Day 30!!: 10 places you want to visit

1. London. I’ve always been attracted to and fascinated by England. Of course this is on my list. There’s so much culture, so much history. So much to see!

2. Paris. I feel like Paris is that cliche destination everyone says they want to go to, but I genuinely want to go there. Like, honestly, who wouldn’t? So much culture, so much to see. And damn it, so romantic. I want to be kissed by the Eiffel Tower. Did you know Romanian engineer Gheorghe Pănculescu’s invention of joining metal girders was what inspired Gustave Eiffel’s design for the Eiffel tower? The more you know.

3. Venice. I want to visit all of Italy. But honestly, Venice is another one of those cliche destinations and I want to partake in that. It just looks so damn gorgeous. Like, I want to be rowed around in one of those gondolas and be sung to in Italian.

4. Amsterdam (again). In 2009 I was in Amsterdam for about 24 hours because my aunt and I missed our flight from Frankfurt to Detroit due to my uncle dragging us to his terminal, convinced that we were all leaving from the same terminal. (HE WAS WRONG.) From the very little I experienced of Amsterdam (hotel, cab driver, airport) I found the people to be kind and well-educated. And from the little I saw of the place, it looked nice. Lots of lavender.

5. Budapest (again). Also in 2009, when we arrived in Europe, we had a flight from Frankfurt to Budapest and spent about a day there. I have quite fond memories of the whole ordeal. While Romanians and Hungarians don’t really like each other (and they sure don’t mind showing it – my aunt-in-law of course got a parking ticket for no reason [truly!] other than having a Romanian license plate) I had a great time there. Possibly because I wasn’t accustomed to speaking Romanian yet, and they thought I was American. I really enjoyed all the sites I saw, and the food was phenomenal. If I haven’t mentioned it before, I LITERALLY had the BEST CUCUMBER SALAD OF MY ENTIRE LIFE in Budapest. As well as one of the best salads too.

6. Dublin. Like London and England as a whole, I’ve also always had a fascination with Dublin and Ireland. It doesn’t help that one time, I watched a Steve Ricks episode where he went to Dublin and I fell in love. Giant fun colored doors!? Sold.

7. Egypt; The Pyramids at Giza. Another cliche? Probably. But they’re such  absolutely majestic sculptures. Seen from miles around, larger than life objects. They continue to mystify people around the world in all their grandeur. Did you know the word “pyramid” has no human language origin? Plus, there is no fucking way men built that shit with their bare hands. No fucking way.

8. Australia. Except for the whole GIANT SPIDERS AND SHIT, I find Australia to be a really interesting place. Backwards seasons? Toilets flushing the opposite way? Not to mention those gorgeous accents and surfers all over the place. In. Love.

9. South America. I don’t really have a particular destination of where I’d like to go down there cause I’d really like to see all kinds of places in South America. I want to see the Nazca Lines in Peru, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. I want to see people dancing in the street in Argentina and I want to experience Venezuela. You know?

10. Romania. Having lived there, I miss the place. Despite my somewhat negative experience when I went back in 2009. (People are not okay with fatties over there, lemme tell you.) But I want to go to Romania to travel the whole place. I want to see Alba Iulia. I want to see the Carpathian mountains again and remember to take a picture this time instead of saving it in my head. I want to see the giant gates in Maramureș. I want to see the Casa Republicii, which is the world’s second largest administrative building after the Pentagon (and also a museum!). I want to visit Constanța on the Black Sea coast and I want to go to the Băile Herculane again and I want to see Dracula’s castle in person. Honestly, I’ve been thinking of doing a private tour of Romania instead of a graduation cruise next year.

Aerial view of my hometown, Resita.

The Calm Before the Storm

Instead of doing what I probably should’ve done – homework…or rather, just sewing – I spent today relaxing, dying my hair, and setting up an appointment to do a window display for Paris in Royal Oak.

I dyed my hair with Garnier Fructisse Ultra-Color B2 again and found that this time, the color turned out the way it was supposed to – coppery, gingery brown. I though perhaps it might seem this way also because my hair hasn’t been blood red in a while, but I’m not sure. Maybe the dye I had last time was old or close to expiring? I kind of miss of my highlights, though. They got mostly covered up.

Anyway, I rented The Artist from Amazon tonight and watched it with my mom. It wasn’t what I was expecting, but it was decently good. I thought it did a good job of staying true to silent movies and the costuming was really good as well. The plot wasn’t that spectacular, but it wasn’t excessively boring or anything. I’d give it 3.5 out of 5 stars.

I’ve decided Jean Dujardin is a sexy, sexy man.

DTRO & Stinky Cheese

It’s the end of another day of break (time is a’flyin’) and I can happily say I have accomplished my first mission for these 2 weeks off: cleaning my room. I organized my bookshelves and desk (a little bit) as well as dusted nearly everything. The top of my big bookcase was pretty disgusting in terms of dust, actually. I used one Swiffer cloth for that part entirely. Both sides. 

I also went to DTRO with my mom to see where the Royal Oak Music Theatre is actually located and find one of the public parking structures for the fashion show next week. We successfully found both, and then walked around the shops down there.

I wasn’t expecting to find anything I’d want to buy, but we went into this vintage store called Lost and Found Vintage, and like any time that I go vintage/thrift shopping, I end up making fun of the clothing and asking myself and whoever I’m with “WHO BUYS AND ACTUALLY WEARS THIS SHIT????” Turns out, I do.

I found this AWESOME floor-length gauzey dress circa 1970s and it fits me perfectly. It’s got elastic cinching sleeves, a perfect scoop neckline, a zipper that I never need touch because of it’s elastic smocked waistband, and a cute poppy flower design all over that mildly dates it if you’re picky, but it totally fits into today’s floral trend. It’s very breezy and comfortable and I will have to take a picture soon. I also plan on going in that shop sometime again. They had some pretty awesome stuff.

