Man of Steel = Top Favorite Superhero Movie Ever (Spoilers)

I’m really enjoying this whole going to the movies frequently routine that has been established in the last few weeks – it might be more expensive than I care to really admit, but HOLY FUCK MAN OF STEEL.

Okay, let me just say first and foremost 2 things:

1. I knew this movie was going to be really good when I first heard about it almost 2 years ago. I KNEW IT.
2. I’m totally gonna go super mega fangirl here and just put it out there THAT I WAS TOTALLY A HENRY CAVILL FAN LONG BEFORE ALL YOU OTHER PEOPLE JUMPED ON THE OMG HE’S SO HOT BANDWAGON. Not that it matters in any kind of way that’s going to do something for somebody, but I’m just sayin’.


Now that that’s out of my system, let’s talk costumes.

Again, being a fashion design major, the first thing I noticed (besides Henry’s irresistible everything) were the costumes and the integration of the costumes with the Kryptonian aesthetic. In retrospect, the overall look seemed rather reptilian, which I remember thinking for a few seconds reminded me of some real world alien theories that state that should we encounter extra-terrestrial life, it would be most likely (apparently) that they would be reptilian in nature.

I personally quite enjoyed the intricacy of the costumes and the resemblance to reptilian scales. And again, I liked that this was reflected in the world of Krypton, from their buildings, to their ships, to the various tiny details throughout everything else.

I also noticed a few things throughout the movie that I thought were kind of funny. Firstly, when Zod and his allies were frozen and sent into Phantom space, their capsules legit looked like penises. Giant, flying dicks. And I’m not the only one who noticed this, as Tumblr tags have proven.

Secondly, I don’t know who else caught these bits, but I really enjoyed the water tower with “SMALLVILLE” written across it, as well as the oil tanks in Metropolis with “LEXCORP” stamped largely on them. They were both brief shots, but enough that I got excited and nudged my brother about them.

Thirdly, I don’t know if I’ve just been honed in noticing this kind of thing, but there were maybe a few shots of Superman when he was hovering where he looked like Jesus on the cross. Not like in the face or anything, but in his stance – arms spread out, legs together. Subliminal messaging perhaps?

I enjoyed the plot of the movie as well. It was captivating, which I think is crucial for a movie that’s 2 and a half hours long. Superman has always been my favorite superhero, even when people have tried to sway me. (Sorry Batman fans, your hero is a little bitch.) This movie has easily catapulted itself into my favorites and has painted Superman as even more awesome than he already was to me.

10/10 A++ would see it again.

Dear Netty: An Open Letter to Netflix.

Dear Netflix,

I bet you were wondering when I’d take a crack at you this month. Just kidding, you don’t have a brain. But if you did, then you’d know how much I really don’t appreciate you shitting out on me at least once per whatever episode I’m trying to watch on my Google TV. We’ve had a good almost-year Netty, why the sudden error-parade? And worse, why is it that whenever I try to restart watching whatever it is I’m currently watching, that I have to restart my entire TV in order for you to work again? I don’t like that Netty. I don’t like it at all.

I pay $7.99 a month so you can deliver greatness to my life. Now, that may not be much, considering I have two jobs and can afford your frivolity. But that does not give you the right to poop out on me, or worse, offer me such a limited selection on instant.

See, before your big policy change last summer, I was very much considering getting the mail-in DVDs for $2 more. But your price increase to another $7.99 steered me clear. I don’t have that much time for you Netty, nor do I care to dish out $15.98 every month for your services. If I had decided to do this challenge a month ago, this would’ve been the part where I would’ve complained that you didn’t have Dawson’s Creek on instant. But you saved your ass there by FINALLY uploading it, even though we both knew it should’ve been added at the same time you added Felicity and other shows from that time period.

Why the hell don’t you have Sailor Moon, Netty? DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY PEOPLE WOULD WATCH THAT SHIT!? Probably more than just me.

Speaking of which, I am continually disappointed with the selection of “mainstream” movies you offer me on instant, Netty. I feel like you should’ve acquired the rights to Avatar by last year, as well as the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Harry Potter, and dare I say it? Twilight. That’s right. Sometimes I feel the need to watch really cheesy love stories about vampires, werewolves, and an idiot teenage girl and frankly, I want to watch them instantly. Netty, you’re not delivering this to me and it make me really sad. Also, I am extremely disappointed with the selection of Robin Williams films and lack of stand up comedy.

But you know what Netty? At the same time, I kind of love you. I love you for The Tudors, Felicity, Keeping Up Appearances, Mad Men, and other goodies you do have on instant. I love you for the plethora of foreign movies I’ve watched, and I love you for hosting some raunchy ass stuff. But for the love of god Netty, get some better shit on there.

A Semi-Satisfied Customer.

And with that said, I started watching Mad Men last night on Netty up there. So far, so good. I’m enjoying the costumes and the allure of the 60s, despite everyone smoking like snakes and drinking (while pregnant!). Not to mention the racism, sexism, and infidelity. Apparently that shit ran rampant in the 60s. People were so naive back then.

