The Stresses

I’m upset.

Reason 1: 

Tonight I had to deal with very upset customers because one of my co-workers neglected to mention the item she bought was FINAL SALE (not returnable). At the end of the ordeal, the lady happy with a smile on her face. But that does not diminish the fact that I had to deal with her anger for a good 20 minutes prior to having to make her happy because of someone else’s ineptitude and greediness.

Reason 2:

With less than a week of wearing my second pair of contacts, I have officially put a tear in my left one while taking it out tonight because my nails are long and I pinched it out with my nails. This is entirely my fault. And I’m simultaneously mad and sad about it. It’s one of those situations where I just want to kick myself because there is no one else to blame but me. We have a word for it in Romanian, but there isn’t one in English.

Reason 3:

My job sucks. I hate retail. I hate customer service. Jobs in the field I studied are very much not abundant in Michigan and I do not have the funds to move out to a different state/country. Any time I apply for a design job that’s out of state, I feel like it’s completely useless and like I’m not being taken seriously because of where I got my degree from, because I’m out of state, and because no matter how impressive my skills set and honors are, I feel like my resume doesn’t reflect what verbal communication does.

Reason 4: 

I think the stress of working more and worrying about bills and future jobs prospects is making my hair fall out, but I’m not sure. My pony tail feels really small when my hair is straight or wet. But when it’s curly, it feels fine – it’s super thick as usual. The idea itself only adds to my worry list which I know is absolutely 100% NOT conducive for creating a positive outlook for myself.

Reason 5: 

I joined Weight Watchers again and instead of losing weight in the past week, I managed to gain weight. Additionally, I find that I do not have enough time in the day to exercise and do everything else I need to do. This is also stressful.

Can I please be a kid again? Life was so much simpler then.


Pretending to Play Violin

I never quite realized how important my hair is to me until I started noticing my after-shower clumps getting bigger. The problem with all of this is that I don’t brush my hair every day like I used to, so I can’t properly gauge whether or not my hair clumps are healthy or abnormal. I feel like they might be abnormal. Today’s was larger than usual and I’m slightly freaking out about it. However, I just remembered that I hadn’t washed my hair in 4 days so that kind of makes more sense. I mean, I think I still have a lot of hair. But I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s falling out more than usual due to stress from school and work and so on.

Anyway, my violin came in the mail today! The package was surprisingly light and packaged in a large mailing bag instead of a box which I was not expecting at all. When I opened it, I was so excited that I didn’t realize there were steps to setting up a violin before you can actually play it. So I tried to play it and no sound was coming out and I was momentarily extremely disappointed thinking it was just a fancy toy.

But as it turns out, you need to rosin your bow, stick that fancy wood piece under the strings, and tighten your cords. And then you can pretend to play the violin. It’s absolutely wonderful. 

Hey Garnier, This One’s For You.

Dear Garnier,

Okay, listen. I love you guys to death. About 2 years ago when I discovered you had invented store-buyable hair dye that is meant for dark-haired who want to be redheads like myself, I about shit my pants. I have found that particular line to be rather phenomenal. Nutrisse Ultra-Color R3 Light Intense Auburn is my best friend. Or rather, has been.

However, for a while now I’ve wanted to change my hair color to a more browny based auburn as opposed to the ever-beloved intense red-auburn that I’m used to. So I turned to your Nutrisse Ultra-Color B2 Reddish Brown, figuring that it was close enough to the R3 that you wouldn’t notice much difference.

Now, let me preface tonight’s hair coloring adventure by saying that I have tried, for many months, to research whether or not it’s okay to use the browns Ultra-Color line on top of the reds Ultra-Color line, and have come up with zero results. ZERO. Maybe it’s because no one has ever wanted to go reddish brown, I don’t know. But I’m going to make my blog the one with the answer to this question: IS IT OKAY TO DYE YOUR HAIR WITH GARNIER NUTRISSE ULTRA-COLOR B2 AFTER USING GARNIER NUTRISSE ULTRA-COLOR R3? The answer? FUCKING NO. NO, PEOPLE, NO.

I feel like this should be a question that you, Garnier, should answer on your boxes or your website, but alas, you do not. So I had to experiment on my precious hair. And the answer is that I AM A DAMN TWO-TONED GINGER. My roots are GOLDEN and the rest of my hair is just a touch more auburny red. I’ve been trying to convince myself for the past hour that it looks okay, but I surrendered and called my hair stylist to make an appointment for Friday to fix this shit. I can’t live with myself knowing I’ll be three-toned when my new roots come in.

I also can’t live with having GODDAMN HOT ROOTS. When I got out of the shower to grab the conditioner, I checked my hair real quick to see if it had turned the color I was expecting and I almost shit myself. I got back in the shower screaming “OH GOD I HAVE HOT ROOTS, OH GOD I HAVE HOT ROOTS!

