Last night before I went to bed, I was on Tumblr (obviously) and one of the last posts that I reblogged haunted me all throughout today. This is the post I’m talking about, but here is the content and gif in case you’re lazy and don’t want to follow the link:

Many classic horror icons and other disturbing creatures share common characteristics. Pale skin, dark, sunken eyes, elongated faces, sharp teeth, and the like. These images inspire horror and revulsion in many, and with good reason. The characteristics shared by these faces are imprinted in the human mind.

Many things frighten humans instinctively. The fear is natural, and does not need to be reinforced in order to terrify. The fears are species-wide, stemming from dark times in the past when lightning could mean the burning of your tree home, predators could be hiding in the dark, heights could make poor footing lethal, and a spider or snake bite could mean certain death.

The question you have to ask yourself is this:

What happened, deep in the hidden eras before history began, that could effect the entire human race so evenly as to give the entire species a deep, instinctual, and lasting fear of pale beings with dark, sunken eyes, razor sharp teeth, and elongated faces?

The last paragraph really got to me. My first instinctual thought was “aliens”, I’m not gonna lie. Or aliens to us now. I turned on all the lights last night before meditating, when I went to get water, and when I woke up this morning, it was the first thought to flood back to me. I think the question of what happened in the depths of our humanity that scarred us instinctually is not only valid, but extremely important.

I’m watching an old Ancient Aliens episode right now, and they’re talking about the origins of Satan throughout the cultures of the world and what he was represented as (reptilian-like, similar to the description in the above Tumblr post). I think this is related. I need to ruminate on this subject further before I come to any solid, concrete theories of my own. But I think it’s a great question to ask and an even greater journey of speculation to discovering something important about our past.

We Don’t

I feel really vegetabley today as the most exercise that I got was squatting and getting up again at a bead store earlier. Then I came home and sat on my ass for 3 hours making earrings for the craft show I’m doing in a week and a half. AND THEN, because I had my laptop on the entire time listening to my Spotify starred playlist, Betsy IMed me on Skype and led me to sitting on my ass some more, for the past 4 hours, mostly on Tumblr.

This is my life guys.

If you think post-graduation college graduates do anything worthwhile with their Wednesdays, I’m here to tell you we don’t.

Sorry this isn’t more meaningful, but I’m really distracted tonight.

Party Hardy

Today was gorgeous. We had beautiful weather and I got to eat lunch outside. I also got attacked by spiders out there, but it was still wonderful. Plus, I wore those super comfortable Jessica Simpson pumps with my flower clips on them and got quite a few compliments about them, which always feels good. And HNI noticed them too, bonusss.

Tomorrow it’s supposed to get up to like 82 or something crazy. I’m not sure what I’m going to wear, but it’s going to be summery. Even though I won’t be spending the majority of my day outside. That’s something I always found interesting about myself (not sure if anyone else does this). I dress for the weather outside, regardless of what the temperature will be like inside. Although I usually bring a cardigan or blazer as well…

Anyway, I exercised outside today. Walked/ran around the neighborhood and then did wind sprints in the drive way. I was out of breath and it was GLORIOUS. I love pushing myself until it hurts because exercise-pain is wonderful pain. Especially muscular fever after you’ve worked out a muscle you haven’t in a while and the next day it hurts. That’s one of my favorite pains. Yes, I have favorite pains. Another is when a few strands of hair get slept on in an unnatural position and then when I touch the particular spot of hair it hurts but it’s like…synesthetically, I would describe it has a blue-teal-green feeling. And it feels AMAZING. Now I want someone to play with my hair. *Sigh* I need someone in my life who will play with my hair on command. Seriously.

I also joined Pinterest today because one of my friends practically demanded I sign up. It’s like a weird Tumblr, and I must say I prefer Tumblr much more. Especially since Tumblr doesn’t have HTML problems. Pinterest will not let me edit my email settings because it just keeps showing me the scripting for the page. So frustrating. But it’s a pretty cool site nonetheless. I thought about joining it over a year ago when it wasn’t so big. I StumbleUponed it and thought it was interesting.

