Gimme All Yo Money, and Gimme All Yo Residuals

I had big homework plans for today. I will preface this was the fact that I woke up at 10 and headed out to the post office to return the ASOS skirt I bought, and then went to Target and bought a pair of jeans. I came home and exercised, but not before I was called in to work tonight cause one of my co-workers was sick. I had planned on working on my fashion design sketching stuff as well as pattern techniques, but it’s too late for homework now. Tomorrow’s free though, so I’ma do it up.

Anyway, while at work today, I was super bored so I decided to redownload Amazon Kindle on my phone and proceeded to download the book of Confusius and got through 5 of the ‘books’ in it. Kindle tells me I’ve read 20% of the book. I found a lot of good sayings, and while reading it I thought how incredibly ironic it is that I’m reading the holy book of a religion I don’t practice, but I won’t read the religious book of the religion I was born into.

Regardless, among my favorites of the sayings include “I do not speak of what is ended, chide what is settled, or find fault with what is past.” Reminded me of one of my favorite quotes from Rent: “Forget regret, or life is yours to miss” It’s one of my core philosophies on life that I think A LOT of people refute. People allow themselves to be swallowed up by regret and ‘what ifs’ and then bitch about the things they should’ve done.

Forget the things you didn’t do. You’re on a journey – you can’t stall your path staring back into the abyss of what happened, wishing you’d done it differently. What’s done is done. Tomorrow is another day. Grab it by the testicles and move the fuck forward.

And that’s your lesson for today.


Today was much better in comparison to Sunday. Although I got my blood drawn, which is generally a traumatic experience for me, it wasn’t that bad because my mom’s friend/co-worker did it and she has like the touch of baby Jesus or something. I swear, whenever that woman takes my blood, I never even feel the needle go into me – which is not something I can say for any other phlebotomist. Unfortunately, she didn’t get to fill all the vials she needed (there were probably like 10 for all the various tests I want done) because my veins rolled or something. Both arms.

After that, I watched 1984 on Netflix, based on George Orwell’s novel. It was a rather depressing movie which is why I needed to watch something else tonight – episode 9 of Once Upon A Time that I missed last night due to the Golden Globes. (Speaking of which, I really miss the old design of the Globes with the winged statue chick beholding the globe.) Anyway, I am super intrigued about who the bloody hell that guy on the motorcycle is and how he came to be in Storybrooke. Because she Henry said, strangers don’t come to Storybrooke. And the plot continues!

I also exercised and dyed my hair today! I was planning on dying it during break week so I’d be freshly ginger for Valentine’s Day – but let’s not kid ourselves – Valentine’s Day is going to be completely ordinary and S.O.-free for me as it has been every year of my life. So I thought why not get rid of my one and a half inch roots and spruce up my color back to vibrant red? The checkout lady at Target liked it enough to comment.

I thought about taking pictures of myself to showcase the “back to redheadness,” but I think natural light would do it better justice. Besides, it’s been dark since 5, and I’m not really feelin’ it to take pictures, so I’m sitting here listening to N*Sync and finishing my tea, mildly worrying about grades and the homework that wasn’t so urgent but I probably should’ve gotten a head-start on. Life.

^ Anthem of my PRE-TWEEN years.



Today has not been the serene, happy-go-lucky kind of day I’ve lately been having. Instead, it has been turbulent and nerve-grinding. Early in the day, I checked my grades for my cultural diversity class and discovered that I apparently scored 97/150 on my midterm exam which continues to baffle me 12 hours later. I simply cannot fathom how I got a 65% on an exam that I wrote 5 single-spaced typed pages for, with the answers coming straight out of the book. Not to mention my friend told me I was the only person in class to finish the exam. I’m hoping that Portal’s 150 is actually supposed to be 100, because then I could understand a 97. I’m not trying to be haughty of narcissistic, but I am not a 65% kind of student and nor will I ever be.

I also had to go into Job 2 early today and was mildly annoyed when J2Mini Boss didn’t leave when she said she would because it was actually kind of pointless for me to come in early, since she left at the time she said she didn’t want to leave at. How does that make sense?

But the latter of these problems isn’t that big of a deal – I went to Target after work and not only got to see one of my graduate friends, Joe, but also picked up hair dye and new place mats for the kitchen! They’re just far too cute – unfortunately, does not have pictures for them, so I will describe them as large hearts – I got 2 in pink, with I believe elephants on them (really cute elephants) and 2 sky blue ones with whales. I think. I’m too lazy to check. They’re actually Valentine’s Day themed. (Side note: Chances of me spending Valentine’s Day single like every year so far = probably 100% Where are you Prince Charming?)

Before I forget, here is a compilation set of the same picture in two different tones from yesterday’s teacup-water shoot. I compiled 3 pictures into one to get the effect of 3 different splashes!

Unrelatedly, last night I had some rather strange dreams. I don’t remember them all, but I know I was in a house that was supposed to be like…Grimmauld Place from Harry Potter, and Sirius was still alive I think? I remember this one part before I woke up – there was a pile of I think dead leaves on the floor to my right and I nearly picked them up my hand until I realized I could just Wingardium Leviosa them. It was weird.

I watched the Golden Globes tonight. I was kind of disappointed with the lack of celebrity bashing from Ricky Gervais, because I truly think he is beyond hilarious,  first and foremost in whatever he puts his mind to, but secondly and most humorously, when he cracks jokes about the stars. Especially at an awards show like the Golden Globes. I think the lack of bashing is partly due to the fact that he wasn’t out on stage that often. But when he was, he did crack some good jokes. Not as good as usual, but good nonetheless.

