Catching Up on Life Part I

I finally had a day off where I could do things for me. THANK GOD.

I woke up at 11, stared at my drapes, and decided it was time for new ones. So post gym time, I hit up Joann’s and bought fabric and whipped them up before I unlocked level 1000 of homemaker status via baking pumpkin cheesecake, mini pumpkin cheesecake, and pumpkin pudding. #wifey (Seriously though, reasons I’d make a good wife…)


I also went to Best Buy to play with their DSLR’s and gauge what I want to upgrade to. As I was talking to the camera girl, she mentioned that the Nikon d7100 will be released this Sunday and opened up the cabinet it was in to let me see the box. A few minutes later, she took it out, mounted it, and LET ME PLAY WITH IT. I WAS SO EXCITED, IF YOU CAN’T TELL.

Lowdown: it’s fucking amazing! It’s being sold as body only, although you can get it with the 18-105 mm lens. I WANT IT. I’m thinking of upgrading to this beast. I still need to sell my d3000 though.

I also got my new glasses from Coastal in the snail mail today and I love them!

And lastly, I just watched episode 1 of season 5 of Mad Men and IT WAS EXCELLENT. LOL at the following parts:

– At Don’s surprise party:
Roger: “Why don’t you sing like that?”
Jane: “Why don’t you look like him?”
– Peggy chillin’ with Joan’s baby and Peter walks in and asks “What’s that?”
– Peter telling his secretary to pencil in a fake meeting with Coca Cola at 6 AM on Staten Island, knowing that Roger will see it

Take Me By The Tongue And I’ll Know You

Things I need to do in a semi-organized order of importance list:

Definitely finish that psych paper. ASAP.
– Finish my couture dress. And remember to insert tit cups before I sew the top to the bottom.
– Draft up my second skirt piece for Draping, cut shit out, sew shit together. Finish that shit. SHIT.
Get a fucking haircut.
– Figure out what I’m going to dress up as next Thursday, as well as on Halloween.
– Dye my hair again.
– Make circle skirts with the fabrics I bought 2 weeks ago.

I’m pretty sure college can give you ulcers. That’s uncool. Also, for whatever reason, while I know that I have A LOT to do for my fashion classes finals, I somehow feel like…it’s not that much. But it is. Maybe it’s the excitement starting to build with the realization that what I’m designing is fucking awesome. And I’m doing both finals in my size which means I can actually wear this stuff when I’m done! And that, my friends, is always a plus.

Unrelatedly, one of my somewhat friends at school told me about this awesome website called Zenni Optical where you can get prescription glasses for really cheap and I totally found a few pairs that I’m like I need this in my life. I spent just under $500 this year on my glasses and sunglasses. But they’re also designer…all the frames on Zenni are not, and therefore the frames are cheaper. So in essence, it would be like getting cheap glasses when I go to the eye doctor anyway. Except that I can get as many pairs as I want via this website. I just need to know my eyeball specs.

I have nothing conclusive to say other than Maroon 5’s Moves Like Jagger makes me dance.