My butt hurts.

I’ve pretty much literally been sitting all day long and right now is about the first segment of significant time since before I got in my car to go to work this morning that I haven’t sat on my ass for hours on end.

But it was worth it. I finished all my patterns for my halfscales for FD3 and sewed 2 of the looks and did flats and thumbnails. PHEW. Seriously you guys, this class.

Anyway, so I ordered that white violin I mentioned in a previous post this past week. Yesterday I was having regrets about spending my money like it grows on trees, but today I’m in the mind set of IS IT HERE YET!? I am so excited for this thing. No, I don’t know how to play violin. But that’s okay. I might learn a bit. And then stick that bitch on my wall. YES.

Also, whilst browsing Tumblr, I was reminded of the song Heartless by Kanye West. Remember that one? It was one of my favorite songs in it’s beginning days. Then it was heavily overplayed. I also really loved it’s predecessor single, Love Lockdown. Those were good days. I don’t care how much of a douchebag Kanye is or will be, I will continue to listen to his music because that fucker puts out good shit…Goddamn that was a good album though.

Speaking of throwbacks, today my Pandora stations were really throwing out the good stuff. I heard old school Simple Plan, Bowling for Soup, and Panic! At the Disco among many others. I was also reminded of The Raconteurs, whose existence I had shamefully forgotten about.

Lastly, I read this article on Thought Catalog today, and the Rihanna portion stood out to me. I follow her on Twitter, but I’m not the kind of Tweeter who actually goes and reads people’s tweets or spends my day on Twitter, so I’m kinda out of the loop. But that girl does tweet a lot about weed, partying, and psalms. It’s actually kinda hilarious. I approve. I want to be Rihanna’s friend. She got dropped by Nivea because they’re prudes, but that bitch don’t need Nivea. She got millions. Nom sayin’? Also, people need to get over/accept her Man Down video/song. That shit is meaningful and one of her best works. Seriously.

Cause I Remember Every Sunset, I Remember Every Word You Said

Have I mentioned how much I hate being sick? Besides still being able to cough like a motor (sweet Jesus, when will this cough go away?) my nose is extra stuffy on the left side right now. And when I sneeze it’s that far too forceful and that annoying tickle-prickle feeling of sinusitis happens. I just want to be healthy again. Like I was over a year ago. Is that such a big thing to ask for? On the bright side, the year-old deathcough feels better than it did when I initially went in to get it checked out 2 weeks ago. That’s good, right? Even though, like I mentioned, I can still cough like a motor. Ugh.

To add to annoyances, I started the third season of Felicity and to my dismay discovered that they changed the theme song and first credits in the beginning of the show to something really lame and more upbeat. I really enjoyed the first two season’s weirdo melancholy “oo de la” song with the black and white photos. It was sad-happy and captured the show really well. However, the new theme might be crap BUT the first two episodes are kind of hilarious in regards to Noel. Last season, he ran off with Javier’s cousin Natalie and in these two episodes he’s like this married, unrecognizable wild child with blonde highlights and doucher black shiny pants. I loled.

In other news, please enjoy one of the favorite songs off Simple Plan’s Get Your Heart On album, Summer Paradise. However, this is the special version, featuring Sean Paul. TRIPLE THE SP BITCHES!

Today Sucks.

Today just sucks.

I don’t remember the last time my heart felt so heavy, but I am genuinely sad that I didn’t get to go see Simple Plan tonight with Alyza. I almost thought about popping in their Get Your Heart On! album, but then I was overcome with sadness so I left it on my shelf.

Furthermore, I just spent the last 2 hours or so trying to find something to watch with my brother and ended up watching an episode of South Park and a multitude of various youtube videos. And then I got him hooked on Cut the Rope.

Work was extremely boring. There was nobody to entertain me, so I sat. All day long. It was excruciating. My butt still hurts. I never want to have a job where I sit all day long. Although I don’t like standing all day either. I need a good mix. The one bright spot in my day was HNI. I made him come upstairs to get his paper flower ball with his logo on it and he was wearing what I believe was a new shirt because it was not one of the 4 colors he usually cycles in the week. I was amused.

But, I repeat, today sucks.

The Tutu Dilemma and Snobby Fuckshits.