Now, I should mention that I did not follow the instructions in the manual. I slapped all of the color on all my hair because I figured this was going to be like a prolonged touchup, rather than a first time dye (which says to put color on the ends first, then the roots). But honestly, I highly doubt that that would’ve made any difference. I probably still would’ve had hot roots.

Also, before any of you hair color gurus jump down my throat, I am fully aware of how this whole hair coloring thing works. My wonderful friend Alyza has explained it to me many times – but as I said before, I thought that since B2 was part of the same type of coloring line, it wasn’t going to make me DAMN GINGER. Thanks for letting me down internet and Yahoo answers! *Sigh*

I want to say lesson learned, but this is like summer of 2009 all over again when I tried to go blonde after my hair had been dyed black previously. Really bad idea. Really bad.


Love and a few tears,

Drunk Sex FEELING.

I woke up this morning thinking I had slept until 3 PM, only to find out it was about 7 in the morning and my brother had made too much noise getting ready for school. And then I passed out for two more hours, upon which I literally bolted out of bed, far too excited to go to Meijer and pick up groceries.

I decided to go and check out the Salvation Army a few roads down from Meijer afterwards. On my way there, I witnessed a van-bicycle accident in which someone in a van had hit an old man who had been riding his bicycle (I didn’t see it happen, just the aftermath) and there were lots of people gawking and someone was telling the man not to move as they were holding his head in position (I got close enough with my car to see his face and all) because he had a head injury. After I passed the scene I started hyperventilating and crying and mentally praying for the guy, all the way to the Salvation Army parking lot.

When I got to Salvation Army, which is in a church, I was confused as to where the entrance was. There were probably like 8 different doors. I met this slightly older than middle aged lady who told me to go through a specific door and asked if I was looking for counseling or anything like that, and I said no, I was just curious about the place, I hadn’t been there before. She mentioned there were all kinds of services and a chapel and social workers and someone would be able to help me when I got inside and show me around. I ended up turning back and she caught me and asked if I was just too shy to go in and I WAS THE WORLD LIAR IN THE WORLD and said no, I had somewhere else to be. I mean literally, that was the best lie I could come up with. If you’re wondering why I lied it’s because I was under the impression that this Salvation Army was a thrift store, BUT I’M PRETTY SURE IT WASN’T A THRIFT STORE AT ALL so I left in shame.

I also went for the first swim of the summer today! It was quite pleasant. And I got my hair cut. One of my favorite things about hair cuts are not only the fact that your hair is getting “fixed” but the end result after styling always looks fabulous. I look like a damn movie star right now. My hair is all wavy and bouncy and light. I wish I had a personal hair stylist who could do my hair for me every day. That’d be the life.

Lastly, I just want to brood some more on my continuous lack of any “legitimately” reciprocated love interests. Sometimes I get so impatient and I just want to scream at the universe WHEN IS IT MY TURN!? It’s never been my turn. Sigh. Where are you Charming?

P.S. Remember when I asked WTF is “drunk sex spinning“? Turns out the site I got those lyrics from for Rita Ora’s How We Do was WRONG and I was right. She’s saying “drunk sex feelingWHICH MAKES SO MUCH MORE SENSE.I get that drunk sex feelin’ yeah when I’m with you; so put your arms around me baby” Um, yes please.

Life is Better as a Redhead.

So today we had a field trip in Fashion Design 2 class to Cynthia LaMaide‘s studio in Rochester. It’s in her house, and it was really cool. We only saw her basement studio (she said she had other stuff in other parts of the house) but it was absolutely fantastic. There were fabrics everywhere and inspiration boards and a loom and a knitting machine and a sketching area and massive, and I mean massive, amounts of yarns and threads and knick-knacks. It was like a designer wonderland down there. Plus, she is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. And she’s a pretty awesomely quirky designer. She used to style/make clothes for Lenny Kravitz and she is the godmother of his kids, and vice versa. Here’s this super cool framed picture she’s got hanging up in her studio!

He's wearing a tank she made for him!

Today is also PodBot upload day and we have a new video up on our Youtube channel. Today’s topic was our obsessions with shoes and panties. I personally think it was a pretty amusing video, despite being a little lengthy. We gotta work on that, I know. We also talked about Sheldon Cooper/HNI and I think we kinda scared him a little, but I got that sorted out. Phew! I sat in my car talking to him after returning that skirt today on the brink of tears for no good reason at all over that little dilemma. It was ridiculous.

On the bright side, I reminded him of my super awesome fluffy llama and he is determined to own it. But you know what’s better? I’M A FUCKING REDHEAD AGAIN. And it feels so good. Freshly dyed hair is my favorite. It’s all ruby red and fluffy and soft and gorgeous. I want to roll around in this color. I told HNI it has a fantastic texture in my mouth and he said I’m nuts. Funny! But he should understand what I mean!

