Why is Life So Busy?

Okay, first of all, let me say that I’m not COMPLAINING per se, as I love da $$$ and the commish, but goddamn, I’ve been working a lot lately and my schedule for the next month is very booked up, mostly with work, but also with events.

So, secondly, holy mother of god events. I’ve been getting invited to so many things lately! And again, I’m not complaining because it’s nice to be wanted, you know? But everything is so like TIGHTLY KNIT TOGETHER IN TIME. Like I have ~5 or 6 things/places I have to do/hit up this weekend alone. Damn!

Like for real people, I didn’t imagine my post graduation time to be spread so thin, like fatty homemade butter. But, just so the universe doesn’t do some kind of karma on me, I AM NOT COMPLAINING!!

Anyway, so I got my 50mm lens in the snail mail today! I quickly tested it out when I opened it and it. is. AWESOME. Super excited to be able to test it out more in depth when I have time and the weather is nicer. And that better be soon because I AM complaining about this: IT’S APRIL 24TH AND I’M FREEZING UNDER MY BED COVERS BECAUSE IT’S FUCKING 30SOMETHING DEGREES OUTSIDE. It rained, snowed, fogged, and it was sunny today. Get your shit together Michigan, goddamn.

Check out that legit ass packaging!

On the bright side, I got a new Lucky purse today and it smells like the leather gods have blessed it with the godliest leather scent in Leather Land and everyone who saw me sniffing it at DSW today gave me weird looks, but they have 0 idea what they’re missing out on, and that’s okay, because I totally don’t mind hoarding that divine scent all for my olfactory nerves.

Meet My Twin, Veronica.

It’s funny how quickly money can slip through your fingers. I just dropped about $1 short of $100 today on shoes, a purse, holistic medicine, and some intense body lotion. I’m never gonna go on that cruise if I keep buying shit. BUT IT’S ESSENTIAL. I haven’t been that bad lately though, so it’s okay. Besides, HOW CAN I GIVE UP A $44 LUCKY PURSE WITH THE CAPACITY TO HOLD 2 TWIN NEWBORNS STACKED ON TOP OF EACH OTHER!? OR $70 SHOES MARKED DOWN TO $15!?

But shopping is the latter half of my day, followed by Haberman’s homework for Mini Boss’s class. The former part of my day was quite fantastical and rather eventful. I would say the fun began with the arrival of HNI and the hour or so we spent Photoshopping my face. Or he did, cause all I did was complain about his methods of zooming in and out (haha). I compiled a before and after – although the compilation shows the raw image. We worked with the pre-brightened and saturated image I had already adjusted a few months ago.

This is my twin, Veronica.

Also, this video was posted twice in the past 2 days, the second time on the comments to the above pictures. It’s rather brilliant:

He came back up later in the day and helped Job 1 Boss and me out with a sign we were making and gave us the idea to make QR codes. So we totally made a QR code and posted 2 signs on the doors. It was pretty exciting, but I don’t think anyone was as excited as J1Boss.

Photography Friday.

I have a perpetual shopping problem. I’ll be the first to admit it. I woke up angsty thinking about Somerset, where I eventually went to after debating myself over whether to go or not. It was between Somerset or staying home and waiting for my camera’s batteries to charge. I figured the latter would be a colossal waste of time, so I might as well spend the waiting time shopping.

I hit up Banana Republic, GAP, and Lucky Brand. (Unsurprising.) I got a bolero style, long-sleeved cardigan from BR; a long-sleeved, normal length cardigan from GAP, and a pink and dark camel sheer silk blouse from Lucky. All on clearance with extra %s off. Because paying full price is only worth it when something seems like it’s going to go fast and you REALLY want it.

When I came home, I decided it’s time for some self-portrait photography. So I spent some time doing that, and ended up updating my LookBook with this photo. I also took some photos of my mom’s jewelry that I gave her for Christmas because she’s been asking me to do so for a few days. And I finally had some time to execute some photos of these Taro Mochi balls that have been swiveling around in my brain for the past week, waiting for opportune sunlight.

Deals So Good, It’s Like Stealing.

I’ve just spent the last hour or so downloading and testing out Photoshop actions because I’ve finally found out how to extract RAR files. Now I just gotta figure out ATN files, hahaha. Anyway, whilst testing said actions out, I ended up liking how this picture of some soap suds came out. Check it:

Photography aside, today I was on a mission: I went back to Somerset Collection for that Madewell floor-length pleated dress I posted about on Monday. Luckily, they still had my size so I just grabbed it and went to the counter and asked about their student discount. I got it, and the total ended up being $25!!! When I got home, I checked my receipt and the tag on the skirt and saw that it had been further marked down to $39.99 from $59.99, plus 30% off plus 15% off student discount – UH CAN YOU SAY SAVINGS!?!!? I am still super super pumped.

I also dropped by Banana Republic, Lucky Brand Store, and GAP. Funnily, I ended up buying sweaters and tops that are in the same color palette as the skirt, so I accidentally built a small wardrobe around it. I got a sweater, cardigan and fancy t-shirt at GAP for $27. At Banana Republic, I got a silk tank top and a crocheted tank top for $16, and at Lucky I got 2 necklaces for $20. I feel like a total fashionista who got a lot of great stuff for really awesome prices today. *High 5 self*

And now, it’s time to eat cheesecake!

Unorganized Thoughts. Sort of.

I’m not going to be able to get a proper post up today, so I have to settle for one with unorganized thoughts.

1. I hate my hair today.
2. I’m a little annoyed that I can’t remember the perfume I loved last time I was at Anthropologie.
3. $22 is too much to ship 3 small packages. IMO.
4. The swishy batwing cardigan-like thing I bought from JC Penney makes me feel like an arch angel. Or an overgrown albino bat.
5. Nivea makes the best damn lip balms. I want to smother myself in them at all times.

6. I’m still debating whether to buy my mom the ring and necklace at the same time for Christmas, or not.
7. I don’t want to go to work.
8. I just realized I still have magazines from a few months ago that I haven’t opened or looked at yet.
9. Lucky Brand makes really good quality purses. For reals.
10. I hate my hair today. Again.