SPOILERS: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

I haven’t written in here for a while, but I somehow feel compelled to share my thoughts on movies after I see them.

Case in point: I just came home from seeing Dawn of the Planet of the Apes about ten minutes ago, and it was such a good movie, that I cried the entire second half of it. I think I’ve mentioned both of these things before, but:

1. I’ve taken to going to movies by myself because life it too short to miss out simply because your friends/family can’t/won’t/aren’t able to go see movies with you.
2. I rate how good movies are by how much I cry (if applicable).

That said, spilling tears for half of one pretty much means it’s entered itself into the upper ranks of my movie hierarchy. It was very emotional, it had a good plot line, and the imagery/CGI work was stunning. I still think Caesar is attractive. And his son, Blue Eyes, is equally attractive. (I’m pretty sure they did that on purpose though.) And Koba is still ugly as fuck.


Looks aside, I started crying at the point when Koba seemingly shot and killed Caesar after the humans finally managed to get the dam working and provide electricity to San Francisco. For the next, IDK, maybe like 15 minutes or so? the movie continued on and I kept crying and thinking HOW COULD THEY KILL CAESAR!?! But then they took a break and followed Malcolm, Ellie, and Alex trying to get back to their car, and Ellie found Caesar sprawled in the grass and she gasped.

AND THEN CAESAR’S EYES MOVED AND I WAS LIKE PRAISE JESUS, PRAISE JESUS! I’m pretty sure I started crying harder at this point. When they got him in one of their trunks and were discussing it among themselves about how so and so could’ve done this to Caesar, he interrupted them and said no, ape did this to ape. BAWLING.

So then he directs them to take him to his old house, where James Franco’s character raised him in Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and Ellie fixes him and bandages him up, but not before Blue Eyes comes back with Malcolm, and Caesar has a heart to heart and tells him Koba did this and I WAS CRYING SO HARD AT THIS POINT. IT WAS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL AND EMOTIONAL SCENE. Then Blue Eyes goes back to the city to help free the imprisoned Caesar loyalists, and Caesar’s still at home, and he finds an old tape recorder and hits play on it and it’s a recording of James Franco’s character teaching him to sign and AGAIN, CRYING LIKE A BABY.

I’m not going to mention the rest cause I really recommend you all go see it. However, I will say that I fear in the next PotA movie, Koba will come back with a rebellion. And I really don’t want to see his ugly face anymore.

Thor (Spoilers) and Seeing Movies by Myself

So I went to see Thor: The Dark World with my mom and brother for his birthday last night, and before I get on to the main point of today’s post, let me just SPOILER ALERT you all.

There was a part toward the end of the movie where we see Loki die in Thor’s arms and I legit almost started crying. That shit was sad. I was like, NO!!! HOW CAN THEY DO THAT!?! HOW CAN THERE BE MORE THOR MOVIES WITHOUT LOKI!?!

But thankfully, he didn’t actually die. Loki is the god of mischief (and trickery) and he in fact faked his death. Later on, we see a scene where a random Asgardian soldier tells Odin that a body was found, and Odin says “… Loki” and the soldier smiles mischievously.

I personally didn’t notice that part as foreshadowing until my mom, brother, and Krista pointed it out to me. I’m not the kind of person who watches movies waiting for foreshadowing so I can guess what happens next. I like watching them to enjoy them and be surprised. And surprised I was!

At the end of the movie, Odin is sitting on his reconstructed throne, giving his Regency over to Thor. Thor denies it, saying he’ll protect Asgard and the nine realms, but he won’t rule them. And Odin says what a curse he’s been given – one son who wants the throne and power too much, and another who refuses it altogether. Then they say bye and you see Thor walking down the Bifrost, and the camera pans back to Odin, and I forgot what he said, but then HE MOTHERFUCKING TRANSITIONS INTO LOKI AND I SQUEALED AND SLAPPED MY SEAT WITH JOY.


Also, after the main credits there was a portion where Siff (?) and the redheaded soldier give the Aether to some guy who collects relics and weird shit, telling him they decided it was too dangerous to keep two infinity stones so close together and to keep it safe. And when they leave he looks up and says “1 down, 5 to go.” HELLO MOVIE 3 FOR SURE BABY.

