Rainy Nights

I don’t know about anyone else, but when I’m awake, I am constantly thinking. There is never a moment that passes that there isn’t a thought in my head, whether related to what I’m focusing on, or not. I wake up with music playing in my mind, and I go to sleep with millions of thoughts sparking through my brain.

One of the best thinking “spots” for me is while I’m driving; others include the shower and the time before I fall asleep. It’s been raining for the past few hours, and on my way back from work tonight, it occurred to me how beautiful it is when it rains in a city or suburb. While I couldn’t see very well through the wipers wiping away the raindrops, the blur of the lights from streetlamps, parking lots, and cars always mesmerizes me and makes me want to put a poncho on and go out in the middle of the rain to take pictures of the rainy, colorfully lit road scenery.

I never do, cause I’d probably be honked or run over. So instead I cherish the nights when I get to fall asleep to the soothing sounds of pitter-patter on my window. I seriously wish we could have sweltering, sunny days and mild rainy nights all the time. Life would be complete.

Anyway, yesteray I talked about my thrifty purchases, and today I edited several photos, one of which showcases the rings and teacup. Check it out!

The best part in all of this is that I asked the sales lady at Paris if she knew whether or not the rings were real – like some kind of precious metal. She said no because they were priced under $50. Today at work I found out that they are actually both sterling silver, (.925 stamps on both!) and the purple one is Cubic Zirconia! My boss guesstimated the yellow one might not be CZ because the facets are not cut very sharply. Regardless, I got a steal for those babies.