4th of July = Shopping

I’ve been laying here perusing the internet, trying to think of what I should write about today, when I realized shopping is always something to be talked about.

While I feel like stores should be closed on the 4th of July, I am simultaneously happy and satiated that they are not. I went to Somerset to use my birthday coupons from Anthropologie and Victoria’s Secret. I hadn’t been to Somerset in a few months, so it was time for a visit anyway.

Last time I was there, Victoria’s Secret was under construction, as they expanded and moved across the hall into a mega space. I feel like it got slightly smaller, but at the same time, they have a lot of merchandise, including a whole activewear section. I ended up using my $10 off on underwear – YEAH I KNOW. I don’t need it. I probably should’ve use it on yoga pants, but the undies I got are incredibly comfy. I couldn’t pass them up.

Over at Anthropologie, I planned on using my 15% off (really lame coupon, TBH) to get one of their candles, Illume Boulangerie Whipped Cream & Pear since I passed that one up for Coconut Macaroon last time I was in. I did end up getting that, but I had a lot of internal conflict as to whether to just get the candle, or add THIS clearance blouse to it (in emerald green), which was 25% off extra. I didn’t. But I wanted to.

I shopped around to other places, including Madewell, Banana Republic, Lucky Brand, Swarovski, and the very depressing Betsey Johnson store. I almost bought a skirt at Madewell, but decided it wasn’t worth $42.

Lastly, I stopped at GAP because they’ve always got some kind of sale going on and I love them. Turns out they had the best sale of everyone (and by everyone I mean most stores were having an extra 25-30% off clearance items) with 40% off clearance. I ended up getting a GAP + Threadless limited edition t-shirt and G-Flex yoga pants that ended up coming to $12! (For the pants, not total.)

I also went shopping with my mom in the evening and didn’t end up getting anything, though I did find a really nice ombre blouse and a rather short dress that looked quite nice on me. I should be given a gold star for not spending all the money I could have spent today…

To Going Against The Grain, Going Insane, Going Maaaad

Tonight marks the season premier of Project Runway: All Stars and I am SO excited for this special season. Not only does it have the multi-fascinating Austin, but it also has Mondo who I still think should have won instead of that wretched Gretchen. I nearly forgot it was on tonight until I checked to make sure whether The Big Bang Theory was new or not (it’s not). I was going to watch Rent, after being inspired to watch it from singing La Vie Boheme with Job 1 Boss, but I won’t have enough time for that.

Television aside, today I wore that fabulous Madewell pleated skirt and have felt like a statue all day long. The best part? I’ve received several compliments from guys. Usually I get compliments on my outfits from fellow fashion students and other ladies, but I’m pretty sure this is the first time that I’ve received memorable compliments from the other gender. And my top isn’t revealing whatsoever. (GAP sweater, pretty modest.) Aaand, HNI was among the complimentees. :D Yes I made that word up. 

I also dropped by Burger King with a friend before lunch and picked up a caramel sundae which I’m pretty sure was the worst idea I could’ve had because I can feel the symptoms of a cold arising. Which means ELDER TEA TO THE MAX TONIGHT. AND VITAMIN C AND B COMPLEX PILL POPPIN’. I am determined not to catch any colds this season. I haven’t been that kind of sick since deathcough back in February. (Which still resides in me, and comes out sometimes when I’m coughing like a wildebeest. Not a fun time.)

Oh, and P.S. Adam Pascal, who has played the role of Roger in Rent for many years, is mega hotstuff. But only as Roger. In the movie. With the long hair.

P.P.S. ETA: I’m a little aggravated. The other day when I came home, there wasn’t anything to eat so I made myself strawberry pancakes. My dad saw me and he was all “Aren’t you going to make me some?” (but in Romanian of course) and I was like “No. I just got home from school, I’m hungry and there’s nothing to eat – I don’t feel like making you pancakes too.” Because IT’S TWICE THE WORK TO STAND THERE WAITING FOR TWICE THE PANCAKES TO FINISH. I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THAT SHIT. 

