A Few Things

Thing 1: I’d really like to get myself a set of Tarot cards. So far I’m drawn to the Dreaming Way deck above all others. I’ve also thought about designing my own deck and doing my own hand-drawn, hand-painted designs. I think that would make the deck even more energized than just buying it off the shelf. But it would also require more time and energy than just giving Amazon $14. We’ll see. It’s in my wishlist.

Thing 2: I’d like to get back into meditating more often again. While reading about Tarot vs. Oracle decks/cards, I found my way to alpha state meditation. What is alpha state of mind? Great question. According to this little article, it is:

The electromagnetic pulse of planet Earth is known as the Schumann Resonance. Although there are fluctuations, this planetary heartbeat maintains an overall measurement of 7.8 Hz. When we relax and slow our brain waves in meditation down to the alpha level – between 14 and 7 cycles per second – and in particular 7.8 cps, we are meshing with the Earth’s deep rhythm and we enter our psychic realms.

So of course I went on Youtube and found some guided meditation videos to help me try it out. And I will be doing so tonight.

Thing 3: Today I was playing around with my crystal quartz pyramid. I stuck it on my forehead (it always makes me feel a lot better about anything and everything when I do that) for a little bit, and then decided to put it on top of my head. After maybe 30 seconds, I tipped my head backwards a little bit and it fell off and shattered in the corner. I’m really rather upset about this for several reasons.

I don’t feel like it’s going to work like it should anymore now that it’s broken and missing a chunk.
Sigh, I definitely feel the need to buy a new one now and they’re not cheap, which leads me into…

Thing 4: I recently got bumped up to low end full time hours, among other kinda yay things at job 1. This means more $ which will be nice. However, I’m desperately trying to save my money for many reasons including:

– Amanda’s wedding and related activities requiring $$$
– Really want to get Chromecast which is not expensive, but would like not to cut deeper into my pockets at the moment
– Desperately need to get my hair cut and colored
– Bills bills bills!!!
– Would love to travel soon (not far, maybe like Chicago or somewhere up north) for a weekend, always need $$$ for that
– Spontaneous events, such as salsa dancing (might/will make a post about that soon)
– General accumulation of “wealth”

No matter how much I’d love to get away from our current system of monetaryness (???) the world is still heavily and prominently dependent on money and therefore I still need it. Sigh.

At least I’m not moping about my nonexistent love life anymore. (It’s still nonexistent.)

Travels & Ultrasounds

Today has been an interesting day.

My medical adventures included a root canal – which honestly wasn’t that bad. I felt some pain, but my dentist “topped me off” with anesthetics. It was really the whole having my mouth open for about an hour that was the worst. By the time she was cleaning out the nerve, I was like OMG CAN THIS BE OVER WITH ALREADY, MY JAW FUCKING HURTS.

I had to pick up antibiotics and pain pills after, and while I was waiting, I FINALLY found the kind of hair clips I’ve been searching EVERYWHERE for. I was super excited. I also went to Barnes and Noble and found some really great books that I did not buy because pssh, Amazon.

Then I went in to get an ultrasound. It was a relatively amusing experience. My ultrasound tech definitely had a sense of humor – she printed out screenshots of the ultrasound and circled my uterus, captioned it “my uterus” and also captioned my bladder as “my very full bladder” and then stuck them in a “baby’s first picture” envelope. I totally have that shit on my fridge. No, I’m not pregnant, btw.

After all my wonderful medical adventures today, I hit up DTRO with Kristen and we had a LET’S GORGE OURSELVES ON DELICIOUS FOOD evening. And also discussed me flying in to Boston at the end of her teaching gig there in August, and then spending a week exploring the eastern seaboard. I said yes.

The best veggie enchiladas I’ve ever had. I couldn’t finish them, too much food baby.

Now I just have to tell my boss HEY, I’m actually gonna be gone for TWO weeks back to back in August! Sorry! And also gotta see whether I’ll be getting surgery. Hoping I don’t, fingers crossed.

I’m pretty excited about my 3 day weekend this week. My upcoming schedules are pretty fucking glorious. I have like 4 days off in a row one of these weeks. I’m planning on traveling somewhere then. I don’t care if it’s just to like Frankenmuth or something. I’M GOING SOMEWHERE DAMNIT, and it will not be just DTRO or Ferndale.


