I Don’t Get Paid Enough to Deal with Rude People

I’ve talked about negativity and how much I dislike it a lot on this blog. Let me reiterate that: I hate negativity. Which is a negative feeling in itself.

Tonight I had a customer call (who called about 2 weeks ago for the same reason) to inquire about whether her ring was back. So I asked her a few questions like back from what exactly, what her name was and was it a layaway or repair to which she very rudely answered that it was a repair and then very snappishly told me that I should know where things are because I work there. I deeply regret biting my tongue because I was about to tell this bitch that I was asking her questions so I could gather where I should be looking to find out where her ring is.

Mind you, last time she called, she did not give me any specifics out right without my asking about where I should be looking for her ring.. It wasn’t there and I was under the impression that our jeweler had it (98% of our repairs are handled by our jeweler) and I told her this and she yelled at me that I should know where her ring is because I work there. Which, by the way, PISSES ME THE FUCK OFF. JUST BECAUSE I WORK HERE DOESN’T MEAN I KNOW EVERYTHING AND I ALSO DIDN’T HANDLE YOUR FUCKING REPAIR. I’m calmer at this moment than I was both times after talking with her, but I assure you all that this lady is a fucking cunt and I’m being very docile in explaining the situation right now.

Anyway, I looked in our repair book and saw that her ring had been sent to the vendor, which is OVER SEAS. Vendor repairs generally take between 6-8 weeks to return back home. This bitch’s ring has been out for 3 weeks. 3 fucking weeks and she’s HARASSING ME. So I told her the vendor has it and SHE FUCKING HUNG UP ON ME. No words. Simply *click*.

I fucking snapped.

I yelled “HELLO!?” into the phone even though I knew she’d hung up but I was half hoping she’d still be on the line. And then I said FUCKING BITCH. OOOOOOOOOOOO I wish she’d still been on the line to hear that. I cannot even BEGIN to explain how much this bitch pisses me off. She calls and harasses me like this all the time and then just fucking HANGS THE FUCK UP without saying anything while I’m still giving her information.  ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!?!?!?

I swear to god, if this interaction had happened in real life, I might’ve lost my job. Like I might’ve hopped the fuck over the counter and beat a bitch. I told our LP guy the whole story and the entire time I was beating my fist into my palm because I was THAT angry. The utter disrespect and rudeness of this fucking bitch makes me sick to my stomach. Just because I work in customer service/retail doesn’t give you any fucking right to talk to me like that.

FUCK the “customer is always right” slogan. That shit is bullfuckingshit and we all know it. 9 times out of 10, the customer is wrong and I shouldn’t be bending over backwards to please their ignorant ass. I don’t get paid enough for this fucking shit.

Later in the night, a foreign man whistled for his wife to meet him in the front of the store. I was startled at first. Then he kept doing it. Quick and loud whistles as if it was summoning at a dog. I looked up and gave him a severe dirty look because:
2. It was hurting my ears.
3. How fucking demeaning is that!?

Lastly, as I was walking into Meijer tonight, a foreign lady and presumably her daughter looked at me weird/kinda annoyed because they wanted to exit through the IN door that I was coming in. They have automatic doors with signs that say “DO NOT ENTER” if you’re going the wrong way (which they were) and “IN” for the right way. Again – ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!?!?!?!? Don’t fucking look at me like I’m on the one who’s doing something wrong because you don’t have enough brains to look at the signs on a fucking door.

Additionally, my boss was aggravated which did not create is a friendly work environment today. We were mostly silent and I’m okay with that because it leaves more room for me to think and keep to myself. But when we did talk, or rather SHE talked, it was to complain about various stupid things other employees did. I find this unprofessional.

The world was here to piss me off today.

Infuriation. Should Be A Word.

Today started out like any other day – beautiful, sunny, delicious Gevalia coffee in my stomach, some slight frustration with the Gerber program and it’s ridiculous illogical logicalness. And then I saw my face in a meme on my friend’s Facebook feed.

Let me preface this by saying that this meme thing started several months ago and I asked the person responsible for it to take it down. It took a fight and a half for him to finally concede and agree to not continue doing it. While I admit that it is funny, I do not feel comfortable with having my face plastered on the internet in such a manner, especially not without my permission and even more so after asking repeatedly for it not to happen again.

Fast forward to this week and said person remembers the “fond memories” of how “hilarious” that meme was and decides against my wishes to reinstate it. Yes, I laughed. Yes, I still think it’s funny – but I still feel uncomfortable in the same respect and for the same reasons, and so I asked him to take them down again. Nothing’s happened.

In fact, what happened was that I tried to talk to him in a civilized manner and have a civilized, honest conversation and this is the response I got: “I’m done talkin’ to you. You have a attitude with me that you don’t have with anybody else.” And he turned around and walked out with me trying to say that I’m trying to having a civilized conversation. All I wanted to do was ask ONE MORE GODDAMN TIME to take the pictures down.

There are several things I don’t understand about this situation. First of all, I do not understand what can possibly be so incredibly hard about respecting someone’s wishes after being asked repeatedly to do so. How is that a hard thing? What cannot be grasped about that? I’m pretty sure a kindergardener could probably understand that concept.

Secondly, since when is it okay to just turn around and walk away while someone’s trying to talk to you? Not yelling, not even getting angry. Simply trying to have a normal conversation. And then to have the audacity to be mad at them without a proper reason. Because I’m pretty damn sure that he doesn’t have any viable reasons to be mad at me for. And piggybacking on that, let me just say slightly unrelatedly that it pisses me off so much that he gets so offended by the littlest most insignificant shit, yet when he says something that is actually viably offensive, I’m basically not allowed to get offended because he gets offended because it’s “not that big a deal” or something, when in actuality, it is. Hypocrisy at its finest, folks.