Anyway, today I got home and he was like “Oh man, I’ve been dreaming about pancakes and you won’t make me some. My own daughter won’t even make me a small pancake.” and I was like “Uh, no…” and then my mom told me that apparently he told her that I wouldn’t make him fucking pancakes on Monday so he might as well make me pay my loans by myself and stop giving me an allowance (THE LATTER OF WHICH I NEVER EVEN ASKED FOR. EVER. OR THE FORMER, ACTUALLY.)

See, my dad likes to play this stupid psychological mind game with people. And by people, I mean family. He’ll ask you stupid shit like “Can I have a piece of that cheesecake on your plate?” and MY answer is pretty much always no because YOU JUST FINISHED YOUR FUCKING CHEESECAKE, WHY THE HELL ARE YOU ASKING FOR MINE. And then he gets all offended and like turns it into this whole fiasco about how he does everything for us and we won’t even share a piece of cheesecake or some shit. It’s INCREDIBLY frustrating, especially since I always get into these fights around this mind game because I pretty much always say no to whatever he’s asking.

On the one hand, yes, he does do a lot for us, and perhaps putting in a little effort on my part to make him pancakes wouldn’t be that hard, BUT ON THE OTHER HAND it’s like he’s purposely making me feel guilty for not doing whatever, which only makes me act in spite even more. So now I’m sitting here wondering whether I should give in and make him some goddamn pancakes or continue to be spiteful and stand by my original hell no, make your own damn pancakes statement. Furthermore, what I don’t understand is WHY THE HELL CAN’T HE JUST MAKE HIS OWN FUCKING PANCAKES. But of course, the answer to that is the mind game. He’s always testing us in this way. AND IT ACCOMPLISHES NOTHING OTHER THAN BULLSHIT FRUSTRATION BECAUSE I’M STILL GOING TO SAY NO. 

Deals So Good, It’s Like Stealing.

I’ve just spent the last hour or so downloading and testing out Photoshop actions because I’ve finally found out how to extract RAR files. Now I just gotta figure out ATN files, hahaha. Anyway, whilst testing said actions out, I ended up liking how this picture of some soap suds came out. Check it:

Photography aside, today I was on a mission: I went back to Somerset Collection for that Madewell floor-length pleated dress I posted about on Monday. Luckily, they still had my size so I just grabbed it and went to the counter and asked about their student discount. I got it, and the total ended up being $25!!! When I got home, I checked my receipt and the tag on the skirt and saw that it had been further marked down to $39.99 from $59.99, plus 30% off plus 15% off student discount – UH CAN YOU SAY SAVINGS!?!!? I am still super super pumped.

I also dropped by Banana Republic, Lucky Brand Store, and GAP. Funnily, I ended up buying sweaters and tops that are in the same color palette as the skirt, so I accidentally built a small wardrobe around it. I got a sweater, cardigan and fancy t-shirt at GAP for $27. At Banana Republic, I got a silk tank top and a crocheted tank top for $16, and at Lucky I got 2 necklaces for $20. I feel like a total fashionista who got a lot of great stuff for really awesome prices today. *High 5 self*

And now, it’s time to eat cheesecake!

Day After Christmas Shopping!

Do you ever get really excited by shopping and finding awesome stuff at really low prices? Because lemme tell you guys, that’s one of the highlights of my life. My mom and I stopped by Somerset Collection today so I could return Grove and get Tocca: Florence from Anthropologie and exchanged Dirty at Lush, and after shopping around, we stopped by Old Navy where I bought 3 shirts for $11.06. Uh, can I get a high five?

I almost bought this great skirt I found at Madewell. It was on sale for $59.99 with an extra 30% off, so it would’ve been about $44. It was this nudey pink-peach color and it was knife pleated and it made me look like a towering statue. I’m sort of regretting not getting it and I might go back for it. On their site, it’s $109… Actually, here it is: Worth it?

Also, I bought 2 more small candles from Bath & Body Works because they were on sale for $4.75 (the big ones are $9.75). I decided not to burn either one of them tonight, but I got Marshmallow Peppermint and Homemade Cookies. They both smell divine in their current solid state.

To top the day off, I also ate chinese food! An excellent day after Christmas, if I say so myself.