The Bucket List

Day 20: 10 things on your bucket list

1. Take a cruise around the world. They’re like over $10k and last about 144 days. Around the motherfucking world.

2. Visit the great pyramids at Giza.

3. Take a year to travel Europe.

4. Show at London/Paris/Milan (fashion).

5. Have books written about me…or my legacy.

6. Be famous for my work.

7. Donate massive amounts of money to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and organizations such as No Kid Hungry.

8. Have a house with a maze garden in the backyard and life-size chess set.

9. Publish my poetry…someday.

10. Fit into a goddamn size 6.

If you ever find an item of clothing that’s mildly damaged – example, torn at the seams, scuff mark somewhere, or anything that’s fixable – BUY IT. You will most likely get a discount for the imperfections. Today I bought a pair of pajama pants at Old Navy for half price because there was a big hole at the seam where the serger didn’t catch the fabric. SCORE.

Boobies :D

Tonight I want to talk about my boobs. Specifically, how fucking phenomenal they looked today in general, as well as in the new blazer and bikini tops I bought.

I wore a shirt I got at PacSun that has a tendency to accentuate the tatas, and I would say that portion of me looked pretty fly today. I went out shopping with my mom after school and got this really awesome blazer from New York and Company for just $23! (They’ve got a huge sale going on right now!) When I button it up, it’s like instant boob lift. I couldn’t stop staring at myself.

I completely understand why men are attracted to boobs. They just look so nice and grabbable. Sometimes I get the urge to just put them in my mouth – tmi? Nah. I think it’s a vanity thing. And I know I’m not the only person like this. I have friends and know plenty of people (both sexes!) who appreciate their boobs/penises. If you’ve got it, flaunt it. But uh, keep your penis in your pants if you’re in public.

I also bought the following bikini tops from Old Navy:

I was super excited to find the first one in XL, cause the one L that I found was more of a C cup. It’s like a bra and offers really good boob support, like the Victoria’s Secret ones I bought last year. The second one is more of one of those willy-nilly-let’s-make-bikinis kind of top. Not much support, but it looks really nice. And it’s got a skank factor cause you can adjust the cup to be modest or showy. The best part is that I have solid colored bottoms that match both of these tops.

Tits aside, today was pretty nice. The library was a fucking freezer the whole day, but the room for HNI‘s workshop was nice and cozy. Thank Jesus. We attempted to digitally paint a picture I took of a sandwich and veggies. There wasn’t much time to work on it, but I managed to make one cherry tomato look semi-acceptable. It still needs a lot of work. I’d showcase my work so far, but I’m far too lazy to get up and get my flashdrive.

A Few Words.

1. Last night I had a dream my brother died and was replaced by another brother who was like his twin, but a little different and he had to learn to be exactly like my brother. It was very strange and for some reason I thought it of utter importance to wake up a few minutes before noon to hug him and make sure he wasn’t actually dead. So he stuck his armpit in my face to try to get me to stop hugging him. Sibling love.
2. I went shopping with my mom after she woke up and got a really comfortable long sleeve lounge shirt from Old Navy for $4.76! I make it sound really lame but it’s actually nice. It’s simple and it’s a little thicker than regular t-shirt cotton and it’s also brushed. This is basically what it looks like, but mine is this bright minty green.

3. I finally got around to doing some of my homework for pattern techniques. And by that I mean I couldn’t leave it on my conscience to not at least ATTEMPT to do some of it. I copied my pattern pieces and attempted to do some changes to them like instructed, however, upon closer examination of the instructions, I found them inadequate and misleading, so I rolled everything back up and went to shower.
4. My hair is magnificently luscious today.
5. I watched episodes 8 and 9 from the final season of The Tudors and cried a little when the Earl of Surrey (David O’Hara’s character) was given his sentence. WHAT A SEXY MAN GOING TO WASTE. But I greatly admired his consistent pride in the house of Howard. Seriously, so sexy. Also, I want to punch Bishop Gardiner in the face. Although he (Simon Ward) has a pleasant face most of the time, but he is so ridiculously ruthless!

Day After Christmas Shopping!

Do you ever get really excited by shopping and finding awesome stuff at really low prices? Because lemme tell you guys, that’s one of the highlights of my life. My mom and I stopped by Somerset Collection today so I could return Grove and get Tocca: Florence from Anthropologie and exchanged Dirty at Lush, and after shopping around, we stopped by Old Navy where I bought 3 shirts for $11.06. Uh, can I get a high five?

I almost bought this great skirt I found at Madewell. It was on sale for $59.99 with an extra 30% off, so it would’ve been about $44. It was this nudey pink-peach color and it was knife pleated and it made me look like a towering statue. I’m sort of regretting not getting it and I might go back for it. On their site, it’s $109… Actually, here it is: Worth it?

Also, I bought 2 more small candles from Bath & Body Works because they were on sale for $4.75 (the big ones are $9.75). I decided not to burn either one of them tonight, but I got Marshmallow Peppermint and Homemade Cookies. They both smell divine in their current solid state.

To top the day off, I also ate chinese food! An excellent day after Christmas, if I say so myself.

Yates Cider Mill Extravaganza.

Today seems like it’s been a pretty long day. Not only did I sew on the first part of my bias seams onto my couture dress by hand for about 2 hours, but my mom and I also went to Yates Cider Mill in Rochester and bought apples, cider, fudge, pie, doughnuts, and “pumpkin butter” and “apple cherry butter” which are both exceptionally delicious jam things. I especially like the pumpkin one. We also drank hot cider while we were there and it was delicious. Until this this idiot kid knocked both of ours down while we were on one of the planks by the river.

We also walked down their endless abyss forest walkway as I like to call it, and I took a good amount of nature pics. I am quite proud. They turned out really nicely. I also took a few pictures of the goat and sheep pen they had. There were some really adorable baby goats, but none of them would stay still long enough to take a good enough photo. I petted a black goat a few times.

Afterwards, we stopped by Famous Footwear and Old Navy. At FF, I found this nice pair of boots by Kenneth Cole Reaction – they were very comfortable, but they wouldn’t zip up all the way on my calf which was very disappointing. I can add that to my list as another motivational reason to lose weight. At Old Navy, I bought myself 2 pairs of fall/winter flannel pajama pants, 2 long sleeve t-shirts, and one short-sleeve t-shirt that my mom is convinced is a sleep tee, but I think it can be either/or.

I swear, I should be paid to shop.