ANYWAY, now that I’ve gushed over the perfection that is Tom Hiddleston, a week ago today I went to see Ender’s Game. By myself. I’ll save the gushing over that movie for later (it was also really good). Instead I want to briefly talk about the stigma attached to going to the movies by yourself.

It’s an interesting thing. Why are people so weirded out by it? There is no shame in doing something by yourself that is “traditionally” viewed as a couples or group thing, yet we continue to react to as such. When I told Alyza I was going to the movies by myself, she said it was weird and sent me a snapchat with her face in a reproached expression. It didn’t make me feel any less awkward about embarking on this mini journey, but rather enforced the stigma that it’s weird.

But I discovered that in fact it’s not that weird. Sure I felt awkward at first when the guy in the wheelchair ripped my ticket and directed me to my theater. I felt like other people were judging me for being by myself. But once I was there and enjoying the movie, I felt liberated.

And it’s such a strange feeling, coming to the realization that something as simple as going to the movies by yourself can make you feel so free, but it’s true. I loved it. I didn’t have to impress anyone. I didn’t have to worry if anyone else liked the movie or not. It was just me and my thoughts and it worth the $7.50.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes (SPOILERS)

Today I am sad.

Not full on depressed sad, really. Just kinda blah. I took a chance. It didn’t turn out how I wanted it to. I let it affect me more than I should, as usual, and am therefore suffering the dumpy feelings that I allow myself to feel. However, unlike other times, I can feel that I am not as sad as I normally would be, but rather, as my state of mind is in a more positive place, I am at around Cloud 4.

That being said, I just finished watching Rise of the Planet of the Apes and I LOVED IT. Inducted it into my Hall of Favorites.

It was one of those movies that really played with my emotions and I constantly felt a strong emotional pull toward the main character, Caesar, the ape that James Franco’s character, Will, saved after Caesar’s mother was killed because she went (pun-intended) apeshit during ALZ-112 trials.

I loved the subtle storyline about how the human race eventually dies out due to the 113 trials causing a virus only in humans that spreads exponentially. Will’s boss, Jacobs, is relentless in testing the 113 trials because they’re showing such great results, but neglects to follow Will’s advice about containing it.

Consequently, Will’s ape handler, Robert, gets infected from exposure to the 113 fumes, develops the virus, and accidentally passes it on to Will’s neighbor, who is a flight attendant, by sneezing blood on him. At the very end of the movie, we see Will’s neighbor walking through an airport and right before everything goes black, one drop of blood drops on the floor, and cut scene, a curved line touches down in London and spreads exponentially, all over the world.

Thus, the human race is wiped out and we go back to the original 1968 movie starring Charlton Heston, knowing how the obliteration began. I suppose I should also mention the most crucial part of the movie, involving Caesar. He was explaining to a fellow chimp via sign language that as a whole, chimps are strong, but as one, they are weak. His friend said they are stupid. So Caesar goes to Will’s house, steals two vials of 113, and releases them into the chimp encampment.

The next morning, the chimps intelligence is increased and they stage a coup. Then the big action scene happens la la la la la and they escape into the Redwood Forest. Will catches up with them and tells Caesar he wants him to come home and that he can protect him, and Caesar hugs him and speaks “Caesar is home.” because the dosage of 113 also affected him to the point of being able to speak. Or at least say “No” and “Caesar is home.”

Also, the CGI graphics for Caesar’s face were fantastic. I really don’t like monkeys/chimps/gorillas or other closely related mammals to the human species because they freak me out, but Caesar was attractive.

During my short Googlings about this movie, I found out a sequel to this prequel is coming out next year, called Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. It’s going to tell the story of how a group of scientists struggle to stay alive in the aftermath of the 113 virus plague and how to Caesar attempts to maintain his dominance over his intelligent chimp tribe.