I also had a photoshoot today! I was behind the camera the whole time, taking action shots of my friend Kris for one of his photography projects. It was pretty cool actually. We spent about 40 minutes in a field by the The Hill (not The Hills restaurant) and slowly watched a storm roll in in the process. Luckily, it started raining right as we were getting into our cars and going our separate ways. Pictures coming soon!

And On Thirsty Thursdays, We Drink Miller Lite.

I came home today to find that the light in my room was acting wonky, and upon trying to turn it on, I apparently turned off the light in the bathroom while my mom was in there. My dad decided to attempt to fix the circuitry while I started watching the last episode of The Tudors, and I had to pause 10 minutes in for about half an hour. He didn’t manage to fix it, so the lights in my room and the bathroom do not work.

But that’s not what matters. What matters is that the last episode of The Tudors WAS SO GOOD I CRIED FOR 10 MINUTES STRAIGHT. Uncontrollably. As if Henry was my dad; I even caught myself saying “daddy” while I was in the bathroom washing my face and crying at the same time. It was simultaneously hilarious and heart-wrenching and just continues to confirm my belief that I was Elizabeth the First in a past life. I’m not crazy, I promise.

I also came across this interesting article on AOL news about this video:

It has apparently sparked a lot of “controversy.” The article highlights about 2 comments from viewers on the video that are basically bashing this guy about what he said. Because of course that’s what’s going to happen. Because nobody can grow enough balls to say “yeah, that guy has a point.” Rather, they would tear him down and nit-pick his wording and whether or not he contradicts himself.

But I will be that person to say YEAH, THAT GUY HAS SEVERAL POINTS, ACTUALLY. (Although I should add that I do not agree with EVERYTHING he says.) And it doesn’t take much to absorb what he’s saying – just the willingness to do so. I watched this video thinking “Yeah man! I agree!” I am not a religious person whatsoever. I do not attend church. In fact, I haven’t been in a church in about 6 years because I believe religion is just brainwashing. I am, however, a spiritual person. I do not follow a religion – I follow my own beliefs and conceptions of what I want to believe and I don’t need anyone to tell me what I should believe. I have so many contradictions to my own statements and I could sit here battling myself back and forth about the stipulations, but I’m not going to.

Instead I’m gong to kill some brain cells and watch Jersey Shore. Don’t judge me.

A Few Words.

1. Last night I had a dream my brother died and was replaced by another brother who was like his twin, but a little different and he had to learn to be exactly like my brother. It was very strange and for some reason I thought it of utter importance to wake up a few minutes before noon to hug him and make sure he wasn’t actually dead. So he stuck his armpit in my face to try to get me to stop hugging him. Sibling love.
2. I went shopping with my mom after she woke up and got a really comfortable long sleeve lounge shirt from Old Navy for $4.76! I make it sound really lame but it’s actually nice. It’s simple and it’s a little thicker than regular t-shirt cotton and it’s also brushed. This is basically what it looks like, but mine is this bright minty green.

3. I finally got around to doing some of my homework for pattern techniques. And by that I mean I couldn’t leave it on my conscience to not at least ATTEMPT to do some of it. I copied my pattern pieces and attempted to do some changes to them like instructed, however, upon closer examination of the instructions, I found them inadequate and misleading, so I rolled everything back up and went to shower.
4. My hair is magnificently luscious today.
5. I watched episodes 8 and 9 from the final season of The Tudors and cried a little when the Earl of Surrey (David O’Hara’s character) was given his sentence. WHAT A SEXY MAN GOING TO WASTE. But I greatly admired his consistent pride in the house of Howard. Seriously, so sexy. Also, I want to punch Bishop Gardiner in the face. Although he (Simon Ward) has a pleasant face most of the time, but he is so ridiculously ruthless!

Sexy Pieces of Man.

So today I watched like…4? episodes of The Tudors. I’m finally into season 4, next episode is #4 and I’m slightly tempted to go watch it after I get offline, although I stopped watching at 8:30 for the sole reason of attempting to regulate my sleeping pattern. I want to be able to read and get to sleep before midnight.

Anyway, I think everyone needs to know that Torrance Coombs is a HOT PIECE OF CANADIAN ASS. He played Thomas Culpepper in season 4, who was Katherine Howard‘s love affair boytoy. They got each other executed because their loins couldn’t control themselves around each other. At least that’s what the show tells us. History seems to be unsure of where they banged or not, but they were rather lovey dovey toward each other. Either way, Torrance Coombs is the hottest Culpepper to have ever graced the screen.

Furthermore, David O’Hara played the Henry Howard, who was also known as the Earl of Surrey. And who played Albert Runcorn in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1. I thought he was mildly attractive in that movie, but The Tudors has turned me on to his sexy older gentlemen appeal even more. He is quite the sexy piece of Scottish ass, if I do say so myself.

P.S. Know what would be hilarious? If one of these days some of the people I profess my attraction to read this blog. I hope they comment! *coughjonathonrhysmeyerscough*