Vivography Sneak Peek Detroit Edition!

Here’s what I got tonight.

Since I bought a nifty SD to USB converter, I can upload my pictures with more ease now, so I did that tonight and got to editing stuff for Vivography. SOOOO, here’s the sneak peek I shared on the Vivography Facebook page. Look for more pics TOMORROW on Vivography!

Detroit Night Lights

So today I spent all day with Angela doing internship stuffff

And at the end of the day, she drove me around downtown and I snapped picture with my camera of various buildings and lights and things.

I also was able to get some sick picture of the train station! Check iiiit

Turn Up the Lights in Here Babyyy

My brain is too overwhelmed for a “real” post tonight, so I’ll make it quick.

I found these lights on Pinterest and clicked to see where I could find them. Turns out, Restoration Hardware is selling these babies, so after work I rushed over there and bought a pack of the 5 ft sapphire lights (they were all out of the diamond ones, sadface).

I am far too excited about these lights, you guys. I’m going back to buy the diamond ones when they have them back in stock.

Oh, and btw, Day 1 of 2 of Halloween dress up days at school was today – I put a lot of last minute effort into piecing together my fabulous equestrian jockey outfit. Thank you, thank you very much.

And yes, I made that stellar riding crop using a dowel rod and scrap leather. *Bows*