Orange is the New Black

So I started watching Orange is the New Black (Netflix original) last night and it’s actually quite good. It’s a drama about a lady who turns herself in for a crime and goes to a female prison for 15 months, then has to navigate herself through the facility’s setup with the other inmates.

I really like the setup of the show in terms of how they play out the storyline with flashbacks. You get snippets of each main character’s life and how they ended up in prison. I also enjoy all the lesbianism throughout the show. The warden (I think) keeps telling Piper (the main character) that she does not have to engage in lesbian sexual activities, but little does he know that she was (or rather still is, despite being engaged to a guy played by Jason Biggs) a lesbian.

In the first episode, we get our first taste of lesbianism in prison via one of the other main characters, Nicky played by Natasha Lyonne, eating out another inmate in the showers while Piper walks by. I personally found that scene to be half assed. If it were really happening, her face would’ve been buried more significantly between that girl’s legs.

I also enjoyed in the second episode when she was making the lotion for Red’s back (Kate Mulgrew) and chewing up the jalapenos. It mostly enticed me because the crunching sound was pleasant.

Plus, Laura Prepon (famously known as Donna in That 70s Show) plays her ex lesbian girlfriend who is also in the same prison.