Shopping Saturdays.

Today was a rather awesome Saturday for a Saturday. I got to sleep in, first of all, and then I went up to school to work on my garment for fashion design 2 and after about half an hour of whining and complaining about the incorrect length of fabric I’d cut, I finally got in the zone and whipped up a top. Unfortunately, because it’s muslin and it’s woven, the finished piece doesn’t stretch enough to fit over the bust of a size 8 dressform, so I have to use a size 2. And it looks atrocious on a 2.

I came home in time to go to the bank in Kroger and finally deposit my tax returns and some cash, and I spent about an hour in there discovering all kinds of awesome shit like Kroger brand yogurt with 4g of carbs! CARBMASTER YOGURT. I was so excited! 10 for $4.00? Yes please! Only 2 Weight Watchers points. I also found Weight Watchers brand cheeses. It was a good grocery shopping experience.

And since I actually had some time to do whatever I wanted, I stopped by Marshall’s with no intention of buying anything in particular. I ended up spending too much damn money, but I think it was totally worth it. Even though I have a small amount of buyer’s regret still…Anyway, I bought 2 purses – a gorgeous banana yellow Deux Lux tote-like purse that came with a wristlet clutch and a lime green Kenneth Cole Reaction tote-shoulder bag. I might return the Kenneth Cole bag. I also bought 2 pairs of extremely comfortable wedges. One pair are Etienne Aigner low-heeled open-toed tan wedges, and the other pair are Guess high-heeled cork wedges with white leather straps. They’re super light too! I can’t wait to wear them. And take pictures in them.

So, all in all, I think I had quite a successful and fulfilling Saturday. For the first time in a long time. I do feel kind of like a turd through because one of my friends invited me to her boyfriend’s surprise birthday party and I did not go.

Anyway, Day 14: Describe 5 strengths you have.
1. Shopping. That’s right. Shopping. I rather pride myself on being able to shop well. I have a tendency to accumulate some pretty awesome and unique items through my bargain-hunting ways. Although unique is not exactly the right word, because if it’s mass-produced (and it is) and then it’s not unique, is it? But you know what I mean.
2. Love. Now, I mentioned this is as a weakness yesterday. But it’s also a strength. I’m the kind of person who is full of love to give to other people. While I may have all kinds of problems in the receiving end, I am generous in the giving. I have an innate mother-hen tendency as well.
3. Thirst for knowledge. I’ve always been on to be interested in the extra-curricular stuff. Not sports bullshit. I mean like, whip out a fucking atlas and encyclopedia and learns the countries of the world, their locations, their surrounding bodies of water, etc. I’ve found that my geographical knowledge (which isn’t that amazing, but apparently amazing enough) often astounds people. Also, I’m always willing to absorb more knowledge. If it’s relevant to my interests, I’ll listen to you talk all day.
4. Confidence. I say this lightly. I am by no means a completely confident person. However, in the past few years, and especially after graduating high school, I’ve learned to love myself more and more. I’ve learned that judging eyes will always judge, but that doesn’t mean I should feel bad about myself. In fact, it gives me more reason to be who I am and more importantly, embrace who I am with open arms.
5. Humor. What is life without laughter? I get immense joy from being able to make people laugh. My favorite teachers in life have been the ones that have been able to laugh with me when I crack a joke or two. That’s kind of my gauge for whether I’m going to get along with someone or not – can they laugh at what I say? If not, goodbye, I don’t need you in my life. Seriously. Besides, if you were to poll people in my life, I think a majority of them would probably agree that I am pretty amusing.

Yates Cider Mill Extravaganza.

Today seems like it’s been a pretty long day. Not only did I sew on the first part of my bias seams onto my couture dress by hand for about 2 hours, but my mom and I also went to Yates Cider Mill in Rochester and bought apples, cider, fudge, pie, doughnuts, and “pumpkin butter” and “apple cherry butter” which are both exceptionally delicious jam things. I especially like the pumpkin one. We also drank hot cider while we were there and it was delicious. Until this this idiot kid knocked both of ours down while¬†we were on one of the planks by the river.

We also walked down their endless abyss forest walkway as I like to call it, and I took a good amount of nature pics. I am quite proud. They turned out really nicely. I also took a few pictures of the goat and sheep pen they had. There were some really adorable baby goats, but none of them would stay still long enough to take a good enough photo. I petted a black goat a few times.

Afterwards, we stopped by Famous Footwear and Old Navy. At FF, I found this nice pair of boots by Kenneth Cole Reaction – they were very comfortable, but they wouldn’t zip up all the way on my calf which was very disappointing. I can add that to my list as another motivational reason to lose weight. At Old Navy, I bought myself 2 pairs of fall/winter flannel pajama pants, 2 long sleeve t-shirts, and one short-sleeve t-shirt that my mom is convinced is a sleep tee, but I think it can be either/or.

I swear, I should be paid to shop.