Memorial Monday.

There is so much that needs to be done by this Wednesday, I’m on the verge of having a panic attack. Thankfully, I have about 50% of it all done, which I realized as I was coming out of the bathroom a few minutes ago, but it still feels incredibly overwhelming, like a constant storm cloud above my head dripping black rain. I’ve been in a state of subconscious paranoia/anxiety all day and it didn’t help that my boss from Job 2 texted me to ask if I could work a full weekend sometime soon. My pickings are slim since this term is PACKED with homework PLUS I need to make 2 more dresses for the fashion show. Just when there’s rainbows and butterflies, life rolls in a storm. 

However, today was quite pleasant despite these weights on my shoulders. My mom and I went shopping at Partridge Creek, which is a nifty outdoor mall about a stone throw away from another mall. Afterwards, I actually managed to convince my mom to go to The Hills for dinner. It was just us and another family for about 10 minutes which was a little depressing, but about 4 or 5 more groups showed up and it sounded like a restaurant should – clinky. When we came home, I went swimming (more exercise!) and showered.

Now, I wouldn’t normally mention showering because it’s not that big of a deal except this time it was. I bought Suave kids shampoo after my hair stylist yelled at me for using shampoo not made by companies that specialize in hair. There’s a weird build up in my hair that’s almost waxy and he recommended I use something like Johnson & Johnson to wash it out. Anyway, moral of the story is my hair smells like watermelons and I feel like I’m 8 years old again. Why do we stop using kids shampoo when we get older? That shit is awesome.

I almost bought that Dora Strawberry shampoo, but went for Spongebob’s Watermelon one cause I decided I didn’t want to see Dora’s annoying face while I was showered.

Lastly, while I may celebrate Memorial Day by shopping (every year) I should mention that even though I’m an immigrant and I don’t really associate with the whole American pride thing as much as a native might, I very much appreciate past and current soldiers who have fought for this country and its freedoms that allowed my family and me to live here. Cheers!