Why is Life So Busy?

Okay, first of all, let me say that I’m not COMPLAINING per se, as I love da $$$ and the commish, but goddamn, I’ve been working a lot lately and my schedule for the next month is very booked up, mostly with work, but also with events.

So, secondly, holy mother of god events. I’ve been getting invited to so many things lately! And again, I’m not complaining because it’s nice to be wanted, you know? But everything is so like TIGHTLY KNIT TOGETHER IN TIME. Like I have ~5 or 6 things/places I have to do/hit up this weekend alone. Damn!

Like for real people, I didn’t imagine my post graduation time to be spread so thin, like fatty homemade butter. But, just so the universe doesn’t do some kind of karma on me, I AM NOT COMPLAINING!!

Anyway, so I got my 50mm lens in the snail mail today! I quickly tested it out when I opened it and it. is. AWESOME. Super excited to be able to test it out more in depth when I have time and the weather is nicer. And that better be soon because I AM complaining about this: IT’S APRIL 24TH AND I’M FREEZING UNDER MY BED COVERS BECAUSE IT’S FUCKING 30SOMETHING DEGREES OUTSIDE. It rained, snowed, fogged, and it was sunny today. Get your shit together Michigan, goddamn.

Check out that legit ass packaging!

On the bright side, I got a new Lucky purse today and it smells like the leather gods have blessed it with the godliest leather scent in Leather Land and everyone who saw me sniffing it at DSW today gave me weird looks, but they have 0 idea what they’re missing out on, and that’s okay, because I totally don’t mind hoarding that divine scent all for my olfactory nerves.


d7100 = Love

I’m pooped out from today so all I have to say is my d7100 ARRIVEDDDD and I took test shots, obviously.

Loooove it. Beautiful clarity, beautiful colors. And it’s low-light capabilities are gorgeous.

Here is my favorite:

About Dropping a Lot of $$$

SOOOOO, I sold my d3000 today. And I just ordered the d7100 with 18-105mm lens from Amazon and I feel like I’m gonna vomit.

Although the vomiting feeling is really coming from eating avocado and boiled egg. NEVER AGAIN. That shit does nothing but give me cramps and lower-back pain. FOR HOURS. NEVER AGAIN.

Anyway, I’m slowly going from shocked at how much money I just dropped on this camera, to excited about it’s arrival on Wednesday. Abouts to go HAM on some new photography, though, oh shit!

I almost dished out some more $$$ for a Galaxy tab 2, but I keep telling myself I don’t NEED one. Cause I don’t…it’d be nice, but I really don’t NEED one.

What I do need, however, is more camera lenses and I may just go peruse Amazon’s Nikon selection.

Pete Campbell: Eternal Amusement

I need to stop listening to music cause it’s mentally cock-blocking me from writing my Industrial Post article. I’ve been telling myself this for about a month now. But I really need to do it asap cause the deadline is next week…bad me.

Today I recieved the biggest paycheck of my life. Which is laughable, really, compared to like, people who mean “real money” as it were. BUT IT WAS A FAT ONE, OKAY!? My exact reaction was “DAMN”.

I also managed to finally sell my camera and it will be paid and picked up tomorrow, which means I not only NEED to get a new one, but I need to make a decision: d7100 or d300s? Upon reading reviews, I think I’ve settled on the d7100. And I’ll probably get the 18-105mm lens for it. I may also get a fisheye lens, using the money from the d3000 sale. Either way, I need to make up the money I’m about to dish out on whatever I decide and I need to make it up via photography, somehow.

Also, was flipping through my newsfeed earlier today and I came across the 10 sneakpeak photos of Mad Men Season 6 opener and this one made me LOL:

Not only is Pete starting to look old, HE HAS 70S SIDEBURNS. LOLOLLL FOREVER OMG

Halloween & Last Day

So it is officially not only Halloween (yay!) but also the last day of my 365 project. I’m still not sure if I want to do another round. I probably won’t, but I’ll still blog often. I think I just won’t get upset if I miss a day or something. Or rather not worry about it.

Anyway, today I got hit on by this freshman that has taken to hitting on me at every opportunity he can possibly grasp. I was decked out in my fox gear for Halloween, and he came up to me and basically acted like this:


Direct quote:Hey honey, you look beautiful with all dat makeup on. I mean you love beautiful all the time, hahaha, you’re beautiful. So what time you get off work tonight? I’m here until 8.” I just wanted to be like…please stop talking and never breathe the same air as me again.

I guess that’s my life now? Getting hit on by ALL the peoples? Just not the right peoples. *Sigh*

Lastly, I got someone to buy my DSLR off me so I can upgrade. But I have a problem. I want to get the Nikon d3200 (I think, I’m still researching though) but my macro lens appears to not be compatible with the d3200 and I am really upset. I spent $454 on that lens. I feel like it’s a new enough lens that IT SHOULD BE COMPATIBLE WITH ALL THE FUCKING NIKON CAMERAS. Like, bitch! I don’t drop hundreds of dollars on shit just willy nilly. Come on now.

Alyza & Me


I fucking love technology. I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned that before, but listen guys: I’ve been one of those people who has always been tech-savvy with anything you put in front of my face or in my hands. I’ll figure that shit out. 

One of my friends FB messaged me asking about cameras because he’s interesting in buying a DSLR, and of course I pointed him to Nikon (hello, brand loyalist here) and in doing so, I discovered they have a new baby out in their 3000 series: the Nikon d3200.

First of all, it’s their first DSLR to come in any color other than black, which I personally feel might be a slight nod to Pentax DSLRs, which come in basically the whole damn rainbow plus some. I appreciate this, although I’d love nothing more than an all white DSLR.

Secondly, the specs on this beast are rather fucking phenomenal for an entry level camera. 24.2 megapixels – I don’t usually get excited or care about megapixels all that much, but HOLY SHIT THAT’S A LOT OF MEGAPIXELS. THAT’S MORE THAN TWICE THAN MY D3000. It also has full 1080p HD movie capabilities, which I don’t care for, but that’s cool. It also has the ability to share photos straight from your camera to your smartphone or tablet (with the optional wireless adapter) which is pretty sweet if I do say so myself.

I read customer reviews for the red one on Amazon (via Amazon Prime *puts cool sunglasses on* cause I totally have that for a month due to buying that Kindle for my mom) and a lot of people are saying the resolution is better than the d5100 and d7000’s which is basically RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME because it’s an entry-level. I must get my hands on one of these babies and check it out. I need to play with this shit. NO, I need to trade in my d3000.

End camera-orgasm now….or in a couple of weeks. ;)