Oh, I almost forgot, Day 4: List 10 things you would tell your 16 year old self.
1. No, things will not change in college in terms of love. You will NOT have a boyfriend.
2. Rock the hell out of that outfit!
3. Cherish every moment with your friends. With college comes separation and distance and change. They won’t all be your friends any more.
4. Enjoy summer vacation while you can. The college you’ll be going to doesn’t have such a thing.
5. You’re going to go back to the homeland soon. You’re going to speak the language again. And discover the people are really fucking mean. But they don’t matter, so be happy with yourself and who you are. You’ve worked hard to craft yourself into this beautiful person that you are.
6. It’s okay to open up more.
7. Don’t mind the whores and douchebags. They’re not amounting to much.
8. You’ll fall madly in love/lust a few more times…can you just hurry up and learn to stop doing that already? It’s kind of going to break your heart. Like, a lot. But I guess that’s what’ll make you stronger.
9. You’re going to have an amazing ‘mentor’/friend in the future that’s going to push you to be want to be better. Listen to him.

It’s Fucking Hot In Michigan, Guys

Every now and again while I’m at Job 2, I remember the absolute hatred I felt when I used to work there as part of the actual store. I used to literally loathe getting in the car and driving there because I hated my job that much. Now that I work in the “upscale” part of the store, I don’t feel that way. Sure, I still don’t like customers because I think a lot of them are bitches and assholes, but I prefer this to bending over all day and getting pissed off because I just cleaned a department and it looks like a hurricane passed through it 5 minutes later. Fucking retail.

But anyway, I’m going to gloat about the fact that the weather is predicted to be around 78 on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. While I’m so super excited about that I could seriously, and I mean seriously, cry about it, you can’t tell me this isn’t some kind global warming phenomenon. It’s March! And this is Michigan! I know I’ve mentioned this at least twice already, but it’s still blowing my mind. I wore a dress to work today cause it was fucking hot. I wish I could have this weather year-round minus the gizzards. With rain at night to put me to sleep. Life would be perfect. Except I’d probably still have no lovelife. 

Speaking of which, let’s all just admit here and now that we’re all casual stalkers and Facebook is our partner in crime. That said, people I graduated with are slowly but surely popping out babies and getting married and it’s so surreal. I am still waiting for my first wedding invitation from a fellow graduate though. Or a baby shower invite.

Also, I think I might chop my hair when I reach a certain weight goal. Maybe. I’ve been whining about my hair being too short for the past like 3 years though, so I don’t know how this will play out. I like when it’s short cause it’s easier to blow dry and what not, but I LOVE when it’s long because…IT’S LONG. I can DO shit with it when it’s long. But I look cute with short hair

My Hair Is So Poofy Right Now.

Holy canolies guys! Let me start off by saying that I must’ve been off in LaLaland yesterday cause I completely forgot about posting here. Just before I fell asleep, I jumped out of bed because I realized I hadn’t posted and made a quick mobile post as seen below. O_O That said, let’s move on to the weather. Yes, the WEATHER.

I have never in my entire life experienced a Spring as hot as this. Today we had a high of 73 degrees. In March. In Michigan. And as I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned before, the winter we had this year could barely be called a winter. It snowed a few times and it never stuck. It didn’t get higher than maybe like 5 inches. In my opinion, it was the most goddamn glorious winter ever. Except a White Christmas would’ve been nice, not gonna lie. Back to Spring though – the projected weather for the next 5-8 days is all in the upper 60s, lower 70s. My phone project 76 on Sunday which sounds wild and fantastic and knowing Michigan’s crazy weather, I won’t disregard as a possibility. This is the best fucking start to Spring I’ve ever seen and I want to cry I’m so happy.

Speaking of happiness, the latter half of today was elating. (I can feel you squirming already, J1B). I got the wonderful privilege to enjoy the company of HNI for enough time that it made up for not seeing him in far too long. And he now follows this blog so uh…hello! O_O O_O >_> And this is the part where I have verbal blockage about what to say next, so all I will say is that this amazing weather and certain good conversations contributed to my being able to endure the full Zumba Cardio Party DVD all the way through with flying colors. Goes to show you serotonin in the brain makes you feel better in all aspects of life!

I’m pretty sure there were other things I wanted to talk about, but I don’t remember them. However, I did want to share this yesterday before I forgot I had to blog here. I tried out a photo-manipulation tutorial on a picture of my eye. Here’s the result I got. I’m personally kind of in love with it.

Oh look, you can see me in the eye.

P.S. Go listen to Calabria by Enur right now. It makes me dance everytime I hear it.

P.P.S. I remember what else I wanted to say. It’s trivial but still – tonight I decided I’m gonna rock my au naturale hair cause I was just too damn lazy to bother with straightening for curling my hair tonight. I mean lemme tell you. It was 9:35 by the time I finished blow drying it and I was like alright…fuck it. Too much work, too many things to do. I just hope it stays fabulous by tomorrow morning. I might have to blowdry in the morning to get more poof out of it. We shall see.