Salsa Dancing

So last week I went impromptu salsa dancing with a friend I hadn’t hung out with in nearly two years (because she unfriended me on Facebook after I temporarily put her on restricted because we were arguing about the Olympics and she was pissing me off) and it was actually pretty fun.

It was via, a website I’ve been a part of for almost a year, but have never attended any meetups prior to this one. I joined because last year in May when I had a psychic reading, the girl told me I need to put myself out there more and to try Meetup, so I said okay. ANYWAY.

One of the guys who was part of the Meetup group, Rich, ended up being my dance partner for the salsa lesson and the best way I can describe that experience is traumatic.

You know when you see people who have absolutely NO rhythm try to dance and you’re just like, how can one person be so stiff? That’s exactly this awkward Rich guy in a nutshell. Now I’m not claiming to be a professional or that I can dance really well. However, I know how to let loose and shake my hips and follow steps. And that’s what was part of the problem.

He COULD NOT follow steps (or let loose, like, at all) thus making ME look like I was the one who couldn’t dance because he couldn’t lead for shit during the partner lesson. There was a point where the teacher gave us a chance to find new partners if we wanted, and I was all for it, but no one else wanted to switch so I was uncomfortably stuck with this idiot. I kid you all not, I ran away from him the minute the lesson was over.

He tried to add me on Facebook later but I was saved the awkwardness by his friend calling him to the dance floor. Thank God.

I did get to dance with another guy, much older, maybe in this late 40s. His name was Alex and he hailed from quote, “the great Republic of Texas” and I legit thought he was going to say Congo after hearing Republic, even though he was clearly Hispanic. He was very good and spun me a lot which didn’t work out that great because even though he explained which hand movements meant what in terms of direction, I still didn’t catch on quick enough. Oh well.


Fun night overall – even exchanged numbers with a girl from the Meetup group.

But God help me of I go to another salsa thing and Rich is there. I will spin myself around and walk away.

The Weather Disappoints Me

You know those songs that come on the radio or your shuffled playlist and you have to dance/sing/turn them up? The Real Slim Shady is one of those songs for me. Among many other Eminem songs. Also, this is the cutest Eminem gif ever:

It’s finally beginning to cool off here in Michigan. My mom and I went to the Renaissance Festival today and it was probably the coldest weather, at about 74 and blustery, we’ve experienced in all the years we’ve gone – although definitely not the shittiest, as we’ve gone during super gloomy and cloudy days.

This weather, however, has me simultaneously sad and excited for end of summer/fall season. Summer seems to have come and gone insanely quickly this year. We didn’t have any chart topping days that I can relish in reminiscing about. It was a pretty lame and rather under the radar kind of season. However, I did get a decent tan regardless of not having spent a massive amount of time outside. I’m actually kinda sad that I haven’t gone swimming since July. But I don’t think I can submerge my head beneath pool water while my nose is still healing.

Speaking of which, I bought a 14k gold hoop for my noise today at RenFest and I’m pretty excited to be able to wear it once I’m all healed up. I also bought these two gorgeous pendants – a sterling silver oyster with a black pearl in it and a sterling silver octopus with a white pearl for a head, both very large pearls – from this guy I got a sweet pirate ship pendant from last year. He gave me a discount as well because he remembered/liked me (and probably also because I was wearing my pirate ship). The only other things I bought were specialty honeys and fancy honey mustard that cleared out my sinuses.

Giant Spiders and Sore Butts

Ever since I’ve come back from vacation on Sunday, I’ve been inclined to go to bed earlier and earlier. I seriously considered nodding off at 9:30 today and I think I might actually go to bed after I finish this post.

So vacation was pretty nice. I was secluded out past Lexington, right on the beach on Lake Huron for a week and I apparently got really tan. I spent as much time alone reading on the beach as I could for the latter half of the week, but I only brought one book and I was flying through it, so I had to pace myself. I spent a lot of time thinking. And not even thinking about the problems that I think about while I’m at home, but just thinking. About life, about relationships and how humans interact, about kids (because there were SO. MANY. CHILDREN.), and about how much I wanted to be home.

Not to say I didn’t enjoy myself. But I only knew two people the entire time, while everyone else there had known each other their entire lives. Family camp, as I learned, is something that this group of people look forward to every year. It really is “family camp”. It’s like a large extended family reunion for a week. With a lot of campfires, alcohol, and volleyball. And a lot of sitting around. I was really unprepared for the amount of sitting around, especially on hard surfaces, that there was to be had. I kid you all not my ass was sore all week long. I took precautions later on in the week by bringing a lawn chair to the campfires every night because I couldn’t stand to sit for 6 hours straight on hard wooden benches.

Also, the spiders up there are enormous. I was pretty grossed about by the palm-sized dandy long legs, but it was the quarter sized jumping spiders that were probably more disturbing. I was also told there were sand spiders on the beach that bit people, but thankfully I wasn’t exposed to them. Or I just didn’t see them.

I could probably do that week over again though. I just have to make sure to bring more books to read and maybe a butt cushion. And warmer bedsheets. One night, it was so cold, I slept with 2 hoodies and 2 pants on in addition to my winter pajamas. PLUS two blankets. It was still freezing.

I’m sad my second week of vacation is flying be so quickly though. Pretty soon I’ll have to return to the gloomy cage of jewelry and nasty customers, but I’m going to try not to think about that too much and focus on the now and enjoy it as much as I can.


Vivography Sneak Peek Detroit Edition!

Here’s what I got tonight.

Since I bought a nifty SD to USB converter, I can upload my pictures with more ease now, so I did that tonight and got to editing stuff for Vivography. SOOOO, here’s the sneak peek I shared on the Vivography Facebook page. Look for more pics TOMORROW on Vivography!


Today was a wonderful, well-deserved indulge-in-food, and forget about time kind of day. After class was over, my mom and I picked up my aunt and we headed to Yates Cider Mill, which is a local “famous” cider mill in the Metro Detroit area. They’re actually a registered historical site.

We bought a lot of stuff when we first got there, and I thought to myself, wow, that was quick and thought we were going to leave after. But then we spent a good hour walking down the trail next to the river they have there. My aunt picked nettles and I spent that time taking pictures of nature because Yates is a perfect place to find all kinds of great wild weeds and flowers and leaves and berries.

We bought fudge after that little excursion, and then fed the two goats that were in the goat pen and gave them water, after which they were totally pooped out and they chilled on the ground the rest of the time we were there.

I had hot cider while I was there even though it was 96 degrees outside. It was good for my cold.

We also stopped by a local farmer’s tent across the street and I bought a yellow watermelon and peaches cause they smelled a-mazingly. I just couldn’t leave them there. And then we had dinner at 2Booli and shopped at Nordstrom Rack after.

All in all, it was a really great day. My feet hurt sufficiently enough for me to know that I got good exercise today (and really dirty legs!) and that I’m going to sleep like a baby tonight.

P.S. My Justin Bieber singing toothbrush arrived in the mail today. But the batteries are dead. :(