Well, damn.

Days 7 & 8: Bright & Ornaments.

I can’t believe it, but apparently last night my head was in the clouds and I TOTALLY MISSED A DAY OF BLOGGED AFTER OVER A YEAR OF DOING IT EVERY DAY. WUUUTTT.

It’s okay though cause I have pictures to make up for it.

I was down in Royal Oak a couple days ago to pick up fabric at Haberman’s for class and on my way home, I took a picture of the gorgeous lit up trees on Main Street. One of my favorite things about the holiday season is all the pretty lights everywhere. If I were a fly, I would be in trouble.

Notice the lack of snow. It was like 45 degrees that night. In December. In Michigan.

I bought this ornament last year at Target for like $5 because I thought it was just the cutest thing. I love ornaments with things in them – they make me inexplicably happy.

Speaking of Target, I dropped by tonight to check out their Neiman Marcus collection after my friend Krista had texted me earlier complaining it was really overpriced and she didn’t like the way it was being visually merchandised. I must agree with her on the price part – I’ve never seen a $99 dress at Target before until now.

But like I explained to her, their those prices for a reason. It’s Neiman Marcus. It’s not going to be cheap.

Don’t Forget To Set Your Clocks Forward!

Today was actually incredibly productive. I dropped by Fabric Warehouse, Haberman’s and Joann’s and finally bought fabric for my Apparel Production 1 class which cost about $100 total. It was a nice little adventure to get out of the house. Then I came home and made the halfscale skirts for Fashion Design 2 and thought about doing the sketches for AP1, but I got sidetracked and ended up cleaning out my closet, vacuuming (finally!) and putting clothes back into my closet/Ikea boxes. Now my room looks 7x cleaner than before. And there’s room to set stuff down in the cubbies in my bookcases/dressers.

That said and done, I started watching Hello, Dolly! on Netflix but then my mom came in my room and said An Idiot Abroad was on so I was like maaaan, that’s why I started watching Hello, Dolly! Because I knew An Idiot Abroad’s new episode was on at 10, but they were having a recap from last week, so I watched that episode with my mom, then an episode of Ancient Aliens, and finally to new episode of An Idiot Abroad. Which was hilarious, regardless of the fact that it wasn’t a normal episode. Ricky finally had Karl get a prostrate examination and he was hidden camera watching/listening in on the procedure and giggling the whole time. I laughed so hard. I love Ricky Gervais so damn much.

Lastly, I promised a picture of the pumpkin pastry last night, so here it is!




One of my daily online activities includes browsing my Tumblr dash. Tonight I came across this spectular and wonderfully simple text picture:

Which reminded me of one of my all-time favorite Tumblr finds:

Seriously. I laugh or at least smile every single time I see that. And I have been using “calm yo tits” ever since. Which reminds me of another term I (used to) use: dingleberry(ies). My friend Betsy sent me a custom made “Dingleberry” button she made with her button maker a few years ago. I also bought a “DINGLEBERRIES” pot from the Michigan Renaissance Festival about 2 or 3 years ago. I store candy in there. Currently, I have a half eaten baggie of penis-shaped mints (gift) and some honey filled hard candies from the RenFest this past year.

I also just came across this picture and it reminded me of:
1. How much I still wish I had a personal hair-player.
2. That conversation about someone playing with your hair is perverted with Job 1 Mini Boss and HNI. I still think that’s ridiculous. JUST BECAUSE IT’S PLEASURABLE DOESN’T MEAN IT’S PERVERTED.

Speaking of Job 1 Mini Boss and HNI:
1. Today in Mini Boss’s class, we had a field trip to Haberman Fabrics in downtown Royal Oak and I spent $55 on samples. But about $20 of that was on 4 yards of the this gorgeous and simple red and white striped cotton remnant. It’s calling me to make a jacket of skirt out of it. I can hear it.
2. So HNI knows about this blog, which may inevitably mean he knows it’s him I’m talking about, which means this is acknowledgement is kinda awkward, amusing, and ever so slightly inappropriate. And I’m not entirely sure how I feel about that, but it’s hard to restrain not discussing certain people in my life when they make me happy, so I can’t just leave him out of here forever. YA KNOW? YOU GOTTA HIGHLIGHT YOUR BRIGHT SPOTS. 

High Friends Are Weird Friends.

I’ve never had a problem with marijuana. Actually, I still don’t have a problem with marijuana. But I do have a problem with friends who used to be cool, but discovered marijuana and got addicted, and are no longer cool.

Tonight I stopped by Haberman’s in downtown Royal Oak with a friend I haven’t seen in a few months, and I knew from other friends that she’d been really smoking it up lately. Anyway, the moment I saw her walking toward my car when I went to pick her up, I knew she was high. Then she said hello to me when she got in the car and I was like yup, you’re high.

So when I parked at Haberman’s I asked her if she high, and she said yes. And I said “Don’t you think you’re a little addicted here?” And all of a sudden her demeanor went from slow, slurry, and droopy-eyed to alert and she said “No” really firmly.  But I completely disagree. I disagree with anyone who says that marijuana isn’t addictive. Because if it wasn’t, then all the potheads who smoke recreationally would stop cold turkey and never do it again.

But anyway, I know I’ve mentioned this like a million times already, but I am really excited about tomorrow. I put on my Cupid costume and I look totally boss, as you can see in the picture below. Speaking of costumes, today was wear pink in support of breast cancer awareness, so I finally got a chance to wear my hot pink pencil skirt and I looked totally hot. The cute guy at Best Buy who helped me get a new SD card for my camera cause my laptop fried my other one was totz checkin’ me out. Holla.


Thou Shall Not Haveth Chinese!

I had planned for today to be a “I will get some homework done!” kind of day but it turned out to be a “I’m gonna go spend my money on cardigans and fabric and then take pictures of pretty flowers and sweat it out with Zumba” day. It was also a day full of hope for motherfucking chinese food, only to find out my mom’s like THOU SHALL NOT HAVETH CHINESE and because I spent like $55 at Nordstrom Rack today plus the $180 I spent on that coat + a book on Amazon, I’m not about to pay for everyone’s dinner. Even though I would genuinely like to. Also, my dad’s back hurts pretty bad, so it’s not like he’s up for going out anyway.

So speaking of buying fabrics, my first stop today was Haberman’s in downtown Royal Oak. I got half a yard of this beautiful J. Crew orange with white polka dots silk charmeuse for the seam binding on my couture dress. I also picked some zippers cause they’re ridic cheap there. And I found really nice, thick silk for my draping final in the clearance section! Also, Haberman’s has some really nice employees. I wish Joann’s workers were that nice.

Yesterday I bought 2 yards each of cotton fabric from Joann’s in yellow with funky watermelon slices and dark mustard with what looks like graphic pictures of cotton all over. I plan on making circle or flare skirts for myself with both of them. I also picked up some Rit sunshine orange dye to dye some muslin strips like in this tutorial. I was originally going to get the red, but I’m attracted to yellows. I have a lot of things I want to do, and not enough time to do them. Life!

I still have to do my 8 page research paper for my psychology class and fix samples for couture. But I suppose if I used my time “wisely” I wouldn’t be worrying about either of these. Except that I’d rather enjoy my weekends doing what I like. You know?