I would also like to point out that Selma Hayek had the biggest fucking stank face I have ever seen and all I wanted to do was fly to the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel and smack her with my leather gloves. I mean seriously! You’re at the fucking Golden Globes – SHOW SOME GODDAMN EMOTION YOU UNGRATEFUL TWAT! Oh and when that first guy won for The Artist (I must see this movie), the super French dude (I don’t remember his name) I was very angry at how rudely the audience was behaving toward him. They kept sniggering and I remember there was this one shot of some bitch who didn’t win anything trying not to laugh, but then she burst out laughing and they quickly shot to someone else. I was disgusted. Just because someone can’t speak English well does not mean you can be a bloody cunt and laugh at them as they accept an award. How rude of you!

Lastly, I also wanted to point out that when Kate Winslet accepted her award (I LOVE THAT WOMAN) I was very annoyed that they began playing music. She did not by any means overrun her speech time and I remember thinking to myself that if this was a guy winning in that category they would not play music for him at that point in time! So fuck you Golden Globes assholes for that!

Christmas Eve.

So it was kind of dead at Job 2 this whole week, but today we had a buttload of customers who bought lots of jewelry and increased my commission by probably $30 at least. My first customer of the day bought $7 short of $500 worth of jewelry. She had shopping ADD though. I spent nearly an hour with her as she tried on the majority of our sterling silver and stainless steal bracelets and rings. But on the bright side, I found out the owners of the company are giving us all bonuses. My paycheck is going to be so fat that I won’t know what to do with myself. Seriously guys. This will probably be the biggest check of my life, to date. I’m so excited! 

That means I get to stop by Anthropologie and buy this baby:

It smells so good. After work I dropped by Target to visit my friend and to pick up some Hershey’s Kisses. I ended up not getting any Kisses because they were expensive and I don’t need like a 3 pound bag of them. So I bought some Salt and Vinegar Chips and Snyder’s Mustard and Onion pretzels. I also got a Gingerbread Latte from Starbucks. My friend and I both agree that it was quite delicious.

On another note, this is the first year I can remember that I’m not that excited about Christmas. Usually I’m so excited I can barely contain it and I have problems falling asleep because present opening happens in the morning, but this year it’s like it’s not even Christmas tomorrow. There’s presents under the tree (which is unusual for my family because they usually appear overnight) and I know 2/4 of mine. My dad gave me $120 yesterday for Christmas. My brother didn’t get me anything, and my aunt gave me this amazing smelling soap and Ferrero Rocher chocolates. Although I really shouldn’t complain because I got a lot of stuff from friends this year. I got my Secret Santa package yesterday as well.

But anyway, hope you guys have a good Christmas Eve and see you tomorrow!

Saturday Christmas Shopping Adventures with MommaBear.

My feet hurt from all the shopping I did today. My mom and I headed out to The Somerset Collection earlier today and shopped for like 6 hours there. I got this really awesome sailor style blazer from Banana Republic. It had 2 buttons missing and some stains on the back, so I managed to snag 20% off its already clearance price of $44.97. I got it for $38 something. Totally proud of myself. We also stopped by Lush and I got some Daddy-O shampoo and Dirty cologne for my dad. And I got a free sample of R&B conditioner. All the girls working there told me I’m going to absolutely love R&B, so I’ll have to try it out and see if I want to get it when I go back on Tuesday.

We stopped by Restoration Hardware and I bought the most fantastic perfume ever. It’s called Belgian Linen and it’s technically a “home scent” which means it’s supposed to be sprayed in the house, but it legit looks like a real perfume and smells great. It actually smells like an Orthodox Church when the pope comes around and jingles that incense stuff all over the place. That’s actually one of the reasons why I bought it. It reminds me of going to church. And it’s also not a sickening smell – I can stand it for long periods of time!

We also stopped by Bath & Body Works and I ended up buying 2 small ‘Tis The Season candles because they smell absolutely divine. I almost bought one of the cranberry scents and then this marshmallow something candle, but I decided to just get 2 of ‘Tis The Season because it’s just so damn good. Afterwards, we ate some chinese food (satisfied my craving!) and headed down to Target/Michael’s/Joann’s/Big Lots.

I found this great terra cotta colored cardigan at Target on clearance for $10. I almost didn’t buy it, but then I convinced myself that it’s totally worth it and bought some seasonal Hershey’s kisses as well. Which reminds me that I need to go try them out.

I was about to say I don’t have anything else to add, but I remembered that when my mom and I were going down an escalator at Somerset, this douchebag high school kid was behind us and I heard him say “watch this” and then he got on the escalator backwards and bumped into my mom rather forcefully. I was about to smack. a. hoe. And he had the nerve to NOT apologize. If I was a more outgoing person, I would have made a scandal. But for whatever reason, in situations like that, I literally turn on my horse blinders and tend not to be able to look at people in the face. It’s quite unnerving. Moral of the story: DON’T RAISE YOUR KIDS TO BE FUCKSHITS WHO DON’T KNOW HOW TO FUCKING APOLOGIZE FOR THEIR UNRULY BEHAVIOUR. OR I WILL PERSONALLY SMACK BOTH OF YOU.