Bella, You Dumb Bitch.

I am totally shameless. 

Let me preface this by saying that in high school, I was completely and totally against anything and everything Twilight. My freshman year of college (I think…might’ve been sophomore, whatever) I decided that I needed to read the books, having seen the first two movies and *gasp* LIKING THEM.

And now I’m here, senior year of college, excitedly awaiting the arrival of the final installment of the saga, and watching New Moon for the second night in a row on FX. I still want to smack Edward for leaving though, and Bella for being a dumb bitch. And still thinking Jacob needs a fucking haircut already. Like, fasterrr, please.

Anyway, earlier I went out to my car to get the coat and blazer I bought after work, and as I was walking to and fro, there was a sound of like….drones, almost. And it made me think of like, some post-apocalyptic-1984-regime-star-wars-era scenario and I started coming up with a plot for a book.

Here’s the thing though. I always come up with these book ideas and sometimes I start to write them. But I never finish them…and suddenly I’ve remembered that starting on November 1st, it is totally NaNoWriMo! (That’s National Novel Writing Month, for you noobs out there, in which you spend 30 days trying to write a 50,000 word novel.) Maybe I should participate in it for real this year. Last year I thought about it. I did a 30 day pre-NaNoWriMo challenge on this blog that turned out to be my 365 project. And here I am, on the cusp of finishing it up.

I’m still undecided about whether I want to do it again, for another year – the whole 365 blogging thing, that is. What do you guys think?


Happy Halloween!

Today is technically the last day of the 30 day NANOWRIMO pre-challenge, but I think I might extend this to possibly be a 365 project. Maybe. Probably. It should get me more hits, right? I’m determined not to have this blog poop out like my other ones. I think the problem with my other ones is that they’re topic based. This is more freestyle.

Anyway, today I went to work as a cat, and so did my boss! I was expecting her to be a nerd because that’s what she said she was probably going to show up as, but when I opened the door, I saw her costume and I laughed and I was like “we’re twins!” It was cute. I would post a picture of both of us, but I’m not sure how she’d feel about that. So instead I will post this great picture my mom took of me jumping out in the backyard before the trick-or-treaters arrived. I decided I would call myself Pandacat because even though I have a cat tail and whiskers, my ears look pandaish. PANDACAT.


There is nothing else to talk about because today was quite uneventful. Like I predicted: no parties, no drunkenness, and no slutting it out. Although I did do the skanky panda look. 

Caffeinated Soap. Yup.

You know what’s exciting as hell? Like more exciting [at least for me] than meeting Jacob Hoggard? CHILDHOOD FRIENDS FROM ANOTHER COUNTRY FINDING YOU ON FACEBOOK. I just saw that I had a new message from someone, and lo and behold, it’s a girl I haven’t seen or spoken to since I left Romania 14 years ago. I am so incredibly happy right now, I was literally about to start crying while looking at her pictures – which are from her wedding! But of course, I would attract the attention of everyone in the classroom I’m in and that would probably just be awkward. So I called my mom instead.

Anyway, prior to this hella exhilarating news – I found out WordPress is doing a pre-NaNoWriMo thing – A Post A Day! And I am totally down for the cause. A psychic once told me that I get so many ideas that I need to write them down. Which is totally true by the way, so what better way to do that than to share them with everyone else!? No better way. Except maybe write them in my diary.

So I’m going to participate in this A Post A Day challenge with vigor and enthusiasm for the written word. This counts as Post 1 BTW.

Also, completely unrelated to anything I’ve posted above, I totally need some Spazzstick in my life. And one of my somewhat teachers just mentioned he has caffeinated soap. Yup.