We stopped in Paris beforehand because I always stop at Paris when I’m in DTRO, and I forgot to mention this yesterday, but I’m addicted to Instragram. These sound unrelated, but I found this fancy heavily beaded top while I was there and I thought “THIS WILL MAKE AN EXCELLENT INSTRAGRAM PHOTO” as I do nearly every time I eat. This fancy new phone with all this space on it is really turning me into a social media monster. If you have Instagram too, follow me! Username lovelikeangels.

We also went to Whole Foods to see if they had any dried lavender (they did not, sadface) and I ended up buying this DIVINELY DELICIOUS sheep’s milk cheese. When I smelled it in store I thought “yes, this is the perfect amount of stinky” and I knew it would taste amazing. And it does. I wish I could go on a year-long cheese vacation where I get to go to like, cheese caves and eat cheese all day. I’d probably die within a year, or have life-threatening triglycerides, but that’s beside the point.

DTRO & Felicity Review

Let me start by first showing off a wonderful picture taken this morning in downtown Royal Oak of myself and Betsy. I took her and Mindy to DTRO because it’s a cute little niche location in the Metro Detroit area and there’s lots of wonderful boutiques to go to. We walked around and went into various Washington Ave stores, making sure to stay clear of the ever-judgmental American Apparel, and pay a visit to Paris.

And now for a relatively brief review of the series Felicity, which I finished watching last night. If you haven’t seen it and think you might want to see it, DON’T READ THE FOLLOWING. SPOILER ALERT RIGHT HERE.

So if you’ve been reading this blog for the past several months, you’ve probably seen me mention various Felicity episodes, and you’ll know that I was really into the show when I started watching it. I still am, don’t get me wrong! I really wish they would’ve continued it past college and made more than 4 seasons, but oh well. Anyway, I was happy when they got rid of Julie (the pink Power Ranger) at the beginning of season 3, and was happier when they started integrating Meghan into the show more. She ended up being Felicity’s best friend and I thought that was a really good covert “twist.” 

But the important part is the whole Felicity-Ben-Noel love triangle. I was very much 50/50 on who I thought she should end up with. On the one hand, she FOLLOWED BEN to NYC in the hopes of being with him or around him more. On the other hand, Noel was just kind of this…perfect guy for her. But shit got crazy at the end of season 4. For the last 4 or 5 episodes, we’re under the impression that Felicity “travels back in time” after Noel and Zoe’s engagement dinner because she wants to change her choice of picking Ben over Noel after she slept with Noel on the roof in the first episode of season 4. 

This leads us down a whole little series of ending episodes where she’s desperately trying to get back to the future, but at the same time making it work with Noel. Unfortunately, due to the fact that when you travel back in time and make a different choice, all other previous things that happened aren’t guarunteed to happen again. So she encounters all kinds of unforeseen problems, the last of which is Noel dying in the fire that took place in the middle of the season. In the original history, Elena dies (after college) in a car crash, so Noel’s death is kind of the balancer in the equation. She tracks down the author of the book where Meghan got the spell to send her back in time in the very last episode, and she tells him her whole college story. She ends up getting back to the future, but we find out that she was in fact just passed out with a fever and dreaming all of it and Noel is still alive, but Elena’s still dead. And she finally ends up forgiving Ben for cheating on her and they end up together and the series ends with slo-mo scenery from Noel and Zoe’s wedding. 

Overall, I was mildly disappointed in the finale because it wasn’t as heart-wrenching as I feel it should’ve been, but at the same time, I’m glad it ended on a relatively happy note. While she was dreaming, there was a part where Noel broke up with her and said that she’ll never love him like she loves Ben. All I could think about was how incredibly true that was. She harbored intensely deep feelings for Ben that she would probably never get over. In a way I think it’s really sweet and romantic, and in another way, if she hadn’t ended up being with Ben at the end of the series, it would’ve been…unresolved. 

Anyway, I need to go do some homework that I forgot about. I might explode this weekend with how much I have to do.

Rainy Nights

I don’t know about anyone else, but when I’m awake, I am constantly thinking. There is never a moment that passes that there isn’t a thought in my head, whether related to what I’m focusing on, or not. I wake up with music playing in my mind, and I go to sleep with millions of thoughts sparking through my brain.

One of the best thinking “spots” for me is while I’m driving; others include the shower and the time before I fall asleep. It’s been raining for the past few hours, and on my way back from work tonight, it occurred to me how beautiful it is when it rains in a city or suburb. While I couldn’t see very well through the wipers wiping away the raindrops, the blur of the lights from streetlamps, parking lots, and cars always mesmerizes me and makes me want to put a poncho on and go out in the middle of the rain to take pictures of the rainy, colorfully lit road scenery.

I never do, cause I’d probably be honked or run over. So instead I cherish the nights when I get to fall asleep to the soothing sounds of pitter-patter on my window. I seriously wish we could have sweltering, sunny days and mild rainy nights all the time. Life would be complete.

Anyway, yesteray I talked about my thrifty purchases, and today I edited several photos, one of which showcases the rings and teacup. Check it out!

The best part in all of this is that I asked the sales lady at Paris if she knew whether or not the rings were real – like some kind of precious metal. She said no because they were priced under $50. Today at work I found out that they are actually both sterling silver, (.925 stamps on both!) and the purple one is Cubic Zirconia! My boss guesstimated the yellow one might not be CZ because the facets are not cut very sharply. Regardless, I got a steal for those babies.