I Love Organization

I have finally completed another phase in my room cleaning expedition: my closet. The one with hangers, not the bookcase, that’ll be another day.

I organized everything by season, color, style, and pairing coordination as well as cleaned out the bottom of my closet and moved all my shoes down there, along with my purses – although I need to cushion that section with something. Even though I vacuumed and cleaned the bottom of my closet, I feel weird just placing my purse down there nakedly without anything holding them or cushioning them. I might have to go to Target or something for a big plastic container or a cork board roll.

I did end up going to Ikea today for organizers, however. I considered buying some kind of wooden mini bookcases to stick on the shelf in my closet, but decided that it would just add weight to the shelf, especially with clothes thrown in there. So I opted with the Drona series fabric boxes ($4.99 each) and tilted them on their sides to created more storage and utilize the height space I have on the shelf.

I’m very pleased with the outcome, although I think I might also buy another two boxes or so for the other side of the shelf where I currently have a few purses and some books, again to ulitize the height space.

I can’t even begin to describe how happy this organization has made me. It’s like everything just fits in perfect order and all I want to do is keep my closet doors open and stare at my work all day.

Oh! I also bought a new clock – again – thinking that because it doesn’t have a second hand, it won’t tick. I was wrong. I spent $15 on this clock, guys. Had I known it was going to tick, I’d have just left my $6 clock from Target on my wall. But, since Ikea is ~32 miles away, I’m not going to go get my money back. So I moved the Target clock to the bathroom and took down the ghetto bird clock we’ve had in there since the dawn of time.

Still on my list of things to do:
– Clean the side cubbies of my desk
– Clean both Ikea bookcases
– Look through my bookshelf and eliminate books I don’t want anymore
– Look through the 2 foot high stack of magazines I’ve accumulated for the past year
– Wash my carpets
– Paint the doorway and lining of my room. Maybe my closet too.
– Paint the stairwell


Things I was supposed to do this weekend, but didn’t, in order of how excited I was about them:

1. Go to Ikea.
2. Go to Great Lakes Crossing.
3. Watch An Idiot Abroad 3.
4. Go to the gym.
5. Visit the gamers at Global Game Jam. (sorryyyy!)
6. Take pictures of bathing suits and then proceed to take said bathing suits apart. (I did the former part.)
7. Write a 2-3 page paper on Magic Johnson’s rise in the business world.
8. Start my business plan.
9. Start either of the two horrible projects for Ethics.

Things I ended up doing this weekend in order of how happy they made me:

1. Went shopping at Somerset, bought yoga pants from Victoria’s Secret (and got my free undie!) AND GOT A PAIR OF FREE EARBUDS, WUT.
2. Organized the kitchen pantry.
3. Made myself pretty and took new pictures. #narcissism
4. Downloaded Marina and the Diamonds’ album Electra Heart Deluxe Edition and wondered why the hell I didn’t do that sooner.
5. Exercised at home.
6. Ordered house slippers off Groupon.
7. Bought the book Matched by Ally Condie after reading the first two chapters in store and deciding I couldn’t leave it there.
8. Bought special shampoo and conditioner that makes my hair super soft and silky.
9. Tried on a lot of clothes and ended up NOT buying them. #savings #selfcontrol
10. Sold a significant amount of merch at work.

Philly Ikea Trip and Ridiculousness.

So I got a little taste of Philadelphia today. No, not in the Philly Cheesesteak kind of way. After sleeping in with Maria and Ruby, who camped out between my legs this morning for a good couple of hours, Maria and I went out shopping to Ikea. I haven’t been to Ikea in 2 years, so this was super exciting for me. I almost bought another comforter cover (308 thread count and satin weave!) but decided I didn’t want to dish out $59.99 for it. Although, if it so overcomes me, I may or may not end up getting it in the future. I did stick up on their food though. Especially their rum-infused marzipan chocolate bars.

We stopped by Chick-fil-A afterwards (my first time!) and then to Target and then drove around Philly. We stopped by the art museum and took pictures in the gazebos, but I’m not uploading pictures yet, so I have none to share. However, after our rendevous was over, we came home, got drunk (I’m still a little tipsy) and took literally hundreds of pictures on her Mac of the ridiculous nature.

My personal favorite.


And then we did drunk Zumba. Yes, drunk Zumba. I actually got a good workout, despite being a little slow on the uptake and messing up some steps due to my drunkeness. In fact, I’m pretty amazed I’m writing this so well right now. And now we’re cooking dinner. Well, Maria is – I’m blogging. And blasting Chingy. Ruby’s over in the corner napping and occasionally looking up and judging me.

I can’t wait for the rest of this week to unfold. I’m having a blast so far. There is so much gorgeous architecture in this city. And a plethora of hipsters and graffiti. I even saw a Banksy piece! And I drove by the Rocky steps, which I will probably be taking a ridiculous picture on in the future.

Anyway, Day 23: List your top 5 hobbies and why you enjoy them.
1. Photography. I mean, clearly. I think the reason I love it so much is because it’s just…beautiful. It’s instant gratification. When I take a really good photo I’m like FUCK, that is SO GOOD. THAT BELONGS IN A MUSEUM. Okay, kidding (sort of) but it’s that kind of feeling.
2. Writing. Again, it’s a sort of instant gratification. When I write something really good I’m like YES, this is nice. This deserves a medal. It has meaning.
3. Baking/Cooking. Instant gratification. But the best is when I cook or bake something that turns out really phenomenally and I get positive feedback from whoever I’m feeding it to. It’s like a huge ego boost. I really am narcissistic, aren’t I?
4. Artsy fartsy stuff. I’ve always been attracted to the arts. I love doing crafty things. I mean, come on. I’ve decorated the library in explosions of paper crafts twice already. If I can make stuff, I probably will. Plus, painting, drawing, etc? Yes, please.
5. Swimming/tanning. But not fake’n’bake tanning. I’m really huge on swimming in the summer. I swim at every opportunity I get – which as summers go by, seems to be less and less due to the work/school combo. However, last summer I got a lot of opportunities to this. We’ll see how this summer goes. But I LOOOOVE swimming. I feel at ‘home’ in the water. It’s soothing, calming, and relaxing to do nothing but float around in my pool all day. I have a good life.