Pete Campbell: Eternal Amusement

I need to stop listening to music cause it’s mentally cock-blocking me from writing my Industrial Post article. I’ve been telling myself this for about a month now. But I really need to do it asap cause the deadline is next week…bad me.

Today I recieved the biggest paycheck of my life. Which is laughable, really, compared to like, people who mean “real money” as it were. BUT IT WAS A FAT ONE, OKAY!? My exact reaction was “DAMN”.

I also managed to finally sell my camera and it will be paid and picked up tomorrow, which means I not only NEED to get a new one, but I need to make a decision: d7100 or d300s? Upon reading reviews, I think I’ve settled on the d7100. And I’ll probably get the 18-105mm lens for it. I may also get a fisheye lens, using the money from the d3000 sale. Either way, I need to make up the money I’m about to dish out on whatever I decide and I need to make it up via photography, somehow.

Also, was flipping through my newsfeed earlier today and I came across the 10 sneakpeak photos of Mad Men Season 6 opener and this one made me LOL:

Not only is Pete starting to look old, HE HAS 70S SIDEBURNS. LOLOLLL FOREVER OMG

Dearest Mad Men

Dear Mad Men,

I’ma try to keep this brief cause I want to catch an episode of you guys tonight before I head to bed. So I will say this: I NEVER THOUGHT I’D BE SO ADDICTED TO THIS SHOW. 

From the very first episode, I was captivated in this weird and subtle way and I haven’t been able to stop watching. I haven’t gone back to Dawson’s Creek yet because I’m hell-bent on finishing you up, or at least the first 4 season on Netflix.

I love all the characters, even Pete Campbell with his weird snobby attitude and naivety. I especially love Peggy because she’s the central strong female role that I feel was just starting to emerge in the workforce at that time and she portrays it excellently.


I love Joan and her amazing curvaceous body and to die for red hair. I love Don and his sleezy hypocritical manwhore agenda. I especially love Roger cause I think he’s a phenomenally sexy old man. I love Harry Crane and his beautiful round boyish face. I don’t really love Betty cause I think she’s weak, but she looks beautiful when she go out to dinners and things.

I just love it all. You make me want to chain smoke every time I watch, even though I would never do that. I always think there must be thousands of smokers out there being triggered by this show, cause you’re triggering something I’m not even addicted to.

Moral of the story is I just love everything about you and I wish I was part of the show. MY BODY IS READY, DON DRAPER.

A new fan