Saturday Spoils

Sometimes I’m in awe of myself for spending more time after work in my place of work to shop. You’d think I’d want to high tail it out of there (98% of the time, I do) but the past 2 weeks, I’ve spent at least an extra hour in the store shopping.

On the bright side, today I left with a fabulous coral-pink Guess rain jacket, DKNY peasant top blouse, and New York and Company 100% silk top (that was only $3.99!!!) all with an extra 25% off, so I saved quite a nice chunk of money. I’m really excited about the jacket in particular, because although it’s slightly tight and squashes my boobs, it looks fabulous on me. I can’t wait to wear it.

I also picked up hair dye and medication (fuck colds) at Target and spent about an hour and half talking to my friend who works security there. We decided we’re going to go to the gym together one of these days. I’m pretty excited. I think it’s more exciting than it probably should be because he’s finally got enough self esteem to be able to agree with getting half naked in a pool with a friend and some strangers. So that’s nice.

And now, I must muster the energy and excitement I had when I first got online today to edit those damn photos already. Life.

Oh, P.S. At checkout today at work, my cousin was my cashier and it was rather awkward. After some awkward moments, she kind of BURST out saying “Do you know what I am?” and I was like “Yeah.” and then she started talking to me in Romanian as if she hadn’t ignored my existence for the past 363 days and gave me a coupon to use after our 25% off goes away. I was like, ooookay….I don’t know what to make of this…

Boobies :D

Tonight I want to talk about my boobs. Specifically, how fucking phenomenal they looked today in general, as well as in the new blazer and bikini tops I bought.

I wore a shirt I got at PacSun that has a tendency to accentuate the tatas, and I would say that portion of me looked pretty fly today. I went out shopping with my mom after school and got this really awesome blazer from New York and Company for just $23! (They’ve got a huge sale going on right now!) When I button it up, it’s like instant boob lift. I couldn’t stop staring at myself.

I completely understand why men are attracted to boobs. They just look so nice and grabbable. Sometimes I get the urge to just put them in my mouth – tmi? Nah. I think it’s a vanity thing. And I know I’m not the only person like this. I have friends and know plenty of people (both sexes!) who appreciate their boobs/penises. If you’ve got it, flaunt it. But uh, keep your penis in your pants if you’re in public.

I also bought the following bikini tops from Old Navy:

I was super excited to find the first one in XL, cause the one L that I found was more of a C cup. It’s like a bra and offers really good boob support, like the Victoria’s Secret ones I bought last year. The second one is more of one of those willy-nilly-let’s-make-bikinis kind of top. Not much support, but it looks really nice. And it’s got a skank factor cause you can adjust the cup to be modest or showy. The best part is that I have solid colored bottoms that match both of these tops.

Tits aside, today was pretty nice. The library was a fucking freezer the whole day, but the room for HNI‘s workshop was nice and cozy. Thank Jesus. We attempted to digitally paint a picture I took of a sandwich and veggies. There wasn’t much time to work on it, but I managed to make one cherry tomato look semi-acceptable. It still needs a lot of work. I’d showcase my work so far, but I’m far too lazy to get up and get my flashdrive.


I just realized I won’t have time to update this later tonight, so today is an early post. I dropped by the annual OCC Potter’s Market earlier and picked up several gifts (brooches, shot glass, necklace, mug) and a gorgeous bowl for me/the family. It was only $8! And it’s a pretty good sized bowl. When I got home I noticed it had a chip on the side, but I can’t remember if it was like that when I picked it up, or it developed a chip while in the trunk of my car.

I also stopped by the mall and picked up a buttload of gifts for my Postsecret Secret Santa and my best friends. I’m a little mad at myself because I ripped myself off at Victoria’s Secret. I had 2 Secret Reward cards worth $10.00 each. VS was having a sale on their lotions/sprays – 6 for $35+1 free or 3 for $25. I decided I’d split my bill into 2 and got 2 sets of 3 for $25 -$10 on each. Ended up with $32.98 total for the two bills. It would have been about $7 cheaper to get 7 for $35-10. I’m a dumbass.

I also picked up stuff for Forever21 and Hot Topic, and stopped in New York & Company and got myself 2 pairs of pants for $40. They were having a buy 1 get on free sale on everything in the store. So I heard my mom’s voice in my head saying “You can never have enough pants. And you know how hard it is to find pants for you.” So I was like YES. PANTS. And then I came home and assembled the gifts for everyone. I ended up with an extra baggie of gifts. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it, but I might end up using it for Secret Santa with my high school friends. Or something.

Hope you all are having loads of pre-Christmas fun!