Day 4: Today’s temperature.

Today’s temperature is brought to you by the winter wool coat and Burberry scarf that you can see if you’re attentive enough to look past my AWESOME NEW PHONE CASE WUT WUT.

In other words, it’s fucking cold outside, and I’m back to wearing my winter stuff after the brief brush with early fall temperatures we had this week. But IT’S OKAY because my new phone case is super gorgeous. And I can’t stop picking up my phone just so I can get all vain about it.

If you want to get your own, they’re available here and they’re also available for iPhones but pfft, iPhones, they already have all the ‘cool’ accessories.

Vanilla, the Go Red Dress Diva

Day 3: something red.

So this year I decided to participate in the Go Red American Heart Association Red Dress event where I had to create a red dress for this 16″ doll in the hopes that it would get picked as one of the top 5. Mine did not get picked as one of the top 5 which is both a little sad, but always really awesome for me because it means that I don’t have to make a half scale version of my dress, unlike my bff Alyza, who’s dress did get picked and she now has to suffer the (awesome) consequences of recreating her design in a slightly bigger scale.


So here’s my pic of the day, of my red dress design.

What a diva. I named her Vanilla.

What a diva. I named her Vanilla.


Day 17.

Today I’m grateful, once again, that I took the initiative to lose weight for good.

Such few things feel better than fitting into smaller clothes and sizes that my body hasn’t dreamt of since middle school.

Helloooooo new pants.

Turn Up the Lights in Here Babyyy

My brain is too overwhelmed for a “real” post tonight, so I’ll make it quick.

I found these lights on Pinterest and clicked to see where I could find them. Turns out, Restoration Hardware is selling these babies, so after work I rushed over there and bought a pack of the 5 ft sapphire lights (they were all out of the diamond ones, sadface).

I am far too excited about these lights, you guys. I’m going back to buy the diamond ones when they have them back in stock.

Oh, and btw, Day 1 of 2 of Halloween dress up days at school was today – I put a lot of last minute effort into piecing together my fabulous equestrian jockey outfit. Thank you, thank you very much.

And yes, I made that stellar riding crop using a dowel rod and scrap leather. *Bows*

Sometimes I Wish I Rode.

Between classes today, I’ve been last-minute researching equestrian attire and accessories for Halloween. To back story this real quick, I bought a blazer yesterday after work and realized this morning that it looks pretty equestrian in color, cut and buttons. And it came to me that instead of being a snail tomorrow for costume day one at school, I could totally be a jockey/equestrian rider. All I’m really missing is a cap/helmet, gloves, and crop.

So anyway, about an hour ago I was on Pinterest just casually looking at equestrian related pins, and someone pinned a picture of riding boots with a caption about $28 so I followed the link and it led me to UrbanOG and I got lost in there for a good 45 minutes.

I found a pair of boots that I like that have a big enough calf circumference for my pretentiously oversized calves and in size 10 and in a color I like!

They only thing that bothers me is that they’re synthetic materials. I like to enjoy the “finer” things in life, and that includes leather boots, bags, and gloves and wool coats. I might end up getting them anyway though. You always need more boots.