Don’t Forget To Set Your Clocks Forward!

Today was actually incredibly productive. I dropped by Fabric Warehouse, Haberman’s and Joann’s and finally bought fabric for my Apparel Production 1 class which cost about $100 total. It was a nice little adventure to get out of the house. Then I came home and made the halfscale skirts for Fashion Design 2 and thought about doing the sketches for AP1, but I got sidetracked and ended up cleaning out my closet, vacuuming (finally!) and putting clothes back into my closet/Ikea boxes. Now my room looks 7x cleaner than before. And there’s room to set stuff down in the cubbies in my bookcases/dressers.

That said and done, I started watching Hello, Dolly! on Netflix but then my mom came in my room and said An Idiot Abroad was on so I was like maaaan, that’s why I started watching Hello, Dolly! Because I knew An Idiot Abroad’s new episode was on at 10, but they were having a recap from last week, so I watched that episode with my mom, then an episode of Ancient Aliens, and finally to new episode of An Idiot Abroad. Which was hilarious, regardless of the fact that it wasn’t a normal episode. Ricky finally had Karl get a prostrate examination and he was hidden camera watching/listening in on the procedure and giggling the whole time. I laughed so hard. I love Ricky Gervais so damn much.

Lastly, I promised a picture of the pumpkin pastry last night, so here it is!




I’m pretty excited right now cause in 15 minutes, An Idiot Abroad: The Bucket List is premiering and if you haven’t seen the original An Idiot Abroad, I highly urge you to watch this show. You will laugh out loud. It’s a Ricky Gervais project. He sends his friend Carl around the world and has him taped as he complains about everything. Which sounds whiny, but it’s fucking hilarious because the guy goes to places like Cairo and The Great Wall of China and the magnificence of it all that would make a normal person be like “HOLY HORSE TESTICLES, THIS IS AWESOME!” completely blows over Carl’s head. Plus, the commercials promoting tonight’s episode are UPROARIOUS. And by that I mean Ricky screaming about prostrate examinations makes me LOL.

Speaking of television, I started watching the movie Lambada on Netflix, got 10 minutes in, and decided it was too lame to watch. So I started watching Felicity – which I’d always been under the impression was a show about a working class lady. I was surprised to learn it’s about a college student who followed her high school crush to New York on a complete whim. The first two episodes were good enough for me to continue to watch it when I have time. Plus, THE PINK RANGER FROM THE MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS MOVIE PLAYS IN THE SHOW.

The cherry on top was my day was neither of the above, but rather the chance find I happened upon at Meijer today. I’ve been wanting to read John Green‘s new book, The Fault In Our Stars since I heard it had come out, so I thought I’d go check out Meijer’s books to see if I could find any copies. Lo and behold, I found ONE SINGLE COPY left – BUT IT GETS BETTER. It had a yellow sticker on the front that said “SIGNED COPY” so I checked the first few pages, and IT IS INDEED HAND-SIGNED BY JOHN GREEN. I checked to see if it’s real, and it is because the green Sharpie he used bled to the other side.

I tweeted this at John too!

When I got home, I sketched out my designs for fashion design class and began rendering them in Photoshop – which has become a colossal pain my ass. Just sayin’. But I think I might continue with it.

Now it’s time for An Idiot Abroad, cheers!


Today has not been the serene, happy-go-lucky kind of day I’ve lately been having. Instead, it has been turbulent and nerve-grinding. Early in the day, I checked my grades for my cultural diversity class and discovered that I apparently scored 97/150 on my midterm exam which continues to baffle me 12 hours later. I simply cannot fathom how I got a 65% on an exam that I wrote 5 single-spaced typed pages for, with the answers coming straight out of the book. Not to mention my friend told me I was the only person in class to finish the exam. I’m hoping that Portal’s 150 is actually supposed to be 100, because then I could understand a 97. I’m not trying to be haughty of narcissistic, but I am not a 65% kind of student and nor will I ever be.

I also had to go into Job 2 early today and was mildly annoyed when J2Mini Boss didn’t leave when she said she would because it was actually kind of pointless for me to come in early, since she left at the time she said she didn’t want to leave at. How does that make sense?

But the latter of these problems isn’t that big of a deal – I went to Target after work and not only got to see one of my graduate friends, Joe, but also picked up hair dye and new place mats for the kitchen! They’re just far too cute – unfortunately, does not have pictures for them, so I will describe them as large hearts – I got 2 in pink, with I believe elephants on them (really cute elephants) and 2 sky blue ones with whales. I think. I’m too lazy to check. They’re actually Valentine’s Day themed. (Side note: Chances of me spending Valentine’s Day single like every year so far = probably 100% Where are you Prince Charming?)

Before I forget, here is a compilation set of the same picture in two different tones from yesterday’s teacup-water shoot. I compiled 3 pictures into one to get the effect of 3 different splashes!

Unrelatedly, last night I had some rather strange dreams. I don’t remember them all, but I know I was in a house that was supposed to be like…Grimmauld Place from Harry Potter, and Sirius was still alive I think? I remember this one part before I woke up – there was a pile of I think dead leaves on the floor to my right and I nearly picked them up my hand until I realized I could just Wingardium Leviosa them. It was weird.

I watched the Golden Globes tonight. I was kind of disappointed with the lack of celebrity bashing from Ricky Gervais, because I truly think he is beyond hilarious,  first and foremost in whatever he puts his mind to, but secondly and most humorously, when he cracks jokes about the stars. Especially at an awards show like the Golden Globes. I think the lack of bashing is partly due to the fact that he wasn’t out on stage that often. But when he was, he did crack some good jokes. Not as good as usual, but good nonetheless.

I would also like to point out that Selma Hayek had the biggest fucking stank face I have ever seen and all I wanted to do was fly to the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel and smack her with my leather gloves. I mean seriously! You’re at the fucking Golden Globes – SHOW SOME GODDAMN EMOTION YOU UNGRATEFUL TWAT! Oh and when that first guy won for The Artist (I must see this movie), the super French dude (I don’t remember his name) I was very angry at how rudely the audience was behaving toward him. They kept sniggering and I remember there was this one shot of some bitch who didn’t win anything trying not to laugh, but then she burst out laughing and they quickly shot to someone else. I was disgusted. Just because someone can’t speak English well does not mean you can be a bloody cunt and laugh at them as they accept an award. How rude of you!

Lastly, I also wanted to point out that when Kate Winslet accepted her award (I LOVE THAT WOMAN) I was very annoyed that they began playing music. She did not by any means overrun her speech time and I remember thinking to myself that if this was a guy winning in that category they would not play music for him at that point in time! So fuck you Golden Globes assholes for that!