I’ve had several passing ideas for what to update this blog with recently but most of them either get forgotten or by the time I get around to updating, I feel so drained from whatever else I’ve done in the day, that I don’t have any desire to write anything.

The latter is currently in effect, although I’m forcing myself to get through it as I’m typing this.

Work has been very time consuming and relatively boring. Same shit, different day, basically. I’ve managed to read large chunks of young adult novels while there. And by that I mean I’ve read all of the currently published books by Rainbow Rowell and am hungrily awaiting Landline to come out. Someone should get Rainbow Rowell an award for “excellence in building sexual tension that is quickly resolved in a few short pages at the end of the book”. She’s a pro at this.

I started reading Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy (leather-bound physical) as well as The Beginning of Everything by Robyn Schneider (Kindle). So far I’ve indulged more in the latter than the former, but that’s partly to do with the ease of lugging my tablet as opposed to a 5 pound hardback, but largely in part to do with it’s so much easier to read a fast-paced, modern vernacular young adult novel instead of a classic.


Today was one of my rare days off and I spent the majority of it doing things that needed to be done, although all of them were spontaneous. I washed and changed my bed linens and drapes, dropped by about 20 large, overflowing bags of stuff at Salvation Army (mostly old fat clothes), picked up bread, and even stopped by the annual Glass Show which was actually a big disappointing. Apparently antique glassware is expensive. Personally I’d rather pay $55 for a set of crystal classes as opposed to one antique champagne glass, but that’s just me.

And now I gotta get my butt to bed so I can take as many hours and minutes of sleep as I can before I have to be rudely awaken at the ungodly hour of 4:45 am so I can be at job 2 at 6 AM tomorrow morning. I’m really not sure what I hate more: waking up before dawn or working until midnight. The upside of working the morning is I then have the rest of the day to myself to nap and exercise and do whatever and not feel anticipation for having to go to work later, which is largely the downside of working until midnight instead. Ya feel me?

I’m already looking forward to TOMORROW’S nightly bedtime when I won’t have to get up for anything except my body telling me I gotta pee.

Additionally, I had planned on participating in National Poetry Month (April) by writing a poem a day like I have for the past 2 years, but I definitely not written one single poem and I’m kinda sad about it. But I don’t feel any prevalent emotional baggage or recurring emotions that require the sweet release of poetry to do them justice. It makes me a bit sad actually.

Drunk Sex FEELING.

I woke up this morning thinking I had slept until 3 PM, only to find out it was about 7 in the morning and my brother had made too much noise getting ready for school. And then I passed out for two more hours, upon which I literally bolted out of bed, far too excited to go to Meijer and pick up groceries.

I decided to go and check out the Salvation Army a few roads down from Meijer afterwards. On my way there, I witnessed a van-bicycle accident in which someone in a van had hit an old man who had been riding his bicycle (I didn’t see it happen, just the aftermath) and there were lots of people gawking and someone was telling the man not to move as they were holding his head in position (I got close enough with my car to see his face and all) because he had a head injury. After I passed the scene I started hyperventilating and crying and mentally praying for the guy, all the way to the Salvation Army parking lot.

When I got to Salvation Army, which is in a church, I was confused as to where the entrance was. There were probably like 8 different doors. I met this slightly older than middle aged lady who told me to go through a specific door and asked if I was looking for counseling or anything like that, and I said no, I was just curious about the place, I hadn’t been there before. She mentioned there were all kinds of services and a chapel and social workers and someone would be able to help me when I got inside and show me around. I ended up turning back and she caught me and asked if I was just too shy to go in and I WAS THE WORLD LIAR IN THE WORLD and said no, I had somewhere else to be. I mean literally, that was the best lie I could come up with. If you’re wondering why I lied it’s because I was under the impression that this Salvation Army was a thrift store, BUT I’M PRETTY SURE IT WASN’T A THRIFT STORE AT ALL so I left in shame.

I also went for the first swim of the summer today! It was quite pleasant. And I got my hair cut. One of my favorite things about hair cuts are not only the fact that your hair is getting “fixed” but the end result after styling always looks fabulous. I look like a damn movie star right now. My hair is all wavy and bouncy and light. I wish I had a personal hair stylist who could do my hair for me every day. That’d be the life.

Lastly, I just want to brood some more on my continuous lack of any “legitimately” reciprocated love interests. Sometimes I get so impatient and I just want to scream at the universe WHEN IS IT MY TURN!? It’s never been my turn. Sigh. Where are you Charming?

P.S. Remember when I asked WTF is “drunk sex spinning“? Turns out the site I got those lyrics from for Rita Ora’s How We Do was WRONG and I was right. She’s saying “drunk sex feelingWHICH MAKES SO MUCH MORE SENSE.I get that drunk sex feelin’ yeah when I’m with you; so put your arms around me baby” Um, yes please.

Adventures in Downtown Royal Oak

Thoughts on weekends:

One of the the best things about this term is that I only have class Mon-Thurs, which leaves me Friday, Saturday, and Sunday open (minus one of those days, really, for my other job) and that is such a relief. I actually have time to breathe and think and do homework more thoroughly again!

Today I dedicated my free time to shopping/exploring. I met up with Krista in downtown Royal Oak and we walked to Paris‘s new location. We spent a good chunk of time in there, and I don’t know about Krista, but I spent most of my time looking at the jewelry and trying to find something to get my mom for mother’s day. Luckily, I found 2 rings I liked, and I bought them. Neither of them are real gold or silver, but they’re so pretty, I had to get them. They’re a little big, but I think I’ll get some snuggies for them tomorrow at work.

I also bought my mom a box of hazelnut bon bons from Gayle’s Chocolates. They’re pretty delicious, but I kind of wish I’d have bought her the lemon blueberry shortbread ones instead. We had Indian for lunch at Moti Mahal and Krista got the Chicken Vindaloo which was the hottest item on the menu. I tried it and thought I was going to die a little.

Lastly, we ventured over to Salvation Army (after visiting Incognito where I felt judged upon entrance) and Krista left early, where as I found a fantastic lemon yellow English teacup and saucer set to had to my mini collection for $10! Quite a bargain compared to the $20 a set German sets I bought from Paris last fall. I need to visit more Salvation Armies more often so I can pilfer their kitchen sections for teacup sets. And also their jewelry. Which is usually ridiculous and I like it.

I was planning to go visit downtown Ferndale tomorrow so I can go to The Rust Belt Market, but I think I might have to save that for another weekend. I think tomorrow will be Zumba/shower/change bedsheets/do some homework before work kinda day.