Happy Halloween 2013!

I should’ve turned off my computer half an hour ago, but I got distracted. I really need to be going to bed since I’ll be waking up BEFORE the crack of ass (dawn) for job #2, but I also remembered I have to write here. It’s the last day of Blogtober! Happy Halloween, hope you all had and/or are having more fun than I did.

I went to Nordstrom Rack today to find a dress for Amanda’s engagement party. I found one, and 2 others. Spent over $100, applied for their debit card and will be getting back $20 to spend again. I found 3 dresses and the one I want to wear to the engagement party is actually one size too small. So after purchasing it, I decided to hit up Meijer to restock my fridge with healthy foods (veggies) and then I did Jillian Michaels yoga. I am determined to fit into this dress. Even if I have to wear shapewear to make it zip after losing weight. It’s such a gorgeous dress though. It’s baby blue and white white brocade, box pleated skirt, 50s drop shoulder top. It’s by Topshop. It’s very high quality and it was only $54.97. Yet trust me, i still feel guilty spending the money when I should be saving for loan payments (which feel like literally taking my money by the handful and flushing it down the toilet willingly) and hopefully a new car.

I need a new job.

A high paying new job.

Oh, and Amanda asked my brother to stand up in the wedding so we’ll both be in the wedding party now. 11 bridesmaids, 11 groomsmen. It’s gonna be a massive wedding.

Dear Nordstrom Rack

Dear Nordstrom Rack,

I have a bone to pick with you Nordy. You were one of my favorite stores to shop at for a few years because I always found stellar deals. $9.97 tank top in clearance with an extra 50% off!? DON’T MIND IF I DO.

Except, those were the golden days. See, about a year ago, I noticed your clearance section and prices in general changed, along with your store layout (at least the store I go to) and I wept a little on the inside. No more extra % off clearance? Shoes starting at $40? You’re making a bargainista cry, Nordy.

While my mad shopping skills still get me spectacular deals from you, I mourn the long gone days of extra %s off and shoes worthy of my $40. I’m sorry Nordy, but Steve Madden patent flats should never cost $39.97, discounted. That’s not a deal, that’s retail thievery. I’ll pay $40 for Vince Camuto pumps, but not for brand-name knock offs. I cross the line at unreasonable pricing of shit that will fall apart too quickly, and Steve Madden shoes is one of them.

Also, let’s get real about Betsey Johnson here for a second. That bitch is going out of business and we all know she’s trying to milk it out to the last penny she can get. However, we all also know that her shit should be marked down regardless of where it’s sold. I paid $48 for one of her watches today because A. I love Betsey Johnson watches and B. I’ve been looking for a new one for about 2 years and I finally found one that I liked that I know it would’ve sold if I hadn’t snatched it. That said, I’m kinda of pissed it wasn’t marked down more, to be honest. I shouldn’t have to pay more for this watch than I did for my first one 4 years ago when she’s going out of business. Just sayin’.

Lastly, I just want to say that you should totally bring back extra %s off clearance, Nordy. You and I both know that it would make your shit sell faster and in the end you’d probably make the same amount of $$$ you’re making now. Come on, you know you want to.

A silently weeping customer,

P.S. I totally bought this ring today at Loehmann’s for $30fuckingdollars. It was in clearance for 70% off $119.98 and I got a 20% off coupon when I walked in the door. I saved $283.71. Sterling silver with 14k gold overlay and citrine-colored cubic zirconia. I’d be happier if it was real citrine, which I feel like it should be, considering it was originally $325 retail. WTF Paige Novick, you skanky whore.¬†

Saturday Night Red Wings Games and Bahama Breezes.

Oh man. I’m watching the Red Wings vs. Maple Leafs game and the Wings just tied the game at 3 – 3 in the 3rd period. This is gonna be one of those games where I can feel stomach ulcers forming.

So today was a really nice day. The weather was on and off sunny/cloudy, and I woke up at 10 in a serene state from the wonderful dreams I had last night. I also got a chance to exercise. I did Zumba Live for 10 minutes, but I felt like vomiting afterwards (partly because I had done this chakra spinning thing before that) so instead of continuing with Zumba, I Gazelled instead. I felt really great afterwards. And while I was showering, I thought to myself, ‘I’ve never known anyone, or myself, to ever have felt worse after exercising…’ Unless you count wanting to vomit because you spun.

I did my homework afterwards and watched Steven and Chris with my mom, followed by shopping. Yup. Shopping. We went to the Vitamin Shoppe and I got Bronchial Wellness tea from Gaia Herbs, and some homeopathic pills for post-nasal drip because it needs to go away. We also stopped by Nordstrom Rack where I ended up buying a clearance sweater, clearance tank top, and clearance wedges. Which ended up costing more than expected, but as I’ve stated before, I have the philosophy that money always comes. I have buyer’s regret for like an hour or two and then I get over it.

Speaking of clothing, I’m slightly terrified that the wooden bar holding up my clothes in my closet might split one day in the future and all my clothes are going to be all over my closet floor. That will NOT be a fun time. I need an iron bar¬†that can withstand the weight of all my clothes. I should also get rid of more clothes.

And now, I think it’s time to go make a Bahama Breeze cocktail. Because I finally have VODKA! And cranberry juice, and pineapple juice. *Happy dance*

This is apparently a blood orange Bahama Breeze. That will not be included in mine.

Thou Shall Not Haveth Chinese!

I had planned for today to be a “I will get some homework done!” kind of day but it turned out to be a “I’m gonna go spend my money on cardigans and fabric and then take pictures of pretty flowers and sweat it out with Zumba” day. It was also a day full of hope for motherfucking chinese food, only to find out my mom’s like THOU SHALL NOT HAVETH CHINESE and because I spent like $55 at Nordstrom Rack today plus the $180 I spent on that coat + a book on Amazon, I’m not about to pay for everyone’s dinner. Even though I would genuinely like to. Also, my dad’s back hurts pretty bad, so it’s not like he’s up for going out anyway.

So speaking of buying fabrics, my first stop today was Haberman’s in downtown Royal Oak. I got half a yard of this beautiful J. Crew orange with white polka dots silk charmeuse for the seam binding on my couture dress. I also picked some zippers cause they’re ridic cheap there. And I found really nice, thick silk for my draping final in the clearance section! Also, Haberman’s has some really nice employees. I wish Joann’s workers were that nice.

Yesterday I bought 2 yards each of cotton fabric from Joann’s in yellow with funky watermelon slices and dark mustard with what looks like graphic pictures of cotton all over. I plan on making circle or flare skirts for myself with both of them. I also picked up some Rit sunshine orange dye to dye some muslin strips like in this tutorial. I was originally going to get the red, but I’m attracted to yellows. I have a lot of things I want to do, and not enough time to do them. Life!

I still have to do my 8 page research paper for my psychology class and fix samples for couture. But I suppose if I used my time “wisely” I wouldn’t be worrying about either of these. Except that I’d rather enjoy my weekends doing what I like. You know?