Man of Steel = Top Favorite Superhero Movie Ever (Spoilers)

I’m really enjoying this whole going to the movies frequently routine that has been established in the last few weeks – it might be more expensive than I care to really admit, but HOLY FUCK MAN OF STEEL.

Okay, let me just say first and foremost 2 things:

1. I knew this movie was going to be really good when I first heard about it almost 2 years ago. I KNEW IT.
2. I’m totally gonna go super mega fangirl here and just put it out there THAT I WAS TOTALLY A HENRY CAVILL FAN LONG BEFORE ALL YOU OTHER PEOPLE JUMPED ON THE OMG HE’S SO HOT BANDWAGON. Not that it matters in any kind of way that’s going to do something for somebody, but I’m just sayin’.


Now that that’s out of my system, let’s talk costumes.

Again, being a fashion design major, the first thing I noticed (besides Henry’s irresistible everything) were the costumes and the integration of the costumes with the Kryptonian aesthetic. In retrospect, the overall look seemed rather reptilian, which I remember thinking for a few seconds reminded me of some real world alien theories that state that should we encounter extra-terrestrial life, it would be most likely (apparently) that they would be reptilian in nature.

I personally quite enjoyed the intricacy of the costumes and the resemblance to reptilian scales. And again, I liked that this was reflected in the world of Krypton, from their buildings, to their ships, to the various tiny details throughout everything else.

I also noticed a few things throughout the movie that I thought were kind of funny. Firstly, when Zod and his allies were frozen and sent into Phantom space, their capsules legit looked like penises. Giant, flying dicks. And I’m not the only one who noticed this, as Tumblr tags have proven.

Secondly, I don’t know who else caught these bits, but I really enjoyed the water tower with “SMALLVILLE” written across it, as well as the oil tanks in Metropolis with “LEXCORP” stamped largely on them. They were both brief shots, but enough that I got excited and nudged my brother about them.

Thirdly, I don’t know if I’ve just been honed in noticing this kind of thing, but there were maybe a few shots of Superman when he was hovering where he looked like Jesus on the cross. Not like in the face or anything, but in his stance – arms spread out, legs together. Subliminal messaging perhaps?

I enjoyed the plot of the movie as well. It was captivating, which I think is crucial for a movie that’s 2 and a half hours long. Superman has always been my favorite superhero, even when people have tried to sway me. (Sorry Batman fans, your hero is a little bitch.) This movie has easily catapulted itself into my favorites and has painted Superman as even more awesome than he already was to me.

10/10 A++ would see it again.