Day 30!!: 10 places you want to visit

1. London. I’ve always been attracted to and fascinated by England. Of course this is on my list. There’s so much culture, so much history. So much to see!

2. Paris. I feel like Paris is that cliche destination everyone says they want to go to, but I genuinely want to go there. Like, honestly, who wouldn’t? So much culture, so much to see. And damn it, so romantic. I want to be kissed by the Eiffel Tower. Did you know Romanian engineer Gheorghe Pănculescu’s invention of joining metal girders was what inspired Gustave Eiffel’s design for the Eiffel tower? The more you know.

3. Venice. I want to visit all of Italy. But honestly, Venice is another one of those cliche destinations and I want to partake in that. It just looks so damn gorgeous. Like, I want to be rowed around in one of those gondolas and be sung to in Italian.

4. Amsterdam (again). In 2009 I was in Amsterdam for about 24 hours because my aunt and I missed our flight from Frankfurt to Detroit due to my uncle dragging us to his terminal, convinced that we were all leaving from the same terminal. (HE WAS WRONG.) From the very little I experienced of Amsterdam (hotel, cab driver, airport) I found the people to be kind and well-educated. And from the little I saw of the place, it looked nice. Lots of lavender.

5. Budapest (again). Also in 2009, when we arrived in Europe, we had a flight from Frankfurt to Budapest and spent about a day there. I have quite fond memories of the whole ordeal. While Romanians and Hungarians don’t really like each other (and they sure don’t mind showing it – my aunt-in-law of course got a parking ticket for no reason [truly!] other than having a Romanian license plate) I had a great time there. Possibly because I wasn’t accustomed to speaking Romanian yet, and they thought I was American. I really enjoyed all the sites I saw, and the food was phenomenal. If I haven’t mentioned it before, I LITERALLY had the BEST CUCUMBER SALAD OF MY ENTIRE LIFE in Budapest. As well as one of the best salads too.

6. Dublin. Like London and England as a whole, I’ve also always had a fascination with Dublin and Ireland. It doesn’t help that one time, I watched a Steve Ricks episode where he went to Dublin and I fell in love. Giant fun colored doors!? Sold.

7. Egypt; The Pyramids at Giza. Another cliche? Probably. But they’re such  absolutely majestic sculptures. Seen from miles around, larger than life objects. They continue to mystify people around the world in all their grandeur. Did you know the word “pyramid” has no human language origin? Plus, there is no fucking way men built that shit with their bare hands. No fucking way.

8. Australia. Except for the whole GIANT SPIDERS AND SHIT, I find Australia to be a really interesting place. Backwards seasons? Toilets flushing the opposite way? Not to mention those gorgeous accents and surfers all over the place. In. Love.

9. South America. I don’t really have a particular destination of where I’d like to go down there cause I’d really like to see all kinds of places in South America. I want to see the Nazca Lines in Peru, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. I want to see people dancing in the street in Argentina and I want to experience Venezuela. You know?

10. Romania. Having lived there, I miss the place. Despite my somewhat negative experience when I went back in 2009. (People are not okay with fatties over there, lemme tell you.) But I want to go to Romania to travel the whole place. I want to see Alba Iulia. I want to see the Carpathian mountains again and remember to take a picture this time instead of saving it in my head. I want to see the giant gates in Maramureș. I want to see the Casa Republicii, which is the world’s second largest administrative building after the Pentagon (and also a museum!). I want to visit Constanța on the Black Sea coast and I want to go to the Băile Herculane again and I want to see Dracula’s castle in person. Honestly, I’ve been thinking of doing a private tour of Romania instead of a graduation cruise next year.

Aerial view of my hometown, Resita.

Back In Detroit, Baby.

Aaaah, it’s good to be back in my own bed, in the burbs, not living out of a suitcase or being a guest. Not to say I didn’t enjoy vacationing during my vacation, but being a natural homebody, I’ve missed home. When I entered the house, it smelled different. My mom said it must’ve been because I hadn’t been home for a week. I was like that’s weird, but interesting.

