I’ve come to the realization that since I don’t have any sort of “real” obligation to blog on this blog anymore, my posts continue to become more rare as time goes on – and I’m not exactly sure I’m okay with that. (And by real, what I really mean is I’m not doing a 365 challenge anymore.)

Maybe I should revamp it and do a monthly challenge. Or, as I proposed earlier this year, a year’s worth of monthly challenges. I don’t think I can start that just yet however, since it’s in the middle of September. Next month is national blogging month I believe, in preparation for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) – which is how I started the 365 challenge 2 years ago. I liked it so much I didn’t want to stop. Maybe I’ll get back into the swing this way, but who knows. Even though I’m not terribly busy at the moment, somehow I feel like I have less time to accomplish this than I did when I was going to school and working at the same time – which makes no sense, because I definitely have more time now. I think I’m just lazy. And I don’t like that. I need structure back in my life.

Actually what I really need is a “real” job. Or one that pays better than what I’m currently making.


On the bright side, I’m going to be seeing Halestorm in December and this makes me extremely happy and excited.

Also, I got season 6 of The Big Bang Theory on DVD the other day and it’s hilarious. I love the Valentine’s Day episode when Sheldon gives Amy a copy of his personal information and at the bottom it says she’s his emergency contact person. My stomach plummeted and I got all emotional for a second with her. It reminded me of how I felt at graduation when HNI gave me a handwritten recipe. It’s the little things.

Life is Better as a Redhead.

So today we had a field trip in Fashion Design 2 class to Cynthia LaMaide‘s studio in Rochester. It’s in her house, and it was really cool. We only saw her basement studio (she said she had other stuff in other parts of the house) but it was absolutely fantastic. There were fabrics everywhere and inspiration boards and a loom and a knitting machine and a sketching area and massive, and I mean massive, amounts of yarns and threads and knick-knacks. It was like a designer wonderland down there. Plus, she is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. And she’s a pretty awesomely quirky designer. She used to style/make clothes for Lenny Kravitz and she is the godmother of his kids, and vice versa. Here’s this super cool framed picture she’s got hanging up in her studio!

He's wearing a tank she made for him!

Today is also PodBot upload day and we have a new video up on our Youtube channel. Today’s topic was our obsessions with shoes and panties. I personally think it was a pretty amusing video, despite being a little lengthy. We gotta work on that, I know. We also talked about Sheldon Cooper/HNI and I think we kinda scared him a little, but I got that sorted out. Phew! I sat in my car talking to him after returning that skirt today on the brink of tears for no good reason at all over that little dilemma. It was ridiculous.

On the bright side, I reminded him of my super awesome fluffy llama and he is determined to own it. But you know what’s better? I’M A FUCKING REDHEAD AGAIN. And it feels so good. Freshly dyed hair is my favorite. It’s all ruby red and fluffy and soft and gorgeous. I want to roll around in this color. I told HNI it has a fantastic texture in my mouth and he said I’m nuts. Funny! But he should understand what I mean!

Oh, I almost forgot, Day 4: List 10 things you would tell your 16 year old self.
1. No, things will not change in college in terms of love. You will NOT have a boyfriend.
2. Rock the hell out of that outfit!
3. Cherish every moment with your friends. With college comes separation and distance and change. They won’t all be your friends any more.
4. Enjoy summer vacation while you can. The college you’ll be going to doesn’t have such a thing.
5. You’re going to go back to the homeland soon. You’re going to speak the language again. And discover the people are really fucking mean. But they don’t matter, so be happy with yourself and who you are. You’ve worked hard to craft yourself into this beautiful person that you are.
6. It’s okay to open up more.
7. Don’t mind the whores and douchebags. They’re not amounting to much.
8. You’ll fall madly in love/lust a few more times…can you just hurry up and learn to stop doing that already? It’s kind of going to break your heart. Like, a lot. But I guess that’s what’ll make you stronger.
9. You’re going to have an amazing ‘mentor’/friend in the future that’s going to push you to be want to be better. Listen to him.

Ay, Boy! I Got A Damsel In Distress!

