Every Wasted Day Becomes A Wasted Chance

Today has been quite a little day. It’s the eve of my last final and I’ve been working all day (minus like a few hours of trolling around the internet at work, after I’d done all I could) on my tech pack. I think I’ve finished it and all I need to do is print it and stick that bitch in a binder! Which is a big relief because that means I can focus tomorrow’s 4 or so hours before lunch on adding finishing details to my garments like belts and bows! Fuck yeah!

My room looks like a pig sty right now though. I have like 10 million things on the floor next to my big Ikea bookcase. 75% school related, with some traveling stuff and old magazines. I can’t wait to NOT have all that crap on my floor anymore. I have so much stuff, omg. And speaking of stuff, I stopped by Meijer twice today. The first time was before work because I woke up horribly slothy and sick this morning and I needed meds. And Neuro Bliss. The second time I stopped by to get a thin binder for my tech pack (they did not have any thin ones!) and I also picked up a bunch of travel sized stuff for Philly, including Nivea Creme for $1. I was like WHY DID I NEVER THINK OF NIVEA FOR MOISTURIZER!?

Anyway, I went to Target cause I know they have thin binders and I ended up getting side-tracked (cause it’s Target) and bought 2 super cute Marc Jacobs style bangle watches. I had a moment where I couldn’t decide if I should get just one or both, but I figured that they’re only $16.99 and even together, they’re less than what I usually pay for watches. Plus, they’re so stylish!

This is one of the watches I bought, but in minty-seafoam-green.

After I got home, I barely had time to breathe before one of my friends called me up and asked if I wanted to go to Mongolian and I tried to tell her no because I had homework (and I really did) but she managed to convince me to go. I feel like a super piggy cause I had Chinese twice today. But what an experience that was at dinner with her. She was fucking high off her rocker and I met her boyfriend, who is a total loser and I’m pretty sure is the supplier of her hippie lettuce. I’m also pretty sure she thought she had me fooled about her being high because she wasn’t acting like she usually does when she’s high. But she ate like a wildebeest and kept saying everything tasted like eggs and asking the servers what was in the sushi she was eating. It was ridiculous and I was embarrassed to be in public with her.

On the bright side though, the last 20 minutes at work were pretty much the best 20 minutes of my day. HNI came up to visit and if my eyes deceived me, and I’m pretty sure they did not, it so appeared that he came up for the purpose of talking with me. At least, that’s what I took no carrying bag and a big smile on his face as he walked up to be. And the whole hey let’s chat thing. Ya know? Sigh. I love how easy it is to talk to him about pretty much anything.

Anyway, Day 19: If you could live anywhere, where would it be and why?
Oh god, this is such a hard question for me all the time because I want to live in multiple locations. Well, I guess it’s not that hard…
I’d love to live in London because it’s FUCKING LONDON, HELLO. BRITISH PEOPLE ALL OVER THE DAMN PLACE. Omg, I would probably just be walking around orgasming at every guy who opened his mouth and said something all British like. Holy shit.
Likewise for Australia. I’d love to live down under. All those Aussies walking around being all Aussie with their ridiculously awesome accents? Again, I’d be like GET IN MY BED NOW you sexy Aussie man with your sexy Aussie accent. Oh yes. Except that Australia has giant spiders and I’m not down for that at all.
I’d also love to live in Italy. I’m pretty sure I could pick up Italian really easily because it’s really similar to Romanian and vice versa. Also, it’s Italy. Hello. It’s gorgeous, there’s amazing food, amazing culture, and so on. It’s like sunshine in my mouth.
I also would like to live in Ireland. I know they’re like deeply religious over there or whatever, so I’d probably be like a total outcast, but I just have this really serene idea of the place in my head. It looks all beautiful and lush and green and quiet and again, full of culture. AND AMAZING ACCENTS. Same with Scotland. Plus Loch Ness and that folklore.
I think that’s about it though. Although, I did like Budapest, Hungary when I was over there…they seemed quite friendly. Probably cause they thought I was American.

P.S. Wondering about title? 

High Friends Are Weird Friends.

I’ve never had a problem with marijuana. Actually, I still don’t have a problem with marijuana. But I do have a problem with friends who used to be cool, but discovered marijuana and got addicted, and are no longer cool.

Tonight I stopped by Haberman’s in downtown Royal Oak with a friend I haven’t seen in a few months, and I knew from other friends that she’d been really smoking it up lately. Anyway, the moment I saw her walking toward my car when I went to pick her up, I knew she was high. Then she said hello to me when she got in the car and I was like yup, you’re high.

So when I parked at Haberman’s I asked her if she high, and she said yes. And I said “Don’t you think you’re a little addicted here?” And all of a sudden her demeanor went from slow, slurry, and droopy-eyed to alert and she said “No” really firmly.  But I completely disagree. I disagree with anyone who says that marijuana isn’t addictive. Because if it wasn’t, then all the potheads who smoke recreationally would stop cold turkey and never do it again.

But anyway, I know I’ve mentioned this like a million times already, but I am really excited about tomorrow. I put on my Cupid costume and I look totally boss, as you can see in the picture below. Speaking of costumes, today was wear pink in support of breast cancer awareness, so I finally got a chance to wear my hot pink pencil skirt and I looked totally hot. The cute guy at Best Buy who helped me get a new SD card for my camera cause my laptop fried my other one was totz checkin’ me out. Holla.