I Embarrass Myself

I’m somewhat surprisingly really tired at the moment.

It’s been a great weekend full of events and people and places. Last night I attended a bachelorette party that consisted of bar hopping, booze, and before and after – wrestlers boys.

It also consisted of me exhibiting an embarrassing Freudian slip. A local DJ was part of the bachelor party brigade and when he arrived, he immediately introduced himself at the door and my reaction was to gasp incredibly loudly and throw my left hand in the air – it was an insane enough reaction that Alyza swatted my arm down and told me to settle down. It got worse though. He walked over, introduced himself again, to me personally, and I said that we are Facebook friends as if he knew who I was already. *shakes head* I feel all kinds of first, second, third-hand etc embarrassment for myself.

Prior to that portion of my day/night, I attended a sketching group event with a handful of gamer friends and we sat around at a local coffee shop and sketched for ~4 hours. It was a lot of fun actually. Really reminded me how much I love traditional art and how much I need to get back into it.

Lastly, the weather forecast for the upcoming week looks GLORIOUS and I am SO excited for some upcoming 80 degrees. I bought a new pair of shorts today and everything. ;)

Schoolin’ Newbs

Today I basically froze my ass off at work as 29 degree air was blowing on me the entire time. Thankfully it was nice and cozy up at the school, as after work I went up there and hung out for 4 hours with some of my graduate game friends.

There was a sketchbook that had been in the room we were in for some weeks and I inquired about it and no one knew who’s it was. I flipped through it and the remaining 4 of us decided we’re going to make it a weekly exercise of drawing what the person drew in it already, but 10x better because their sketches suck.

This is our first newbie schoolin’:

The bottom page is the original artwork found in the sketchbook. The top is our take on the storyboard. My frame is the third one in the first row, with the shitty drawn guy throwing the salt shaker on the ground.


A Sketch A Day

I think I might do a 365 project that I will formally entitle “A Sketch A Day Keeps Insanity at Bay

Here’s today’s sketch.


1. I need to get back to the fundamentals.
2. No one says they have to be the next Mona Lisa’s.
3. A sketch a day really might keep insanity at bay.


K, bye.

It’s A Sketch, Get Over It.

In the past few years, I’ve had a tendency to be a distracted worker. Especially when I’m doing things on the computer. The internet is right there! Anyway, in the middle of photo editing, I came across this article, asking whether Minnie Mouse was too skinny in these new sketches for Barney’s New York.

And at first I was like yeah, she’s looking rather skinny. But then I realized, wait a hot fucking minute. This is a fashion sketch. Fashion sketches are supposed to look abnormal and stylized and skinny and really tall. In which case, there is absolutely nothing wrong with Minnie being all stretched out.

But I get where these people are coming from. The media is a wild monster, and whether or not someone is too skinny or too fat is something they often like to focus on. But let’s be real here – Minnie Mouse is a cartoon. A cartoon that I don’t think many kids watch anymore anyway. I’m pretty sure Minnie went out of style faster than Barbie did, so like, why the fuck does it matter? Like when has Minnie ever been a “role model” for kids? Like, really, people? Really?

Moral of the story is that this shit is irrelevant because these are stylized fashion sketches and Minnie isn’t that important anyway. Get over it, move on, do things that matter.

P.S. Daisy looks trés chic, IMO.