The Paradise

I started watching The Paradise on Netflix a couple days ago and I’ve fallen in love with it in the same head over heels way I fell in love with Downtown Abbey. And the only reason I’m comparing the two is because they’re both BBC shows and they both take place around the same time period – sort of. Downtown’s in the early 20th century, The Paradise takes place in 1875. Around, key word.

The series is about a girl name Denise (honestly, I think they could’ve picked a much nicer name for her) who comes to work for The Paradise after she is turned down by her uncle, who’s draping shop is across the street, because he can’t afford to have her on. Mr. Moray, the owner of The Paradise, takes a liking to Denise due to her constant great ideas and she becomes his new favorite, much to the dismay of her coworker Clara and her superior, Miss Audrey.

It’s a charming series so far, although I will admit some parts of it are a little predictable if you’re anything like me and you like watching period dramas. Not that I’m complaining. Clearly I still enjoy them.

Sadly, upon reading up on the series a little more, I found out BBC cancelled it after a second season to “make room for other shows” and additionally, it’s competitor on iTV, Mr. Selfridge’s, was doing better in viewer ratings. LAAAME.

But I want to watch Mr. Selfridge’s too. GET ON IT NETFLIX.

Orange is the New Black

So I started watching Orange is the New Black (Netflix original) last night and it’s actually quite good. It’s a drama about a lady who turns herself in for a crime and goes to a female prison for 15 months, then has to navigate herself through the facility’s setup with the other inmates.

I really like the setup of the show in terms of how they play out the storyline with flashbacks. You get snippets of each main character’s life and how they ended up in prison. I also enjoy all the lesbianism throughout the show. The warden (I think) keeps telling Piper (the main character) that she does not have to engage in lesbian sexual activities, but little does he know that she was (or rather still is, despite being engaged to a guy played by Jason Biggs) a lesbian.

In the first episode, we get our first taste of lesbianism in prison via one of the other main characters, Nicky played by Natasha Lyonne, eating out another inmate in the showers while Piper walks by. I personally found that scene to be half assed. If it were really happening, her face would’ve been buried more significantly between that girl’s legs.

I also enjoyed in the second episode when she was making the lotion for Red’s back (Kate Mulgrew) and chewing up the jalapenos. It mostly enticed me because the crunching sound was pleasant.

Plus, Laura Prepon (famously known as Donna in That 70s Show) plays her ex lesbian girlfriend who is also in the same prison.

Mark Ryder is Insatiably Sexy


Like for real you guys, omfg. Last night I watched 2 episodes in row because I couldn’t contain my excitement and tonight I watched another because I decided a two hour movie = less time for sleep, but a 1 hour episode of Borgia would make no one upset.

The scene at the end of the Pentecost episode though, omg. Dying. I’m dying you guys.

I think I need to read up more on real life Cesare and Lucrezia to find out if they actually fucked or what. I JUST WANT THEM TO BE TOGETHER, THERE IS SO MUCH SEX HAPPENING. (Not literally, BUT IT NEEDS TO OMG).


In other news, my birthday is on Wednesday and the weather forecast says it’s going to be really shitty and rainy that day. I kinda want to go to the zoo, but not if it’s going to downpour of me all day. I’ll probably stay cooped up in the house watching movies/trying to pace myself on Borgia and eating birthday cake in my birthday girl underwear. TRUE STORY.


Borgia Obsession

Let me tell you all how challenging it is to pace myself and watch only one episode of season 2 of Borgia at a time.

I just finished the first episode, and I’m going to practice self-control and not watch another episode. It was a great season starter, and I fall more deeply in love with Cesare as the episodes go by.

Last night I watched a behind the scenes thing for season 2 with Mark Ryder (Cesare) as the interviewee and one of the things he talked about was that in preparation for season 2, he hit up the gym – a lot. WELL LET ME TELL YOU ALL, THERE IS NO DOUBT ABOUT THAT.

Not only does he have the whole sexy bearded man with flowing long hair thing going on, but those enhanced muscles only aid in making him look extraordinarily sexy. I mean, I literally might pee my pants staring at this man. Omg.

I have lost my underwear.

Anyway, during one of the scenes, Cesare is reading a book by Marcus Aurelius, in which he reads aloud “If you are plagued by externals, it is not they who trouble you, but the importance you give them.”

I found this to be exceptionally poignant and utterly true. If you’re being bothered by outside forces/people that you cannot control, it is not those forces or those people who are truly troublesome to your well-being, but rather the acknowledgment and the value which you allow them to have in your life.

For example, I work with my ungrateful cousin who purposely takes longer routes around the store to avoid the jewelry counter when I’m there. Her presence is bothersome to me. Today as I saw her pass by, I realized that I did not feel the general hatred I usually do when I look her way, and further realized that she is really rather insignificant in my life and does not deserve any amount of emotion from me.

It is a challenge to finally realize this and to implement it, but goddamnit, it’s among the most freeing feelings in the world.

Albert Nobbs and Tuna Casserole

So, I’ve wanted to see Albert Nobbs since it came out, though with more enthusiasm when I saw Glenn Close nominated for her role as Albert Nobbs at the last Academy Awards. I was going to rent it from Family Video or Amazon, but hadn’t. Today I browsed Netflix’s newest releases and was far too excited to find that it was among them. SO I WATCHED IT.

At first I was like, this is a pretty good movie. It was certainly interesting watching Glenn Close look like a man, yet in the back of my mind thinking “that is Cruella de Vil.” And the minute I saw a good enough close up of “Hubert Page” I was like THAT IS A WOMAN POSING AS A MAN. And I was right. So I mentally high fived myself.

Anyway, somehow toward the end I started feeling less excited about the movie. I mean it was still interesting, but eh. I did enjoy all the various actors in the mix though – Jonathon Rhys-Meyers and Maria Doyle Kennedy (both played in The Tudors; King Henry, his first wife, Catherine of Aragon), Brendan Gleeson (Mad-Eye Motherfucking Moody!) Bronagh Gallagher (Tristan & Isolde) and Mia Wasikowska (Alice from Alice in Wonderland). I was amused.

I also cooked today, instead of doing homework like I probably should have. Sometimes I just get urges to cook and bake, and I couldn’t help myself today. I made tuna casserole and lemon cheesecake – which took like 5000 years to bake! But they both turned out great, except the tuna casserole got all dry on top because according to my mom, I should’ve covered it with foil. Oh well.

P.S. I really don’t like the term “casserole”.