College chicks? They just want to hear their photography has potential.” And if you tell me that, I will sleep with you. JK, >_>
“If girl’s panties are snow, you’re March.”
“Does your brown skin retain heat?”
Among my favorite lines from tonight’s episode of New Girl. God I love that show. And god oh god do I love Schmidt. I wish I had my own personal Schmidt so he could just say obnoxious things to me all day long. I would be in laughing tears all the time. Not a day would go by that I would feel sad. <3 Schmidt.

Speaking of sexy men, did I ever mention I printed a picture of Sheldon Cooper and stuck him next to me at work? I get to stare at his gorgeously drunk and playing the piano face all day long. When HNI was up today, this girl pointed out Shelly and then said there’s someone who looks like him in our midst. I asked who even though I knew the answer. He said that’s why I like him so much to which I replied that he is my personal Sheldon. But that’s certainly not the only reason. And he came up twice today. Smileyface.


And since we’re still talking about guys here, the very attractive tall gamer guy with the hair that always checked out headphones from me told me he’s gotta drop his classes for this term cause he has to work like a nutter to help pay bills and something about his uncle being in the hospital. I was pretty bummed out for him. As well as me cause I don’t get to stare at his sexy face twice a week for the rest of term, as shallow sounding as that may be. J1B said he seemed pretty into talking to me. Reminded me of that super hot graphic design teacher that hasn’t been up to the library in nearly a year. J1B and I went on a mission to find gamerboy on Facebook after he left. I searched far and wide and couldn’t find him, but then she searched and found him. I was like what is this!? So I requested book of face friendship and he accepted. And the internet stalking began. Hahaha. I’m not joking. I feel like such a creep, but whatever, at least I admit it. Everyone does it anyway! We’re all in this together!

Lastly, somewhat related to all of the above, I read the proverb “God laughs at those who make plans” somewhere not too long ago, and thought I’d share that I think that is very relevant for me. It was probably some sort of sign to smack me awake and help me remember that I should stop trying to plan my love life. Because yeah yeah, I know – it always comes when you least expect it. But I feel like I’m always least expecting it in a way…in a way…

Finally, I just want you all to know that this is one of my favorite things on the internet and one day I want to scream at a guy that my “damsel” is in “distress” and point at my crotch. Sober.

Jim Parsons, Just Marry Me, Please.

Today was the first day back to school and work and when my phone rang to wake me up, at first I was unsure whether it was an alarm or not, but then I realized it’s so damn loud, what else could it be? My eyes would NOT focus to turn the damn thing off when I got up either. They stung and they were rolling around of their own accord. It was a very strange and awkward feeling.

I also took my ‘exam’ for Cultural Diversity today, which consisted of typing up a whole bunch of stuff that took up 4 or 5 pages. Single spaced. In an hour and a half. *high 5 self intense focus*

I recently found out Jim Parsons is gay and it’s ruining my fantasies! WHY MUST YOU BE GAY JIM PARSONS, WHY!? 

And then I made strawberry pancakes for dinner. And now it’s time for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince for the 5th time and bed!

Christmas Is Officially Here.

Today has been a relatively productive day. Although I haven’t begun either one of my papers that are due on Tuesday, I not only single-handedly put up our Christmas tree and massive globes outside the house, but I also made and wrapped presents for 4 people today. Well, made for 2, wrapped for all 4. But still! Quite proud of myself.

I just finished watching Aeon Flux – which was a rather strange movie, but pretty good nonetheless. Lots of impressive acrobatics. And now I’m watching The Big Bang Theory marathon on TBS. They’re currently playing the time machine episode. I love Sheldon.

I just saw a commercial for T-Mobile. It features “little people” or dwarves, as I call them, dressed up as elves. Isn’t their condition called dwarfism anyway? Regardless, whenever I see dwarves dressed up elves and the like, it makes me wonder whether those people felt ashamed or demeaned or anything when they agreed to play those roles. At some point, I feel like it’s continuing the prejudice [?] and belittling of these people. But on the other hand, who would play elves? It’s a tough situation.