The Paradise

I started watching The Paradise on Netflix a couple days ago and I’ve fallen in love with it in the same head over heels way I fell in love with Downtown Abbey. And the only reason I’m comparing the two is because they’re both BBC shows and they both take place around the same time period – sort of. Downtown’s in the early 20th century, The Paradise takes place in 1875. Around, key word.

The series is about a girl name Denise (honestly, I think they could’ve picked a much nicer name for her) who comes to work for The Paradise after she is turned down by her uncle, who’s draping shop is across the street, because he can’t afford to have her on. Mr. Moray, the owner of The Paradise, takes a liking to Denise due to her constant great ideas and she becomes his new favorite, much to the dismay of her coworker Clara and her superior, Miss Audrey.

It’s a charming series so far, although I will admit some parts of it are a little predictable if you’re anything like me and you like watching period dramas. Not that I’m complaining. Clearly I still enjoy them.

Sadly, upon reading up on the series a little more, I found out BBC cancelled it after a second season to “make room for other shows” and additionally, it’s competitor on iTV, Mr. Selfridge’s, was doing better in viewer ratings. LAAAME.

But I want to watch Mr. Selfridge’s too. GET ON IT NETFLIX.

Downton Abbey

So I started watching Downton Abbey on Netflix tonight and have decided that the first episode was interesting enough to continue watching the others. I was pissed with that bitch maid tripped Mr. Bates when the Duke arrived – which, by the way, is the same actor (Charlie Cox) that played in Casanova as Giovanni Bruni, the guy who became Casanova after Heath Ledger’s character ran off at the end.

Also, Maggie Smith totally plays the dowager in this show and it makes me happy. She is a damn good actress.

I kinda want to punch Mary, the eldest daughter. There’s just something snobby and annoying about her. And the guy that plays their father keeps reminding me Colin Firth and I wish it was Colin Firth.