And now I’m off to party hardy with high school friends. Good night!


One of my daily online activities includes browsing my Tumblr dash. Tonight I came across this spectular and wonderfully simple text picture:

Which reminded me of one of my all-time favorite Tumblr finds:

Seriously. I laugh or at least smile every single time I see that. And I have been using “calm yo tits” ever since. Which reminds me of another term I (used to) use: dingleberry(ies). My friend Betsy sent me a custom made “Dingleberry” button she made with her button maker a few years ago. I also bought a “DINGLEBERRIES” pot from the Michigan Renaissance Festival about 2 or 3 years ago. I store candy in there. Currently, I have a half eaten baggie of penis-shaped mints (gift) and some honey filled hard candies from the RenFest this past year.

I also just came across this picture and it reminded me of:
1. How much I still wish I had a personal hair-player.
2. That conversation about someone playing with your hair is perverted with Job 1 Mini Boss and HNI. I still think that’s ridiculous. JUST BECAUSE IT’S PLEASURABLE DOESN’T MEAN IT’S PERVERTED.

Speaking of Job 1 Mini Boss and HNI:
1. Today in Mini Boss’s class, we had a field trip to Haberman Fabrics in downtown Royal Oak and I spent $55 on samples. But about $20 of that was on 4 yards of the this gorgeous and simple red and white striped cotton remnant. It’s calling me to make a jacket of skirt out of it. I can hear it.
2. So HNI knows about this blog, which may inevitably mean he knows it’s him I’m talking about,¬†which means this is acknowledgement is kinda awkward, amusing, and ever so slightly¬†inappropriate. And I’m not entirely sure how I feel about that, but it’s hard to restrain not discussing certain people in my life when they make me happy, so I can’t just leave him out of here forever. YA KNOW? YOU GOTTA HIGHLIGHT YOUR BRIGHT SPOTS.¬†

Protect the Internet!

I was perusing Tumblr a few minutes ago when I noticed an out of place header at the top of site that read “Stop The Law That Will Censor The Internet!” and I was immediately intrigued, so I clicked on it. It led me here, whereupon I found out that there are apparently two bills being discussed in Congress that aim to restrict and censor the internet, including massive websites like Facebook and Tumblr, via the same blacklisting technologies implemented by China and Iran. I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t want to live in a country that does that kind of bullshit.

My parents didn’t move to America for nothing. They wanted to get away from a post-communism environment, and when shit like this happens, my mom always tells me it’s like being back in communism again. I find these bills absolutely ridiculous for a country that claims it established on giving people freedoms. I consider the internet a sort of press – this country is supposed to honor freedom of the press – or has my American k-12 education of the laws and economics of the place all been a lie?

At any rate, I don’t know about anyone else, but I personally do not want any part of the internet to be censored – no matter how revolting or ridiculous, so I urge you to please sign this petition or call your representatives and be like “Aye yo, if you censor the interwebs, I will fail school and you will have an epidemic and when you’re old an wrinkly, you better not expect my generation or the generations that come after me to take care of you.” Yup. YOU HAVE TO SAY THOSE EXACT WORDS. Okay but really – if you care about any websites you visit or personally run, [blog or otherwise] you should help Protect the Internet.

In other news, my mom and I had a really hilarious moment earlier today. When I came home I noticed a really strange smell. It smelled brown and ovular [I’m not crazy, I have synesthesia], like a gross muddy rock almost. Or a really weird exotic herb and I couldn’t figure out what it was, but I attributed it to be the crushed veggie stuffed cabbage she made.

When she woke up I told her about it and she said there must be something wrong with my nostrils – LOL. So then I made her go outside in her pajamas and stay out there for about 30 seconds before she could come back in so she could smell the kitchen. So she did and she kind of like waddle-walked around the kitchen sniffing like a rabbit. I was dying. She still claims my nostrils are dysfunctional. I disagree.