Man of Steel = Top Favorite Superhero Movie Ever (Spoilers)

I’m really enjoying this whole going to the movies frequently routine that has been established in the last few weeks – it might be more expensive than I care to really admit, but HOLY FUCK MAN OF STEEL.

Okay, let me just say first and foremost 2 things:

1. I knew this movie was going to be really good when I first heard about it almost 2 years ago. I KNEW IT.
2. I’m totally gonna go super mega fangirl here and just put it out there THAT I WAS TOTALLY A HENRY CAVILL FAN LONG BEFORE ALL YOU OTHER PEOPLE JUMPED ON THE OMG HE’S SO HOT BANDWAGON. Not that it matters in any kind of way that’s going to do something for somebody, but I’m just sayin’.


Now that that’s out of my system, let’s talk costumes.

Again, being a fashion design major, the first thing I noticed (besides Henry’s irresistible everything) were the costumes and the integration of the costumes with the Kryptonian aesthetic. In retrospect, the overall look seemed rather reptilian, which I remember thinking for a few seconds reminded me of some real world alien theories that state that should we encounter extra-terrestrial life, it would be most likely (apparently) that they would be reptilian in nature.

I personally quite enjoyed the intricacy of the costumes and the resemblance to reptilian scales. And again, I liked that this was reflected in the world of Krypton, from their buildings, to their ships, to the various tiny details throughout everything else.

I also noticed a few things throughout the movie that I thought were kind of funny. Firstly, when Zod and his allies were frozen and sent into Phantom space, their capsules legit looked like penises. Giant, flying dicks. And I’m not the only one who noticed this, as Tumblr tags have proven.

Secondly, I don’t know who else caught these bits, but I really enjoyed the water tower with “SMALLVILLE” written across it, as well as the oil tanks in Metropolis with “LEXCORP” stamped largely on them. They were both brief shots, but enough that I got excited and nudged my brother about them.

Thirdly, I don’t know if I’ve just been honed in noticing this kind of thing, but there were maybe a few shots of Superman when he was hovering where he looked like Jesus on the cross. Not like in the face or anything, but in his stance – arms spread out, legs together. Subliminal messaging perhaps?

I enjoyed the plot of the movie as well. It was captivating, which I think is crucial for a movie that’s 2 and a half hours long. Superman has always been my favorite superhero, even when people have tried to sway me. (Sorry Batman fans, your hero is a little bitch.) This movie has easily catapulted itself into my favorites and has painted Superman as even more awesome than he already was to me.

10/10 A++ would see it again.

After Earth: Fear is Not Real

Tonight I went and saw After Earth with my mom. It was a pretty good movie, and on a scale of movies that I’ve seen recently, it was better than Iron Man 3 but not as good at Star Trek: Into Darkness.

Anyway, there was a part where Will Smith’s character, Cypher, is telling his son Kitai (real life son Jaden Smith) about the first time he ghosted. I honestly dipped out of that part of the movie mentally and didn’t hear parts of it, HOWEVER, I did hear the most poignant line of the whole movie, which is also shortened into the tagline of this movie.

Fear is not real. It is a product of thoughts you create. Do not misunderstand me. Danger is very real. But fear is a choice.

This really stood out to me as something that is not only true, but something that I need to incorporate in my life more. Throughout the whole movie, I was obsessing in the back of my mind about my molar that is aching and probably needs a root canal. I don’t really want to admit that it needs one, and it has greatly to do with fear. I do not like pain (who does?) but I can bear it if I have to. I haven’t yet come across pain that I haven’t been able to get over. It’s all carnal. It passes, as we do in these bodies.

But anyway, what I’m trying to say is that I respect and admire this line. There’s more to it, as it’s a whole monologue, but the section about “it is a product of thoughts you create” cannot be any more true. Cypher talks about fear as an emotion that is created by the unknown. It’s a useless emotion. It’s like worrying – it’ll give you something to do, but it won’t get you any where.

As I continue my journey of conquering fears this year, I also continue on the journey of eliminating fear from my life. It is not an easy task. It never has been, it never will be. But as fear is a choice that we make, so is strength, so is courage. It’s the ability to choose what will give you the benefit that makes the difference.