Hey Garnier, This One’s For You.

Dear Garnier,

Okay, listen. I love you guys to death. About 2 years ago when I discovered you had invented store-buyable hair dye that is meant for dark-haired who want to be redheads like myself, I about shit my pants. I have found that particular line to be rather phenomenal. Nutrisse Ultra-Color R3 Light Intense Auburn is my best friend. Or rather, has been.

However, for a while now I’ve wanted to change my hair color to a more browny based auburn as opposed to the ever-beloved intense red-auburn that I’m used to. So I turned to your Nutrisse Ultra-Color B2 Reddish Brown, figuring that it was close enough to the R3 that you wouldn’t notice much difference.

Now, let me preface tonight’s hair coloring adventure by saying that I have tried, for many months, to research whether or not it’s okay to use the browns Ultra-Color line on top of the reds Ultra-Color line, and have come up with zero results. ZERO. Maybe it’s because no one has ever wanted to go reddish brown, I don’t know. But I’m going to make my blog the one with the answer to this question: IS IT OKAY TO DYE YOUR HAIR WITH GARNIER NUTRISSE ULTRA-COLOR B2 AFTER USING GARNIER NUTRISSE ULTRA-COLOR R3? The answer? FUCKING NO. NO, PEOPLE, NO.

I feel like this should be a question that you, Garnier, should answer on your boxes or your website, but alas, you do not. So I had to experiment on my precious hair. And the answer is that I AM A DAMN TWO-TONED GINGER. My roots are GOLDEN and the rest of my hair is just a touch more auburny red. I’ve been trying to convince myself for the past hour that it looks okay, but I surrendered and called my hair stylist to make an appointment for Friday to fix this shit. I can’t live with myself knowing I’ll be three-toned when my new roots come in.

I also can’t live with having GODDAMN HOT ROOTS. When I got out of the shower to grab the conditioner, I checked my hair real quick to see if it had turned the color I was expecting and I almost shit myself. I got back in the shower screaming “OH GOD I HAVE HOT ROOTS, OH GOD I HAVE HOT ROOTS!

Now, I should mention that I did not follow the instructions in the manual. I slapped all of the color on all my hair because I figured this was going to be like a prolonged touchup, rather than a first time dye (which says to put color on the ends first, then the roots). But honestly, I highly doubt that that would’ve made any difference. I probably still would’ve had hot roots.

Also, before any of you hair color gurus jump down my throat, I am fully aware of how this whole hair coloring thing works. My wonderful friend Alyza has explained it to me many times – but as I said before, I thought that since B2 was part of the same type of coloring line, it wasn’t going to make me DAMN GINGER. Thanks for letting me down internet and Yahoo answers! *Sigh*

I want to say lesson learned, but this is like summer of 2009 all over again when I tried to go blonde after my hair had been dyed black previously. Really bad idea. Really bad.


Love and a few tears,