Alien Files

So I’m watching Unsealed: Alien Files and I’m absolutely loving it right now. While the delivery of the information they’re giving is a little cut and dry, and only really touches base, there has been quite a bit of info I’ve never seen of heard of before.

I’m still processing the episode I’m currently watching, but I wanted to talk about the government’s hilarious ongoing denial of extraterrestrial existence and Earth visitation. The prior episode was the show’s “top 10” UFO/alien encounters and during one of the countdown members, they were saying how the government said that it was just a weather balloon.

The whole weather balloon bullshit makes me laugh because REALLY? Do people actually still believe that to be a true, legitimate explanation? Am I the only one who thinks it sounds absolutely ridiculous? Like how many more times are they going to blame “flares” and “weather balloons”?


Gravitational Time Dilation

Today I was watching some alien mystery documentary, and one of the scientists who was making commentary mentioned that Einstein developed a theory called gravitational time dilation. This is an actual difference of elapsed time of two different events as measured by observers differently situated from gravitational masses, in regions of different gravitational potential. The lower the gravitational potential, or rather, the closer the clock is to the gravitational potential, the slower time passes by. In other words, time can be slowed down by gravity.

So that got me thinking. Perhaps it makes sense, somehow, that in dreams, when we’re running away from negative influences, it’s hard for us lift our feet and run, and time passes agonizingly slowly. But why? Maybe we experience GTD in our dreams. I certainly feel like our unconscious mind does a lot of weird things and is vulnerable to many phenomena.

And when I ask that “why?”, I am reverted to countless memories of too many people saying that the more answers you get, the more questions arise.

This gives me more reasons to meditate. Another thing on my list I need to cross off. Except it’s not a one time kinda thing.