Feathers, Photoshop, and Child of Eden.

I finally got around to uploading those ornament pictures! So I’ll start off with saying that the 2 I took of the ornaments with the feathers on the top are terrible and I will have to retake them to do them any justice. But otherwise, here are the promised pics of the bottom-feathered ornaments!

Anyway, HNI finally brought this game he’s been telling me about for 2 months called Child of Eden and we played it on his XBox360 with Kinect for about half an hour after I got off work in an empty classroom. It was awesome. The creator of the game had synesthesia [like both HNI and me] and while I was playing he goes “Aren’t you overloading on synesthesia right now?” and I was like no, are you? And he goes “YES!” It was great.

Photoshop is seriously distracting. I just spent like half an hour in the middle of this post working in it on the left picture of the above series. Photo editing is fun when you know how to do stuff, you know? As is anything, I think. Like math. If I understand what I’m doing, I’m like BRING IT ON BITCHES. But don’t throw quadratic equations at me, hahaha. That’s one concept I never understood. I don’t know if I was absent that day in 8th grade when we learned the quadratic formula or I was just super sleepy or what, but I never got that down.

I’m pretty sure there were other things I might have wanted to talk about tonight, but I want to go to sleep at a reasonable time and get some reading in beforehand, so this is gonna be it. Until tomorrow!