Thirdly, I find it incredibly rude and audacious, not to mention perhaps a little bit illegal, to use someone’s photograph that they took (the one in question is actually copyrighted via Deviantart) without their written permission or consent. Isn’t that like property theft or something? Maybe I’m blowing this a little bit out of proportion, but the basic principle of this is that you do not use someone’s work without asking them first – regardless of whether or not they are your “friend”! That’s not right.

And neither is continuing to disrespect an agreement that came to through a drawn out fight that is happening ONCE AGAIN for the SAME FUCKING SHIT. That makes zero fucking sense. Oh, and refusing to read a written message that explains all this and telling me that if I want to say something I should say it to your face is the biggest fucking audacious hypocritical bullshit I’ve ever laid my eyes on. Fuck no. I tried doing that. I can’t talk to someone who refuses to allow me to say what I need to say. What the fuck is that? A very poor excuse for extraordinarily unwarranted pissiness.

Lastly, I really hate being angry. I loathe being loathsome. I despise succumbing to such base emotions and letting them consume me. This bullshit is not conducive to a healthy life and it truly and deeply disturbs me that I have someone in my life that infuriates in me such a way. But I can’t exactly just do one of those “friendship break ups” because we work and go to school in the same place and we see each other all the time and we have a plethora of friends in common. But I’m so fucking sick and tired of constantly having these tug and pull bullshit arguments and full-blown “fights“. I come home feeling angry and take it out on my family and other friends when I should be taking it out on the culprit person. Yet I can’t because god forbid anyone has the opportunity to say anything to him! Because that makes sense.

Brilliant Ideas from the U.S. Senate

I’m in one of those moods where I need to give a piece of my mind, politically. I’ve already discussed my view points on the whole birth control “controversy” and related topics. Tonight it’s this: quote President Obama on Facebook “Nearly every Senate Republican voted today to double interest rates on federal college loans for more than 7 million students.

My mom told me about this earlier and we both kind of stood staring at each other for the briefest moment before we both said “now THAT’S what needs doubling in this country, STUDENT LOANS.” I mean really. Politics infuriates me point blank. Politics LATELY is igniting a fire under my ass that’s like a blow-torch of outrage and irritation. 

First of all, do these politicians really have nothing better to do with their time than to come up with bills like this? Of all the problems in all the world, why is it necessary to raise student loans interest rates? Answer: so the rich can get richer, so the poor can stay uneducated and poor.

In relation, I have these 2 photos that kind of sum up my ideas and stance on this. The first is the accompanying photo from Obama on Facebook. The second is one of my favorite photos on Tumblr, ever.

It’s ridiculous that we live in the supposed best country in the world, yet so many citizens of this country cannot afford to go to college. Doubling student loan interest rates is just going to keep oppressing people. That’s a sickening agenda.


Sleep-In Sundays.

Days like today when I was able to sleep in really make me miss high school summers. Some of the best (and boring, yes) times of my life happened during high school summers. But the best parts were always being able to sleep in ’til noon for 3 straight months. And I would have the wildest dreams every night. I’m so happy (and privileged, I think) to be able to sleep in on weekends. And sort of sleep in on Monday/Wednesdays, although the fact that my alarm goes off at 9:30 those days kinda ruins it and makes me not want to count them at sleep ins.

But the memory of waking up late today is slightly squandered by the highly annoying memory of a rude customer. He could clearly see I was busy doing something and proceeded to ask me various stupid questions and then kept interrupting me while I was trying to answer them. And then the asshole had the audacity to say “You sound like I’m speakin’ French or somethin’” as if it’s MY fault that he can’t enunciate his words and shut the fuck up for a minute so I can answer him. I hate customers. I hate working in sales. I’m pretty sure I’ve expressed this before, but listen to me people: Don’t be rude to the people who serve you. If I worked in the food industry, I would have definitely spit in that guy’s food. I’m not even joking. And if I were still sick, probably coughed on it too. Unfortunately, all I can do at Job 2 is give a fake smile and rude tone back. But boy do I wish I could extend my hand and smack the living shit out of some people. And then banish them from the store.

Anyway, last night I went to see Gone With The Wind at the Redford Theatre and it was quite nice. Everytime I see that movie (which isn’t often cause I get restless – it’s so damn long) I understand it better. Probably also has to do with the fact that the mind matures as time goes on. But perhaps it helped that the place is gorgeous. It’s decorated in Japanese style with stained glass exit signs everywhere and all sorts of Japanese motifs from ceiling to floor. I snapped a picture before the movie began. Those ladies are standing in front of the organ.


Oscar Night!

I have quite a lot of pet peeves in regards to working in retail, but one of my top is  when people walk into the store like 15 minutes before we close. And then they see that you’re closing, and ask if you’re closing, and then they proceed to want to know the prices for half the jewelry counter. LISTEN BITCH, I want to go the fuck home and drink a glass of alcohol – because of people like you. I have a million things to do before I can actually close, and you’re hindering my ability to get them done in time for me to get home at an acceptable time. Furthermore, IT’S OSCAR NIGHT, AIN’T NOBODY WANNA STICK AROUND AND TAKE CARE OF YOUR ASS.

That said, it is Oscar night and I’m watching the red carpet right now. I’ve only caught this last half hour, so I didn’t get to see ALL the pretty dresses, but that’s okay, but I’ll find a compilation of pictures of everyone later on. I do really like Jessica Chastain‘s dress though. I’m a huge sucker for rich, complicated damask  designs and this one hits the right spot.

AND she's a ginger. <3

And now it’s time to sip my wine and watch Billy Crystal turn on the magic for the next 3 hours. Have a good night people!