I’m too lazy and tired to discuss anything else tonight, so I’ll just leave with this:

Day 29: What do you think people misunderstand most about you?
Hahahaha, this one’s easy: my facial expressions. I make a lot of them. Sometimes I look angry or sad or concerned and I’m not at all and people are like omg are you okay? And I’m confused as to why they think I’m not. Sometimes amusing, sometimes annoying. What can you do.

Lazy Saturday in Pajamas.

After spending the entire day walking around Manhattan yesterday, today has been a well-deserved sit around in our pajamas and do nothing kind of day with Maria. We watched Bridesmaids and (500) Days of Summer and drank Appletinis. And glimpsed the neighbor across the street being naked after a shower.

Anyway, so as I said yesterday, I didn’t fall in love with New York the way I know so many people do when they first go to the city. I mean, yeah, it’s pretty grand and expansive and full of PEOPLE everywhere. That’s probably one of the top things that turns me off to cities. There’s fucking people everywhere. No room to walk, to breathe, to think. Visiting cities like Chicago and Philly and NYC makes me love living in the burbs. I mean, I kind of get the best of both worlds; first of all, people know how to drive (for the most part – I will elaborate on this) it’s relatively quiet, compared to a big city, there’s ROOM, etc. I guess it’s kinda vanilla though. Being a hipster in a big city is no big deal – being a hipster in the burbs is weird and people look at you like you’re crazy.

And the whole driving thing – obviously when you’re in a big city it’s crowded so it takes like a hundred years to get around. It’s better to just walk or take the subway, which in turn makes you skinnier – side note, one thing I’ve noticed is that people are skinnier here in the cities. But back to driving – people don’t know how to fucking drive in cities. I’ve seen so many fuck ups in my one week in Philly, and New York was a whole other story. I mean, it was classic movie taxis everywhere, honking all over the damn place, police EVERYWHERE, lights and advertisements at every corner. It’s too busy.

I did like Central Park though. We only went a few hundred feet into it, but it muffled the sounds of the city enough to make me realize how damn noisy it is there. I don’t like being in very noisy environments. That’s definitely another reason I’m kind of turned off by cities. I need quiet and solitude throughout various parts of my day to function. The sound of sirens, horns, babble, music etc. day and night does not excite me or invigorate me or make me want to spend my life in NYC. Which almost makes me feel like a turd because Maria is absolutely infatuated with NYC, whereas I was not as amazed as I perhaps should have been or should be expected to be. I guess Chicago stole that virginity from me.

HOWEVER, the shopping was pretty phenomenal. I can’t deny that. We went to GAP, Banana Republic, Forever 21 (flagship!), Ann Taylor Loft, Toys ‘R’ Us (and rode the ferris wheel), the NBC studios store, and a few other stores. We almost went into Saks, but then ended up going to a Starbucks nearby that had the absolute worst service ever. There was no one there waiting to be served besides us, and it took like 5 minutes to get noticed. And probably 10 minutes for my frappucino to be made, not to mention the weirdo lady working the register didn’t even tell me how much everything cost, and she didn’t give me a receipt. It was a weird experience. First world problems.

Anyway, so here’s Day 27: What is your favorite part of your body and why?
Okay, so I can’t even lie here: I LOVE my boobs. My boobs and my face. I also love my legs, knee down. But back to my boobs – I love them because firstly, they are boobs. Boobs are fun. They’re fun to look at, to touch, to admire, to draw etc. They’re just these round, attractive bits that despite being straight, I cannot help but stare at on any woman. Progression of staring goes face, boobs, rest of body, face, boobs, boobs, more boobs, some more face. Boobs. And my face, I love my face. I’m photogenic, so it’s kind of cool to look at pictures of myself and think WOW that looks like me but it totally doesn’t. WHAT IS THIS SORCERY?  And my legs – I think I have some pretty neat legs. I’ve gotten compliments on them before, which is also a nice confidence boost. I’m privileged not to have kankles, so, yay!

Day 28: What is your love language?
I’m not exactly sure what this means, so I will interpret it as this: Flirty nerdspeak. I’m naturally attracted to nerdy guys. So I flirt with them in uh…nerdspeak. Like let’s discuss Lord of the Rings and Star Wars and how Apple sucks and whatever. Also, electronics. I’ll fall asleep in anyone’s arms that wants to spend time talking to me about all kinds of stupid shit like that.