Alright, so instead of finishing up this psych paper, I’m further procrastinating in the form of going berserk over the fact that Simple Plan is coming on tour to Michigan and I might cry with happiness. This is like the Hedley feeling all over again. I’m so excited, holy shit.

Also, I’m listening to Evanescence‘s debut song off their self-titled 3rd studio album, What You Want. And the video is beautiful in that dark gothic way, except it’s like…refined gothic. Both aesthetically and musically. And Amy Lee’s eyes are freaking me out in this video. The red eye shadow really enhances the green of her eyes. I love it, but it’s freaky. In the best possible way.

Furthermore, today I went shopping for tulle and other odds and ends and I got a buttload of black tulle because I’ve decided that damnit, I’m going to have a black tutu for my cat costume on Halloween! And I grabbed some white tulle to add more to my white tutu, which my neighbor still has and won’t give back to me even though I asked her to give it back to me via Facebook and text message. Annoying? Highly. I need that shit like NOW.

Speaking of costumes, Thursday I’m going to be Cupid. Which is why I need my white tutu back ASAP. I got a plain white deep scoop neck t-shirt that I’m going to sew a fleece heart on, and I got some feather angel wings and like a Pocahantas bow and arrow set that I’m going to redecorate with white felt and add a cute red heart on the tip of the arrow. And I need to make a gold braided band to wrap around my head so I can look more convincing. On Halloween day, I’m either going to be the cat or the panda. I haven’t figured it out yet, although I’m leaning toward the cat right now because I already have the tail made from 3 years ago and I have a cat ear headband. Although it can pass as panda or mouse ears…so I was thinking of making pointed covers for the ears so they look more catty.

I also dropped by Target today and got some hair dye cause after this term is over, I’m going to dye my hair cause my roots are like an inch. [And I finally got a haircut today!] And I FINALLY found a plain white bedskirt for my bed and I was like “you’re coming home with me before someone else snatches you.” And I got some Nair, because I decided the bottle I had was old and gross. And I discovered that Nair has changed their scent and it smells a lot less like nasty and a lot more like something I don’t mind putting on my body. Good job Nair!

Lastly, today I sort of bumped into this guy I went to school with. He was always kind of obnoxious when he was around other people, but tended to be pretty down to earth and homely when he spoke with me one on one. Except maybe in 6th grade or when he was high…it’s funny, I remember in 7th grade when I found out he did his own laundry and ironed all this clothes and I was so surprised. I never expected him of all people to be that disciplined. Anyway, at first I was like “huh, guy with a hoodie on his head rifling through Target bag…” then I did a double-take as I got closer to him and realized he was staring at me just as much as I was staring at him and then he said hello to me and I said hello back and realized who he was. Regardless of how much of a pothead that kid is among other stupid shit he does, I still appreciate him greatly for the fact that if he sees me, he always says hello, unlike some snobby fuckshits we both mutually know. And for that I am grateful.

Circle of Life.

Sometimes I feel like I’m an emotional outlet. People plug in to me all the time and drain my energy with their problems. I try not to let that happen often, but sometimes I’m just so spongey that I absorb it too well. It’s annoying and lame. Cause then I come home and I’m a bitch for no reason whatsoever. Listen people, negative energy only festers. It does not create anything more than more negative energy, and that is not something that I want to be carrying around. This is why I try to be a positive, happy person. Positivity conducts more positivity. Apparently, positivity isn’t a real word, but I’m making it a real word because it should be. MORAL OF THE STORY: BE FUCKING HAPPY. NOTHING BAD EVER HAPPENED FROM BEING HAPPY.

That said, I’m currently listening to Simple Plan’s self-titled 3rd album, and it reminds me of my senior year of high school. I miss high school. I miss seeing my then friends every day and I miss blow off classes and choir and lunch. College is lame in that department – all the cool kids are graduating after this term is over. An old friend of mine once said that she hated starting high school and college and then the real world because it was like starting over every time, and she’s kind of right. It’s not always nice to start over. But in the end, it’s all a part of life, isn’t it? Old things must die for new growth to spring up. Circle of life.

And now for a brightness to my rather depressing post so far:

Ellen is hilarious. And this picture is doubly hilarious. Enjoy.