So this year for Halloween, I’m gonna be a fox. I had planned to be a fox last year, but I didn’t buy ears or a tail at the Ren Fest, and this year I finally indulged! I bought makeup and more brushes to help in actually creating a fox face. I think I did a pretty decent job.

And if you’re a deviantart geek, you can totally favorite this by clicking here.

I’m still deciding whether I want to do full on fox face on Halloween day. I think I probably will. But I also have to do it to Alyza’s face, cause we’re being foxes together. It takes time. I’m not positive, but I think it took me like an hour to do this tonight. And I’m only saying that that because Pandora asked me if I’m still listening.

Thank god that I have this all set though. This term is shaping out to be more work than I had expected.

Sniffin’ Eucalyptus In The Corner.

Fridays seem to go by so quickly in this apparel production class I’ve got. I could barely believe it when it was lunch time. Alyza and I tried out Zoup! today and we both really liked it. Plus, this guy I see all the time in the library works there and recognized me when he served me, so that was kinda cool. Afterwards, we popped over to Whole Foods to get Alyza some eucalyptus oil for her sinuses and when we got back to class, I snapped this fantastic picture of her sniffing it like a crack addict.

I also participated in a photoshoot today where I know I didn’t model to my full potential and I’ve kind of been mildly kicking myself for it all today. I was the first person to be photographed, so while it was in progress I thought it was just test shots and not the actual shoot so I wasn’t giving it my all. And then it was like “Okay, you’re good!” and I was like wai…huh? But I glimpsed a few of my pics and they were pretty good. I was very happy to see my hair turned out really red. I felt like a true redhead, it was fabulous.

When I came home, my mom and I went out shopping and I ended up buying NYX lipstick at ULTA in these 3 fantasically bright coral colors. There’s one in particular that makes me super happy because it’s really bright and attention-grabbing. And given the fact that normally I do not wear lip color, it’s doubly awesome. NO, tripley awesome because I usually think of myself like a pig in a wig when I wear prominent lipstick – but this one I really love in particular. I’ll have to take some pictures wearing it. (And I was thinking of making a Youtube video too…haven’t made one of those in a while.) I also bought this coraly red nail polish that matches the tone of the lipsticks. And I picked up some dry shampoo because 1. I’ve been wanting to get some for a long time and 2. I don’t feel like washing my hair until Sunday, so I’m not going to.

Lastly, I just watched the episode of Glee I missed on Tuesday (I’m in the process of watching New Girl, it’s loading; I love when Schmidt calls Cece “Cecilia.”) and holy moley! THE HELL WAS THAT!? What a total bloody (pun intended) cliffhanger at the end there! And now to play the waiting game until April. Woooo wee.

The Skanky Panda Look.

Let me just start off with saying that my boobs look amazing right now.

Now that I still have that on my chest [hahaha, get it? I make myself LOL] I would like to rant a little bit about cocky people. I find it incredibly interesting when a person goes around claiming they’re really good at something and then blowing opportunities given to them to actually show how good they are. Furthermore, and most importantly, I not only find it interesting, but incredibly hilarious when someone is questioning me or anyone who isn’t in their field about something that should be uh…common knowledge in their field of study. I mean really. Step up or move over, bitch.

Anyway, I’m sort of beginning to freak out about 2 things:
1. The amount of homework/finals work I have to do.
I still need to finish my psychology “mini exam” and although I started on my research paper, I still have 7.5 pages to go. This class is fucking shit. I can’t wait to rip it and the teacher a new one in the reviews.
I also need to fix my couture patterns and start cutting and piecing that together.
2. The persistent cough I’ve had since February or March that 2 doses of antibiotics did not kill.
Antibiotic resistent bullshit? I think so. I’m so over this. I just want to be normal me again. I’m sick of sounding like a fucked up car motor when I cough. I kind of want to go to a pulmonary specialist.

Additionally, I’m not sure what I want to be for Halloween this year. Not that I have anywhere to go except school. But I will dress up. Even if it’s my last resort – a cat. It’s always easy to be a cat. I originally wanted to be an arctic fox because there’s this vendor at the Michigan Renaissance Festival that sells genuine fox tails and makes fox ear headbands and although I didn’t buy either cause they were too expensive, I was planning on going to her website and buying them from there. But since I’ve already shopaholiced my bank account, I’m going to have to pass on it. My cat headband can double as panda ears…maybe I’ll be a SKANKY PANDA!