Before I can go on working on my synesthesia paper for psychology, I have to share this highly aggravating and invalid argument I’ve been having on Facebook with an argumentative friend I have.

Earlier she posted a status saying something along the lines of she didn’t understand why her teacher was teaching mathematical models in her science class, and that science isn’t math, it’s science. So I commented basically saying yeah okay, but sadly, like it or not, science is based on math. And here begins the argument:

She said that no, it’s based on science. And I said no, it’s based on math because math is the basis of all sciences. And then we got into this whole 33 comment-long argument about how I’m fucking right [because I am and anyone studying sciences or mathematics knows this] and she’s wrong and she will not admit it. Because she never wants to admit she’s wrong. Because in her world, everything that comes out of her mouth is right, no matter how oh so wrong it is.

Then she decided, knowing deep inside that I’m so fucking right about how math is the basis of all sciences, that she would define science and math for me. Quote:

science: The intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural.

math: The abstract science of number, quantity, and space.

math is science! =D

Really? Because textbook definitions of this is going to prove your wrong point? So, not backing down, I wrote to her:

a pyramid of sciences based upon purity. notice how math is on top and all else follows. without math you cannot have any of the other things below it. math may be defined by dictionaries and other literary works as a ‘science’ HOWEVER like i’ve said, you cannot have sciences without math. you cannot have the books within which these definitions are written without math. life, in the state that we know it, could not exist without math. earth is located in space at a certain distance from the sun, which can be mathematically measured, because of this exact point in space, we are able to be alive. without mathemetics, we could not be. as several teachers from past classes have confirmed, the further past math you go on the pyramid, the more “wobbly” the sciences become. it all goes back to mathematics.

And included this picture:
 And we’re now having another hugely wrong argument on her behalf, further extending this in the comments on the above post. She’s just trying to win. It’s not even about being right anymore, it’s about getting the last word. Which is wrong. Because math is the base. She’s given many examples that she considers to be ‘scientific’ but when you really look at them it’s all mathematical, at the most basic level.

The latest was the speed of a car. And I quote:

science is the base. math is the interpretation and expression. math makes sense of science. scientific inquiries are followed by mathematical proof. you dont calculate the speed of a car and then wonder how fast its going.

To which I replied:

math is the base. you can wonder all you want about the speed of a car, that’s cool. that’s thinking. but in order to find out how fast that car is going, you’re gonna have to do some math. maybe install a speedometer which measures using math.

I understand what she’s trying to say, but it’s still wrong. As I keep repeating myself, you cannot have these things without math. You cannot think if mathematically speaking you weren’t alive, and you’re only alive because mathematically speaking, the earth is in a certain position in relation to the sun, and if it weren’t, all of this would not be possible.

There are numerous professors and scholars who agree with me. Because I’m right. 

Oh, and HNI got in on this earlier, helping me out with this fantastic XKCD comic that totally proves my point:

But the funny thing was, he was trying to search for it via the Chrome URL bar and he typed in www. before anything else, and Chrome was like “Hey you. Yeah you. You wanna go this highly inappropriate website?” like FIVE TIMES. I turned so red. He finally gave up and just went to the Google website and searched it there. It was rather mortifying. But yeah. That comic? THE FUCKING TRUTH.  

UPDATE: She deleted everything. The original status with 33 comments, the link trying to prove her point on my wall, and my link with the pyramid on her wall with 109 comments. LULZ. If I had known we were just going to throw logic out the window, I would’ve brought my party hat and popcorn. And I was just about to go screenshot everything.