Sunday Morning, Rain Is Falling

Today after work I gave in and bought my brother and me some chinese food from the place around the corner. I usually get spicy sesame chicken because it’s fucking delicious, but today I wanted to get something different, so I got the sweet and sour chicken. Clearly I forgot how non-spectacular their sweet and sour chicken is compared to their sesame chicken and I regret getting it. But oh well – massive amounts of Panda Express on Wednesday!

I also watched Brothers on Netflix tonight with Natalie Portman, Tobey Maguire, and Jake Gyllenhaal. It was a pretty good movie. I was fully expecting the sexytimes to happen in this movie, but the most I got was a kiss between Jake and Natalie. Kinda disappointed, but overall, it was enjoyable and I would recommend it to others.

I’m kind of annoyed with Amazon right now because the other day they were like “Hey, you should sign up for Amazon Student!” and I was like fuck yeah bitch. I’ve tried to sign up like 30 times already, no joke, and they keep giving me this error: “Our apologies — an error occurred while processing your information. It’s not you, it’s us. Please try again by completing the form below.” It’s incredibly frustrating. ALL I WANT TO DO IS SIGN UP AND BUY SHIT. WHY IS THAT SO HARD.