Johnson store. I almost bought a skirt at Madewell, but decided it wasn’t worth $42.

Lastly, I stopped at GAP because they’ve always got some kind of sale going on and I love them. Turns out they had the best sale of everyone (and by everyone I mean most stores were having an extra 25-30% off clearance items) with 40% off clearance. I ended up getting a GAP + Threadless limited edition t-shirt and G-Flex yoga pants that ended up coming to $12! (For the pants, not total.)

I also went shopping with my mom in the evening and didn’t end up getting anything, though I did find a really nice ombre blouse and a rather short dress that looked quite nice on me. I should be given a gold star for not spending all the money I could have spent today…

The Love/Hate Relationship with Victoria’s Secret: A Letter

Dear Victoria’s Secret,

Let’s start off with the good stuff. In 6th grade, I entered one of your stores for the very first time and if I remember correctly, I instantly fell in love. Although if I remember even more correctly, I’m pretty sure I felt like the damn teeny-bopper I was in a land of foreign, and what I at the time considered skanky items. But aaah, do times change. I think I was in 7th grade when I purchased my very first thongs from you guys and suddenly I felt like I was part of the in-club. Because honestly, why should all the popular skanky girls have all the panty fun? 

Aaah, those were high times for shoppers of Victoria’s Secret cotton undies. 5 pairs for $20 (yes, perhaps a ridiculous price even back then, but alas) made you feel like you’d accomplished something good that day. And so the addiction began. And the underwear multiplied. And I was in love with the colors and the thongs and the fact that I felt better about myself because of them!

But then, then you had to go and raise your prices. For the next oh…5-7 years, I had to cut down on buying your undies because they were 5 for $25, and I wept a little, watching my allowance and then my hard-earned money trickle your way nonetheless. Because I couldn’t stop (and I still can’t entirely stop, damn you VS!) buying your amazing underwear, especially not when you started sending me FREE PANTY coupons. 6 pairs for $25!? DON’T MIND IF I DO. 

This is TOTALLY a picture of my underwear collection from 2009. It looks different now, but you get the gist. I DON’T FUCKING PLAY WHEN IT COMES TO PANTIEZ.

But then, THEN, VS, you hurt me even more. You stopped carrying XL in cotton panties in your stores. Sure I can get them online and your snail-mail catalog, but why on earth would I want to pay shipping on 5 pairs of underwear? But you know, it’s kind of okay now. I can fit into large and sometimes even medium undies from you. And I can totally get XL panties at the VS Outlet (thank god for that) at Great Lakes Crossing.

Yet, the saga doesn’t end. You recently upped your prices on cotton panties again. 5 for $26.50? Really, VS? This is just cruel. I won’t be surprised to see 5 for $30, but I will be very, very sad. And I’ll probably keep buying them…speaking of more price hikes, I AM STILL PISSED AT YOU FOR RAISING THE PRICES ON COTTON BRAS TOO, VICTORIA’S SECRET.

What was wrong with 2 for $40!? I saw that period of time when they were 2 for $45 and now they’re 2 for $49.50. Newsflash, IT’S THE SAME FUCKING SHIT IT WAS BACK THEN. I understand the economy is tough, but how does it make sense to RAISE your prices!? Listen VS, I’ll probably always be a loyal shopper because you hooked me line and sinker in 2003. But that doesn’t mean I’ll be a HAPPY shopper when you try to feed me 3 pairs of underwear for $30 and expect me to feel fulfilled parading my ass in leopard printed and lace lined g-strings. Yeah I’ll feel good (damnit) but my bank account will be crying because of you!

Love and an overflowing box of panties,